IZW Adreanline April 19 Review

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April 19th was proof positive that you cannot miss a single edition of IZW Adrenaline! This night saw huge changes to not only the card for IZW Sudden Impact May 17th but also to the entire landscape of IZW!

The night’s surprises started right off the bat as Madame Commissioner Erica (with some sly coercion from the #1 Shawn McHale) made a huge Impact Division Championship match for Sudden Impact. She stated that IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows would put his title on the line against Luke Langley, Angel Camacho and Randy Price in a 4-way Impact Scramble match. This would be a huge task for The Urban Legend to overcome and Randy Price wasted no time in letting Gallows know that he intended on walking out of Sudden Impact the new Impact Division Champion. Gallows has never been one to back down from a challenge and reminded Price and the IZW World that he won the last Impact Scramble match to become the Impact Division Champion. But he wanted more than to talk to Price as he then challenged Price to a match right then and there and even agreed to put his Impact Division Championship on the line.

So in the opening contest the IZW World was treated to an impromptu Impact Rules Impact Division Championship match. The two men started off the contest showing that they are quite evenly matched as far as in-ring skill goes. Gallows displayed his quickness, going for several early pinfall attempts to throw Price of his game plan. Price did his best to slow the pace of the match down but Gallows dove between the ropes right on top of The Old School Sucka who was taking a breather outside the ring. Gallows showed why he is the champion of the ever-dangerous Impact Division as he took Price all around the ring slinging him into the announcer’s table, steel steps and rock-hard retainer wall. The two men fought their way to the stage where Gallows suplexed Price right onto the Impact Arena ramp way. Price tried to utilize a steel chair but even that was unsuccessful as Gallows was one step ahead at every turn. However patience was a virtue for Randy as Gallows’ high-octane offense started to take its toll on Gallows as well. As Gallows started to slow down, Price took advantage and avoided a charge from Gallows, sending the Impact Division Champion head first into the top turnbuckle. Price rolled up the stunned Gallows and, with two feet placed firmly on the ropes, pinned Gallows to become the new Impact Division Champion! Most people would have been elated and celebrated that title win but Price decided he wasn’t done. He attacked Gallows with the title belt and then smashed him repeatedly with a steel chair and polished it off with a Splash from the Past. One thing is for sure, this new streak of aggression has paid off huge for Price as he now will move on to Sudden Impact and the 4-Way Impact Scramble as the reigning champion.

The Sexy Camachos were in the house again in the form of Angel and Roberto, who each were looking for redemption for the loss their family suffered when Vinny & Roberto lost to the IZW Tag Team Champions Team Bull. Angel was the first to try his hand against one of the Bulls as he took on “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr. Bobby tried to muster power from the gods early but was overpowered by Big, Bad and Sexy. Camacho used his girth to his advantage, slamming his full body weight into Starr at every opportunity. Camacho missed a giant leg drop that would’ve surely squashed The Brass Bull and Starr sprung to life, firing punches, kicks and elbows at the larger Camacho. Angel absorbed the punishment and connected with a massive belly-to-belly throw to put Starr back down. Bobby refused to give up, firing back at every opportunity. Starr used his inhumanly hard head to ground Camacho and scaled the top rope to connect with a diving headbutt but Camacho moved out of the way. He scooped Starr onto his shoulders and slammed him face first onto the mat then climbed to the top rope and delivered the Big, Bad & Sexy Splash for an impressive win. A victory over one-half of the IZW Tag Team Champions is not only a taste of redemption for last week but also gives Camacho huge momentum going into the Impact Scramble match at Sudden Impact.

In the latest installment of the Lights Out Lounge Jordan Jacobs dropped a bombshell saying that his guest would be “The Natural Born Leader” Johhny Z. The familiar music of Johnny Z rang through the arena but as time passed it was apparent that Johnny Z wasn’t coming. Jacobs went on to say that this was a worldwide plea for Johnny Z to return to Impact Elite. As Jacobs plead to Tahiti, New York, and several other locations to tell him if they’d seen his savior, Kevin Morgan burst through the curtain absolutely irate! Morgan demanded that Jacobs tell him where Johnny Z was. He was extremely upset that Jacobs would toy with his emotions by saying that Johnny Z was coming back tonight. Jacobs immediately started backpedaling and assured Morgan that what he did was in the best interest of getting Z back. He told Kevin that only with a combined effort of all of Impact Elite, when they win the Impact Player of the Year Tournament and The IZW Championship at IZW Sudden Impact would they finally have their savior back.

Miss Diss Lexia was the next competitor in action as the IZW World would see its second championship match of the night when Lexia took on The Queen of IZW Paige Turner. Lexia seemed extremely confident going into this title match as she danced around the champion to try to psyche out Turner. That confidence was well deserved as Lexia displayed an effective mix of speed and strength, gaining the advantage on Paige. Paige raked the eyes of Lexia to gain momentary control but was driven to the mat and got caught in a guillotine choke. Lexia then hit a vicious backbreaker and was showing off some impressive submission skill when Paige reached into her wealth of wrestling knowledge and reversed into a cross-face chicken wing. Lexia used her strength advantage to fight out and hoist Turner up and deliver her patented Walk-Side Slam and with the count of three the IZW world saw its second title change of the night! As Miss Diss Lexia celebrated, Madame Commissioner Erica took the microphone and informed Lexia that her first title defense would be a no disqualification match against the cancer ridden Madame Commssioner. Not only would it be no disqualification but it would start right now. As Lexia readied herself for action, Paige Turner attacked her from behind, leaving her prone to a pin from Erica who stole the title away from the newly crowned champion. Madame Commissioner has once again used her power to her advantage to become the Queen of IZW.

As Erica patted herself on the back for her newly regained title, we were shown a video from earlier in the day of Damon Windsor having a flirtatious conversation with IZW ring announcer AnnaLynn Storm. The two have had a budding friendship since AnnaLynn was injured late in 2013 and Windsor came to her aid. AnnaLynn’s father Striker however, cut this conversation short, butting in between the two and went on to run down his daughter for her boisterous and provocative outfits. Windsor stepped in to defend Storm and almost came to blows with one half of the Brothers Righteous until Storm begged the two to stop. Windsor agreed and left but not before planting a big kiss of the lips of Storm which only further infuriated Striker who was steaming as Storm held him back.

Next up, Roberto Camacho would look to gain revenge and redeem himself in hi primo Angel’s eyes as he took on the other half of the IZW Tag Team Champion, The Bronze Bull. The Bronze Bull’s experience in the ring allowed him to out-wrestle Camacho and have a little fun with the newly christened “Freshly Hot & Heavy”. Bull rustled Roberto’s precious curly hair, chopped the skin off his chest and twisted Roberto’s prominent nipple area and drug him around the ring by the ever-so-sensitive area. Roberto didn’t come to play on this night though. He stopped Bronze Bull’s momentum with a hard back elbow and followed up with a splash and a big body slam. Camacho caught Bull in a big bear hug, looking to sap the strength from IZW’s resident demi-god but Bull fought out and almost cut Roberto in half with a spear. Bull connected with a discuss punch and was gearing up to put Camacho away when Roberto’s cousin Angel jumped on the apron distracting the tag team champion long enough for Roberto to connect with a running splash in the corner. As Bull lay prone, Roberto climbed to the second rope and delivered an excruciating second-rope Booty-Bomb squashing Bull underneath the entirety of his weight. Even the Bronze Bull couldn’t kick out after that and Roberto got what may be the biggest singles win of his young career.

This brought us to our main event of the night as IZW Champion Double D and Impact Player of the Year semi-finalist Damon Windsor teamed up to take on the duo of another Impact Player of the Year semi-finalist Jordan Jacobs and the man who will challenge for the IZW Championship at Sudden Impact “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan. D and Windsor didn’t wait long in starting with the mind games against Impact Elite, encouraging the IZW World to chant “where’s John”. This infuriated Morgan and Jacobs who jumped their opponents but were quickly out maneuvered and both ejected from the ring. As they tried to regroup the crowd wouldn’t allow it as they continued to taunt the leaderless Impact Elite. When the action got restarted it was Damon Windsor taking a decided advantage over Jordan Jacobs, delivering stinging right hands and tossing Jacobs all around the ring before bringing in the “Captain of the Force” for a big double suplex. Jacobs tried to fight back with a knife-edge chop but as the IZW World knows, you don’t trade chops with Double D. D lit up Lights Out with blistering chops and shortly afterward connected with a echoing Force Chop which took Jacobs off his feet. Jacobs was able to escape a crossbody attempt and get Kevin Morgan into the ring, Morgan took little time dropping bombs on the IZW Champion. Morgan then tried to choke the life out of the champion as he still blames D for the disappearance of Johnny Z. D got out of harm’s way and tagged in Windsor who landed some stiff shots and his trademark elbow/forearm combination in the corner which had Morgan reeling. Windsor tagged in D who looked to hit a top-rope head scissors but got caught and tossed by Morgan. The Image of Fear showed his smarts from his years as a tag team wrestler by immediately isolating D in his corner and tagging in Jacobs. Impact Elite took turns choking and gouging at D, keeping the nimble champion grounded and unable to mount an offense. D took a quick opportunity to flip out of a belly-to-back suplex and nail Morgan with a spinning heel kick but Morgan stopped him just shy of being able to make a tag. Jacobs then came in and battered D with some impressive kicks and strikes. Time and again D would be inches from tagging out to the fresh Windsor but Impact Elite would tear him away when he was within reach. Morgan launched Double D into the air but D changed direction in mid air and caught Morgan with a dropkick and then an enzugiri and was finally able to make the tag. Windsor came in hot, nailing Morgan with a flurry of strikes and clotheslining the big man off his feet. Jacobs tried to interfere but caught a Big Time Slam for his trouble. In the mayhem, both Windsor and Jacobs wound up on the floor, which left the two men who will fight for the IZW Championship at Sudden Impact alone in the ring . Kevin planted the champion with a powerslam and looked to be about to put D away when the crowd erupted at the sound of Johnny Z’s music. No one reacted bigger than Morgan though, he completely abandoned his attack on D and awaited the return of his savior. But once again Morgan would be left disappointed as when the music stopped Damon Windsor was once again laughing at The Image of Fear. Morgan was enraged that Windsor would play with something so dear to hi and went to attack but Double D caught Morgan with a knee which sent him stumbling into a Chokeslam from Windsor and a Crossbody from D to seal the deal. No matter how dominant or scarily strong Morgan may be, it seems as if the loss of his savior has cost Morgan his focus. He’d better find a way to focus fast as we are only a few weeks away from Sudden Impact where he gets the chance to win the IZW Championship, which he prays will bring back his savior. But with the roll Double D is on, taking the IZW Championship from around the waist of The Captain of the Force may require a miracle all in its own.

SCL – Fight For The Troops Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Sparta-Combat-League–AVM-V-Fight-for-the-Troops/2401

Sparta Combat League returns on GFL with “Fight For the Troops”, a stacked MMA card on April 26 from the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, Colorado. This event promises to be full speed from bell to bell as these pros and amateurs will do battle in the cage.

In the main event, for the SCL Amateur Welterweight Title, Austin Jones (3-0) battles Joe Barton (1-0). Jones is unblemished in his amateur career winning all of his fights convincingly. Jones is a strong striker and has KO power in both hands. Barton is a veteran of the United States Army and brings an undefeated record into his fight with Jones along with an iron will. Barton is a vicious puncher and is relentless when he gets on the ground as he throws nonstop ground and pound. Expect fireworks from these two undefeated fighters who go for gold.

Lauren Styler (1-1) takes on Amanda “Killer Barbie” Haller (0-2) in another barnburner. Styler is coming off a hard fought win in which she punished her opponent for 3 rounds. Styler is an emerging fighter who is coming into her own, especially as a grappler. Haller looks for her first win in MMA after dropping a controversial split decision loss in her last fight. Haller has hands of dynamite and looks to put Styler’s lights out.

Chance Chin (3-2) fights James Soiland (3-1) in another highly anticipated tussle. Chin has won his last 3 fights in impressive fashion and looks to keep the momentum going against a gritty opponent in Soiland. Soiland looks for his first win since 2009 and to do that he will need to shake off the cage rust and take the fight to Soiland. Expect these two to fight at a rapid pace and be in the running for fight of the night.

Sparta Combat League is sure to bring down the house once again as they have quickly grabbed a chokehold on Mountain West MMA and this show will continue in that tradition. Order “Fight For the Troops”, and watch live and anytime afterwards on video on demand only on GFL.

Victory Combat Sports 5 Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Victory-Combat-Sports-5/2399

Victory Combat Sports debuts on GFL at the Terminal 5 in New York City on April 25 with “Victory Combat Sports 5”. This event will make history as the first legally sanctioned MMA event in New York. Look for “Victory Combat Sports 5”to up the ante as it is the first MMA organization to thrown down the gauntlet in the Big Apple.

In the main event, Bernardo Cano (1-0) takes on Rob Ovalle (2-0). Cano is a well-rounded fighter with strong standup and great submissions. Look for Cano to push the pace early with his striking and if he sees an opening, will look to shoot for the takedown where he can take advantage of his slick grappling. Ovalle is a great wrestler and likes to grind his opponent down over the course of a full fight. Ovalle is dominant with his wrestling/grappling and likes to work from side control or top where he can land punches and elbows. Look for Ovalle to meet the pace set by Cano and even supersede it. Expect fireworks from these two undefeated fighters.

In the co-main event, Yuting Hong (0-1) fights Marcus Surin (1-0). Hong looks to even his record after dropping a tough split decision that many felt he won in his debut. Hong brings a great striking game into the cage and is great at connecting with a high volume of punches and kicks. Surin is a grappler who is constantly looking to take the fight to the mat where he can use his submission game. Surin’s first fight ended in the first round with him getting the tapout. His game plan will be to do the same thing to Hong.

Adrian Czmielewski (0-0) battles Jairo Israel Machuca (1-0). This will be the first fight for the untested Czmielewski while Machuca has already had cage experience and showed he is a heavy hitter by getting the TKO in the first minute of his fight. Look for Machuca to go head hunting early and often while Czmielewski will look to weather the storm and use his wrestling.

Victory Combat Sports debuts with epic fighting in front of a worldwide audience courtesy of the GFL Combat Sports Network. Watch “Victory Combat Sports 5”on April 25. Stream the show online at GFL.tv and own it forever.

Scott Heckman’s to Defend Title Against Undefeated Prospect Levan Makashvili on April 26th, 2014!

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Scott Heckman’s to Defend Title Against Undefeated Prospect Levan Makashvili on April 26th, 2014!

Atlantic City, NJ –After outpointing Jeff Lentz in February to earn the vacant Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) featherweight title, Scott “the Animal” Heckman (17-4) looks to defend his title for the very first time against the undefeated Levan Makashvili (7-0) when CFFC returns to the Borgata this Saturday, April 26th, 2014.

To say Heckman has been on a roll is understatement.  He has won nine out of his last ten bouts and is showing no signs of slowing down.  He will need this momentum for his first title defense and for the other talented featherweights on the CFFC roster.  “To be able to defend my CFFC title for the first time is a great feeling but a feeling that I can’t be content with because I know that there is a long list of fighters that would love to take my belt from me,” said Heckman.

But for now, Heckman has to worry about the man that will be standing across the cage from him on Saturday night.  “He (Makashvili) is a tough skilled fighter on his feet but nothing I have not seen or fought in the past before,” continued the champion.  “My prediction for this fight is that I will overwhelm him until he breaks and then go for the finish.  I feel that he has not fought someone with my pressure, heart and desire to win.  After winning this fight I know that this will only open doors and provide me with some great opportunities in the future.”

“Scott Heckman is one of the most talented overall 145-pound fighters in the world and has a great work ethic to match,” said CFFC president Mike Constantino.  “Levan is a great test for Scott to prove why he is the CFFC Champion.”

Makashvili has yet to taste defeat and out of his seven professional wins, he has stopped his opponents four times.  In February of this year, Makashvili made his CFFC debut and defeated Jordan Stiner for a unanimous decision victory and handing the Renzo Gracie protégé his first professional loss and a shot at Heckman’s title. 

“Every fight matters to me, whether it’s for the belt or not my one feeling is to win,” said Makashvili.  “I don’t really think about him (Heckman).”

A man of few words, Makashvili isn’t short on confidence and sees the victory as a formality.  “I will raise my hand, strap on the belt, and get ready for my next fight.”

“Levan is a serious threat to any fighter on the regional level,” said CFFC CEO Robert Haydak Jr.  “He is a very well rounded fighter that is comfortable anywhere the fight ends up.  He’s coming off a huge win over previously undefeated Jordan Stiner.  A win over Heckman will catapult him in the national rankings.”

In the co-main event, Jonavin Webb (5-0) will look to remain undefeated when he takes on his toughest challenge yet when he battles Mike Winters (7-3) in a welterweight bout.  Out of his five fights, Webb has stopped all but one of his opponents.  However, Winters has never been stopped in his career and will be making his CFFC return after dropping a decision to George Sullivan in 2011.

This event will also mark the CFFC debut of Jimmie Rivera (13-1) when he takes on Cody Stevens (11-6-1) in a bantamweight battle.  Rivera is on an incredible run, winning his last 12 fights and hasn’t lost a fight since 2008.  Stevens has a fought a who’s who of MMA and is coming off a controversial decision loss to Shinya Aoki in October of last year.

“Jimmie has long been one of the top fighters on the regional level and Cody Stevens is a seasoned veteran who recently expanded his training by spending extensive time in Thailand,” stated Constantino. “This is a great matchup and the winner will be in CFFC title contention.”

Here is a look at the entire of the card:

Main Event

CFFC Featherweight Title Bout:

Scott Heckman vs Levan Makashvili 


Co-Main Event

Jonavin Webb vs Mike Winters 


Main Card:

Jimmie Rivera vs Cody Stevens 

Jamelle Jones vs Charles Gamble 

Darrell Horcher vs Gabriel Miglioli 

Shane Burgos vs Donald Ooton 

Brian Collins vs Paul Almquist 

Pat Sabatini vs Jacob Bohn 

Ricky Bandejas vs Dwayne Holman 

Alejandro Zea vs Sergio Da Silva 

Jayro Martinez vs Robert Jimenez 


For CFFC updates log on to www.CFFC.tv and find us on Facebook!

World Class Kickboxing Championship Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/KickBoxing/World-Class-Kickboxing-Championship/2291

Hard hitting action returned to GFL as Dead Serious Fighting Championship, a leader in developing MMA talent, expanded its combat sports footprint into kickboxing with “World Class Kickboxing Championship” in New Jersey. The WCKC debut card was stacked featuring the top, up and coming kickboxers from some of the best gyms in the tri-state area. Don’t miss every punch, kick, knee and elbow as these fighters showed what they were made of.

In the main event, for the 155 lb title, Joe Bastone (6-1) defeated Damien Bailey (2-2) via KO in the third round. Before the fight even got started Bastone and Bailey where throwing punches at each other during the stare down. Once the bell rang, both fighters came right at each other with Bailey pressing forward and Bastone looking to counter often times off the ropes. Both fighters were throwing punches with bad intentions and Bastone connected with a hard right that countered a flying knee from Bailey. In the third round, Bastone and Bailey kept up their furious pace by trading shots and after scoring with leg kicks, Bastone threw a picture perfect right hand that caught Bailey on the jaw and knocked him out cold. It was a brutal end to a fight that had a lot of anger in it from both men and after the fight, Bailey was taken out on a stretcher.

In the co-main event, Matt Castillo defeated Chad Goodenson via split decision. Castillo overcame a height advantage by Goodenson by getting in close and scoring with hooks to the body and face. Goodenson did a nice job of using his legs to keep a safe distance at times, but Castillo landed the heavier punches that ultimately won him the fight.

In other action, Erly Abrigo defeated Jason Cruz via unanimous decision in the 147 lb division. Abrigo was first to the punch and set the pace early with a nice combo as he took the center of the ring and continued to come forward at Cruz for three full rounds. Abrigo initiated the exchanges and scored with the crisper strikes.

Victor Rodriguez scored a unanimous decision victory over Danny Ramirez by showing off a granite chin and landing with some solid leg kicks and overhand rights that kept Ramirez at bay and unable to get his punches off with great efficiency.

Jerome Bourne defeated Dhezan Morgan via unanimous decision after he used his speed, size and athleticism to land combo after combo while avoiding most of Morgan’s offense. Bourne was too big and quick in this bout and looks to be a terror in the 161 lb division.

East Coast combat sports delivered again! Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on video on demand as Dead Serious Fighting Championship presents “World Class Kickboxing Championship” exclusively at GFL.tv.

Whether your sport is MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or even pro wrestling, combat sports fans alike can gain access to the entire GFL library of events (30 days or older) for only $9.99/month That’s more than 2300 events, 25,000 fighters, 15,000 fights and 12,000 hours of video. To learn more about accessing the world’s largest combat sports library hit the subscribe button on the GFL homepage for more info.


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LAS VEGAS – The big boys will rule the cage on May 2, as the nation’s premier amateur mixed martial arts promotion returns to Las Vegas’ Cox Pavilion.

“Tuff-N-Uff: The Future Stars of MMA” sees Las Vegas’ own Charles “Chucky” Williams (5-0), the promotion’s reigning super heavyweight champion, put his belt on the line in a rematch with Michigan’s Jeremy Umland (3-1).

“As always, we’ve got fantastic matchups on this card from top to bottom, and we’ll see some of the absolute best prospects in the sport compete in our cage,” Tuff-N-Uff exec and co-founder Jeff Meyer said. “But I’m really looking forward to this main event. There’s something special about two massive opponents squaring off that gets you excited, and both of these super heavyweights are capable of ending the bout with just one punch. As their first matchup proved, these two are always in exciting matchups.”

The first Tuff-N-Uff fight is at 7 p.m., and doors to the venue open one hour earlier.

Williams and Umland first met in August 2012, with the champ needing just 10 seconds to score a first-round TKO. It was Umland who rushed forward with power at the opening bell, but Williams dropped him with a stiff counter right and finished the fight with a barrage of strikes on the floor. For Umland, who protested the stoppage at the time, the loss remains the only blemish on his amateur record, and he now looks to avenge that result.

In addition to the night’s main event, “Tuff-N-Uff: The Future Stars of MMA” will feature a full lineup of bouts featuring top amateur talent from Las Vegas and around the nation. Top camps represented on the card include 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, One Kick’s Gym, Robert Drysdale Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Syndicate MMA and Xtreme Couture.

Come see the future stars of mixed martial arts or steam the fights from anywhere around the world on GFL.tv.

Kings of Kombat 12 Preview

CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/KickBoxing/Kings-of-Kombat-12/2396

Shamrock Events comes to GFL.tv with “Kings of Kombat 12” a top notch kickboxing event in front of a rabid crowd at Dandenong Stadium in Australia. “Kings of Kombat 12” takes place on April 26 and this Australian event is sure to turn heads across the globe.

In the main event, Steve Moxon battles Brad Riddell. Moxon is a feared striker because of his accuracy and ability to mix up his attacks that keep his opponents on the defensive. Moxon loves to keep a safe distance and does this with devastating leg kicks. Will he be able to connect early and often? Riddell is a gritty fighter who can easily take one to give one. Riddell is looking to knock off the champion and to do that he will have to either stay busier in the ring or more likely put Moxon down for the count. Expect fireworks from these two world class strikers.

Also scheduled is an 8-man tournament that will showcase amazing fights and crown one winner. Wayne Nicholls, Jake Gathercole, Daniel Soeurream, Dinesh Kanth, Chase Haley, Martin Tchong, Bentley Shefford and Paolo Riccardi. The winner of the tourney will need to win three fights in one night so you can expect these fighters to be looking for a quick, devastating knockout in the early rounds so that they can stay fresh for the future matchups. Whoever wins this tourney will not only be pushed to their physical limit but will also have to have an iron will and a granite jaw to sustain the punishment that they are sure to receive.

“Kings of Kombat 12” will tear down the house with KOs and devastating striking. It is loaded with several blue chip fighters that will be going toe to toe. If you are a fan of kickboxing, don’t miss this star-studded event. Order this event now on GFL.tv.



Fight To Win – Animals Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Fight-to-Win-Presents-Animals-/2318

Fight To Win is back on GFL with its latest installment “Animals” from the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado. This stacked pro/am card featured some of the top prospects in the Mountain West as these fighters looked to destroy one another in the cage.

In the main event, for the FTW Lightweight Title, Tony Sims (9-2) from Elevation Fight Team defeated Steele McCall (6-3) from Grudge Training Center via TKO in the second round. Sims had to get through a tough first round that saw McCall throw all sorts of submission attempts in his direction that included reverse triangle chokes, armbars and more chokes. Sims weathered the storm and continued to play the grappling game with McCall for the whole round. Near the end, Sims went for the punch pass and locked up an arm triangle choke, with 10 seconds left in the round. McCall continued to punch Sims as the round ended. In round two, Sims scored with a big punch that dropped McCall. Sims went to the ground and landed several more hard punches that found their mark and ended the fight in spectacular fashion.

In the co-main event, at a 197 lb catch weight, Jason Clayton (8-4) from Prime Fitness defeated Cody Mumma (5-2) from Elevation Fight Team via KO in the first round. Clayton came out on fire scoring with right hooks and straight left hands. He clipped Mumma with a right hook that hurt Mumma and Clayton continued to pressure Mumma with more punches. Clayton had Mumma on his heels before finally dropping him and landing several flush shots on the ground as the ref stopped the fight in a great win for Clayton.

In a middleweight scrap, Canaan Grigsby (3-1) defeated Jeremiah Talley (1-2) via TKO in the second round. Grigsby and Talley exchanged heavy strikes in the first round as both men proved they could take a punch. Grigsby was stronger on the mat and was able to put Talley on his back and keep him there. In the end, Grigsby let Talley up and connected with a huge knee that dropped Talley. Grigsby followed up with strikes on the ground until the ref stopped it.

In other action, Isaac Colon, Lacey Schuckman and Justin Moss all picked up victories. Colon defeated Danny Mainus via split decision while Schuckman won via rear naked choke and Moss won via TKO.

“Animals” comes to you from around the world only on GFL.tv. With a 12-bout scheduled card, you can be sure there will be plenty of knockouts, submissions and great fights. Don’t miss this exciting event which has become a proving ground for some of the top fighters in the West. If you can’t be there live, the only way to see this show is to order it exclusively through the GFL Combat Sports Network at GFL.tv.

Whether your sport is MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or even pro wrestling, combat sports fans alike can gain access to the entire GFL library of events (30 days or older) for only $9.99/month That’s more than 2300 events, 25,000 fighters, 15,000 fights and 12,000 hours of video. To learn more about accessing the world’s largest combat sports library hit the subscribe button on the GFL homepage for more info.

Xcessive Force FC 4 – Meltdown Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Xcessive-Force-Fighting-Championship-4-Meltdown/2340

Xcessive Force FC returned to GFL with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 4 – Meltdown”, a hotly contested card, emanating from the Entrec Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The event featured a title fight and several other hotly contested matchups. These warriors went to battle and made a name for themselves to the world.

In the main event, Matt MacGrath (11-8) defeated Jarod Milko (7-3) via unanimous decision in the fight of the night. The fight was primarily contested on the mat and both MacGrath and Milko demonstrated terrific grappling. MacGrath spent a lot of time on top and clearing Milko’s half guard to gain positional dominance in side control. But Milko was dangerous on the bottom as he showed multiple times with sweeps and at one point went for a kimura lock that MacGrath defended. Milko also scored with a few nice body kicks in the standup during the championship rounds, but MacGrath was able to score a takedown when he needed to and grind away at Milko. MacGrath also went for a leg lock late in the fight round and continued to push the pace. It was an incredible fight by both men and in the end, MacGrath’s ability to scramble on the mat and control the ground game for the most part was the difference.

In the co-main event, Michael Imperato (7-1) submitted Jesse Arnett (3-4) via guillotine choke in the first round to win the XFFC Bantamweight Title. Imperato got a nice takedown then moved to Arnett’s back before looking for a heel hook attempt before finally settling on a front face lock. Imperato jumped into an arm in guillotine and squeezed away until Arnett tapped out. Imperato displayed a great grappling game as he went from transition to transition and was constantly looking for submissions in every position. Imperato looks to be a handful for any fighters in the 135 lb division.

In other action, Spencer Jebb (7-3) submitted Stephen Clement (5-3) via triangle choke in round one in a welterweight scrap. Jebb scored a takedown off of ducking under a big right hand by Clement. Clement turned the tables by getting to his feet and taking Jebb down with a nice double leg. Jebb used the spot to his advantage and created a bit of space before sinking in the fight ending triangle choke from his back. It was a nice bit of grappling from “the Jedi”.

Corey Atkinson (3-2) defeated Tyler O’Brien (2-9) via rear naked choke in the first round. Atkinson got a nice takedown then moved to O’Brien’s back while locking up a body triangle. Atkinson then attacked the neck of O’Brien and sunk in the choke and got the tapout almost immediately.

Connor Derry (1-2) also picked up a submission win against Vince Quesnel (0-2) when he won by armbar in the first round. Derry came out on fire landing several punches in the standup. Derry got the fight to the ground where he had Quesnel’s back before switching positioning and getting the fight ending armbar with a nice transition in quick order.

Watch all the knockouts, submissions and grudge matches as XFFC returns to GFL with another installment of hard hitting MMA with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 4 – Meltdown” available to a global audience on video on demand.

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CFFC 34 Review

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Cage Fury Fighting Championships returned to GFL with championship MMA from the Mennen Arena in Morristown, New Jersey with “CFFC 34″. Pro MMA fighters from around the East Coast competed on this stacked card 8-bout card featuring a title fight in the main event. CFFC has expanded their stranglehold on Northeast MMA as they continue to pump out one blockbuster show after another.

In the main event, Nick Honstein (15-6) defeated Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella (13-4-1) via unanimous decision to capture the CFFC Flyweight Title. Honstein won the fight with his size, strength and wrestling ability. Honstein was able to nullify Santella’s wrestling and score with counters off of blocking takedowns. Honstein also spent a good portion of the fight on top when they were battling on the ground. Honstein’s positioning and submission defense allowed him to score with ground and pound from the spot over and over again. Santella was game the whole fight and came close to submitting Honstein with an armbar in the third round and went for submission after submission attempt in the final seconds of the fifth and final round but Honstein was right there to defend the attacks and continue throwing punches and scrambling for better position.

In the co-main event, Andy Main (8-1-1) defeated Brian Kelleher (10-7) via triangle choke in the first round. Kelleher scored a takedown early and Main wrapped his legs around Kelleher looking for a triangle. Kelleher responded by picking Main up and slamming him to the mat but Main held his position. Main locked up the triangle tight and after another slam attempt by Kelleher, Main scored the submission win as Kelleher tapped out.

Emmanuel Walo (5-1-1) scored an impressive win over Cheljean Erwin-Davis (2-1) via unanimous decision as these two welterweights went to battle in the cage. Walo landed the bigger punches and was assertive on the ground where he found himself in side control and scored with punches as Erwin-Davis looked to scramble and get out from underneath Walo. Walo showed an impressive all around MMA game in this fight and having previously fought at middleweight, showed that he is one of the stronger welterweights in CFFC.

In other action, Plinio Cruz, Mike Wade and Claudio Ledesma all won via submission while Lewis Rumsey and Bradley Desir both won via TKO.

Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on VOD as “CFFC 34″ throws down the gauntlet on pay-per-view exclusively at GFL.tv. See the established and rising stars on the East Coast compete in front of some of the most avid fans. Be a part of the excitement and order this iPPV from the GFL Combat Sports Network.

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