Three-division world champ Amanda Serrano talks about her September 18 bout at the Master Theater in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn, NY (September 15, 2014) — Three-division world champion Amanda Serrano (21-1, 16 KO’s) knows first hand that she has a tough fight on her hands this Thursday night at the Master Theater in Brooklyn when he she takes on Jackie Trivilino (9-8-3, 1 KO) in a rematch of a fight that took place on March 20, 2009.

Serrano won a majority decision and now in the long awaited rematch they will headline a seven bout card promoted by Dmitry Salita’s Star of David Promotions.

The Featherweight bout is scheduled for 8-rounds.

The 25 year-old Serrano will be fighting in her native Brooklyn for the first time in three years after fighting in the Dominican Republic and Argentina.

“I feel good. I am ready to fight. I love to fight and it’s going to be a war on Thursday,”said Serrano.

Even though she won the first encounter, Serrano is looking for a more emphatic victory.

“We fought before and now I know a lot more about her. I know she is confident. I am always confident. I am ready.”

Serrano has won belts at 126, 130 and 135 pounds and is considered one of the top female fighters in the world.

“It feels great to be considered one of the best. There is a lot of pressure to keep world championship status. I am here because I have a great team. I am glad to be the first female fighter to be featured on Dmitry’s shows.”

Serrano is happy that she will be at the top of the card in her hometown.

“I am at the level where I am the main event. We have proved to the fans that we can be the co-main event and main event. It gives me an extra umph to be able to featured so high on the card.”

With the perceived lack of opportunities, Serrano’s manager/trainer Jordan Maldonado said that Serrano may have to starting fight abroad more. She has already fought in the Dominican Republic, Sweden and Argentina.

“Going to Europe is the only choice. The American promoters do not see the passion of these girls,”said Maldonado,

“There are great fighters like (newly crowned unified Welterweight champion) Cecilia Braekhus. When we were in Argentina we noticed how much pride they have in their women fighters. It’s big in Peru and it’s funny because I don’t think the fighters anywhere are even is good as the fighters in New York. The women here are superior but we don’t have the backing over here like they do in other parts of the world, so in order to people to win the title, get the recognition and fight for the purses that Amanda is worth, we will have to go over to Europe. All of our fighters are homegrown. We will fight anyone. Amanda just won the WBO title in Argentina. Amanda is not a New York fighter, she is considered a world fighter.”, finished Maldonado.

Serrano conquered by saying, “I want to fight wherever the opportunities are. I am a warrior. I will go anywhere. I took the chance when I went to Argentina and I came home with a the belt.”

“Thursday will be a great fight. The fans should come out and support female fighters and support this show. I want to thank Dmitry Salita for the opportunity to fight at home.”, finished Serrano.

A terrific show has been assembled Salita.

In 6 Round Bouts:

Undefeated Cruiserweight Junior Wright (11-0-1, 9 KO’s) of Chicago returns to the Master Theater when he takes on Kamarah Pasley of Philadelphia.

Gary Beriguette (5-0, 3 KO’s) of Brooklyn will fight Rapahel Luna of Albany, NY in a Jr. Welterweight bout.

Dimash Niyazov (6-0-2, 4 KO’s) of Staten Island, NY will square of with Jamell Tyson of Rochester, NY in a Lightweight bout.

In 4 round bouts:

Middleweight Akil Auguste (4-1, 4 KO’s) Brooklyn, NY will take on Dequan Burgos (1-0) of Brooklyn, NY

Amateur standout Peter Dobson of Bronx, NY will make his pro debut against Mack Babb of Brooklyn, NY.

Exciting Middleweight Peter Reyes (4-0, 2 KO’s) of New York will take on Maurice Amaro of Philadelphia.

log on to to score tickets to see this mix of champions and up & comers do their thing in the ring on Thursday, Sept. 18.

The Master Theater is located at 1029 Brighton Beach Avenue in Brooklyn

Top King World Series Grand Prix

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––Grand-Prix-Finals-Sept-13/2581

Muay Thai is center stage at the Minsk Circus in Minsk, Belarus as Top King presented “Top King World Series – Grand Prix Sept 13″, a full contact Muay Thai event.

Courtesy of Zach Aittama and

Dmitry Varets (BELARUS) vs Rungravee Sasiprapa Gym (THAILAND)

Dmitry Varets lands a right high kick off of his lead leg to knockdown Rungravee Sasiprapa in the first round. The Thailand Terminator was unable to answer the count and Varets was awarded the knockout finish at 1:46 into Round 1

Dmitry Varets def. Rungravee Sasiprapa by KO at 1:46 into Round 1

Khayal Dzhaniev (RUSSIA) vs Veselin Veselinov (BULGARIA)

Round 1 starts with Veselin Veselinov controlling the pace with his kicks before after an inadvertent low blow. The Bulgarian fighter continues to look for the inside kick. The fighters clinch and Khayal lands a hard left elbow that penetrates the guard of Veselinov, stunning the Bulgarian. The Russian close the distance looking to throw his left straight. Lands one to the right side of Veselin’s face. Dzhaniev catches a kick and lands a strong left straight.

Round 2 starts. Both men are aggressive to start, Veselinov pushing inside and working his volume punching. The Bulgarian looking to land leg kicks as the Russian has started almost exclusively using his hands. Khayal lands a hard kick that puts Veselinov on the canvas. Khayal dumps the Bulgarian, who is visibly starting to wear down.

Round 3 starts with the fights fighting inside the clinch. The Russian looks to be the faster fighter, landing a sharp left straight, right leg kick combination. Khayal controlling distance and landing with his punches and kicks. A jab, right cross, left leg kick combination lands for the Russian. The Bulgarian taunting his opponent and Khayal quickly engages his defenseless opponent. Veselinov covers up and the Russian lands an elbow inside. The Russian with a jumping, spinning wheel kick attempt that lands on the Bulgarian fighter in the final seconds of the round.

Khayal Dzhaniev def. Veselin Veselinov by Unanimous Decision

Armen Petrosyan (ITALY) vs Dmytro Konstantynov (UKRAINE)

Both men are looking to strike right away. Petrosyan establishes the center of the ring. Petrosyan is keeping Dmytro against the ropes and landing combinations with his hands and kicks. Dmytro can’t get much off in terms of offense.

Round 2 begins and Petrosyan comes out aggressive again. He lands a right straight that snaps the Ukranian fighter’s head back. Dmytro is trying to pick up his output, but Petrosyan moving well and clinching against the ropes. The longer fighter Konstantynov is looking to land his kicks and get outside of the punching range of Petrosyan. Armen staying aggressive, lands a counter right hand.

Round 3 begins with both men circling and Petrosyan lands a straight right hand. The Ukranian looking to walk Armen down. Dmytro grazes with a spinning back forearm. The Ukranian fighter knows he is down in the fight. Armen being put on the ropes. Konstantynov throwing to the left side with his cross and high kick. Armen with a strong leg kick to Dmytro’s left side. A strong front kick by Armen to the face of Dmytro. Konstantynov is getting aggressive as Armen lands another hard front kick to the Ukranian’s face. The round ends.

Dmytro Konstantynov def. Armen Petrosyan by Decision

Buakaw Banchamek (THAILAND) vs Zhang Chunyu (CHINA)

Round 1 starts with both men looking to kick. Both fighters are in tight defensively. Buakaw lands a hard left hook to the body. A hard left kick to the body by Buakaw. A right cross, left knee combination by Buakaw. Buakaw’s volume starting to increase. A hard left body kick. Buakaw catches the kick and uses it to land a kick. Buakaw landing with his lead leg to the body. A hard right hand against the ropes by Buawaw and a dump to finish. Buakaw splits the guard and lands an elbow inside. Buakaw with a dominate first round

Buakaw comes out strong in the second. Landing to the right side of Zhang. Zhang falls to the ground and the fighters return to the center of the ring. Zhang landing to the body. Buakaw looks to be much faster, more athletic. Buakaw lands a switch knee and makes Zhang miss and takes him down again. Left knee and right eblow landed by Buakaw. Zhang against the ropes and Buakaw lands to the head and kick to the body. Buakaw landing every knee to Zhang’s body at will. Another dominate round.

Buakaw comes out strong again. Landing knees in combination to the body. Buakaw really pressuring and landing his right knee to the body of Zhang and will. Buakaw pulls Zhang’s glove down and lands a hard right elbow. Buakaw with a solid knee against the ropes. Buakaw throws the right cross and lands a left jab, right straight combination. A jumping knee from Buakaw. A cut has been opened over the left eye of Zhang. The round ends and Buakaw should take the dominant decision.

Buakaw Banchamek def. Zhang Chunyu by Unanimous Decision

Dmitry Valent (BELARUS) vs Panom Topking Boxing (THAILAND)

Valent lands two hard kicks to the body. A nice jab showcased by Dmitry. Panom not getting overaggressive, looking to pick his strikes. A nice left kick to the armpit by Panom. Valent clinches and lands a knee to the Thai’s right side. Valent pushes him down. Panom in the clinch. Valent just misses with a spinning back fist and lands with a right kick. Panom clinches and Dmitry lands a hard right knee to the body.

There is a large cut over the left eye of Dmitry Valent as round 2 begins. A hard left hook from Valent lands. Panom throws a left kick to the body that is blocked. A huge counter left hand knocks Panom completely unconscious.

Dmitry Valent def. Panom Topking Boxing by KO at 0:46 of Round 2

Main Event — Igor Liubchenko (UKRAINE) vs Yokpetch Petchkasem (THAILAND)

Igor looks to be looking to stay outside and Yokpetch is landing low kicks from just inside. right hand by Yokpetch. Igor the longer fighter, but missing on the quicker Yokpetch. The Ukranian lands a right hook through the guard. A kick caught by Yokpetch and he returns with his own left kick to the shoulder. Yokpetch comfortable against the ropes. Looking to counter. Left kick to the body by Yokpetch. Igor trys to throw his jab. Head kick missed by Yokpetch and Igor lands a right cross. Igor looking to use his lands. A left hook right hand followed by a left hook right combination lands for Igor. A right elbow grazes Yokpetch as the bell sounds.

Round 2 starts and the pace continues to be pushed by Igor. A nice trip out the right side by Yokpetch. Igor lands a step in right knee. Yokpetch against the ropes, but moving his head well to avoid strikes. Igor lands a right elbow, left hook combination. A left hook by Igor. Igor lands a hard left hook to the body of Yokpetch. A left straight by Igor and a return right head kick by Yokpetch. Igor still pushing the pace with his kicks and punches. Short inside elbows by Igor and Yokpetch seems unfazed. A left hook to the body by Igor. The bell sounds

Round 3 starts fast. Yokpetch is being very aggressive now. A right straight lands for Igor. Yokpetch tosses Igor back. Yokpetch still looking to counter . Igor landing combinations at will and the ref calls for a standing count. Igor with a big knee that finishes the fight, knocking Yokpetch out.

Igor Liubchenko def. Yokpetch Petchkasem by KO in Round 3 If you love the art of striking, there is no better iPPV for you to order than “Top King World Series – Grand Prix Sept 13″. Top King is looking to make a splash in the sport of Muay Thai and they have assembled an incredible roster of talent for this event. Order now and own it for life and watch anytime on video on demand.

Warriors Cup XXI Review

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Weapons 9 Promotions is back and delivered another dose of full contact pro/am Muay Thai to the Tri-State area with “Warriors Cup XXI” worldwide on Warriors Cup events have quickly carved out a popular niche for themselves on the Eastern seaboard as the place to see great standup fighting. The 12-bout “Warriors Cup XXI” event built on its momentum with a stacked card and delivered another great night of punches, kicks, knees and elbows!

In the main event, with the WBC International Challenge Championship on the line, Deividas Danyla defeated Rami Ibrahim via TKO in the second round. Danyla used his speed advantage in the early going as he was able to bounce on his toes and score with combos while Ibrahim missed with his counters. Danyla connected with low kicks, jabs, hooks and straights as Ibrahim continued to come forward but couldn’t quite catch Danyla with anything of substance. In the second round, Danyla began to open up his striking and connected with a spinning back elbow that caught Ibrahim flush and dropped him to the canvas. The strike came out of nowhere and caught Ibrahim off guard as it connected right on the jaw. Ibrahim tried to get back to his feet but he was wobbled and the ref called off the fight. It was a strong showing by Danyla who proved to be a force in the division with a decisive win against a gritty opponent.

In the fight of the night, John Nofer defeated Amine Ballafrikh via TKO in the fourth round. Ballafrikh found his rhythm early as he scored with leg kicks, and combos up top, but Nofer continued to battle back and started to hurt Ballafrikh in the third round with low kicks and then overhand lefts that shook Ballafrikh near the end of the round. Ballafrikh was now backing up and Nofer was dictating the fight. In the fourth round, Nofer connected with a high kick that dropped Ballafrikh. Once action was resumed Nofer continued to throw bombs and Ballafrikh was done. It was a great fight as both displayed nonstop action from the opening bell to the final bell.

For the 180 lb Warriors Cup Title, Ariel Abreu defeated Sean Woodham via KO in the first round. The taller Woodham used push kicks to keep Abreu away as he walked Abreu down. Abreu used some solid footwork to get off the ropes and connected with a right hand and left hand that sent Woodham back a few steps. Abreu had found his distance and on the next meaningful exchange he threw a left uppercut followed by an overhand right that connected flush and knocked Woodham out cold. Woodham fell face first to the mat. It was several minutes for Woodham to sit up but he did to the applause of the crowd and Abreu. It was a testament to the punching power of Abreu as he stopped a very tough fighter in Woodham with once punch.

New to Muay Thai? If the answer is “yes” then you need to order this iPPV and see what happens when fighters are allowed to use all 8 points of contact instead of only 2 as in Western Boxing. If you love action-packed striking, “Warriors Cup XXI” is your type of event. Watch as these fearless gladiators put it all on the line to earn a victory in one of the most grueling and punishing combat sports in the world. Order “Warriors Cup XXI” exclusively from the GFL Combat Sports Network at

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AFC 4 Review

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Mississippi’s #1 MMA promotion returned on GFL as AFC presented “Atlas Fighting Championship 4″ emanating from the Golden Nugget Casino & Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi. MMA fans, this event featured 8 finishes out of 11 fights showcasing the top up and combing prospects from the Gulf Coast. AFC is the premier MMA organization in the Magnolia State and proved why once again with this hard-hitting event.

In the main event, John “Doo Doo” Brown (10-4) defeated Alonzo Roane (3-5) via TKO in the first round of their heavyweight scrap. Brown connected with a one-punch KO as he dropped the southpaw Roane with an overhand right that connected squarely on the jaw of Roane. Brown followed up with punches on the ground, before the ref could stop the fight. Brown showed off some great punching power in the fight which lasted less than 30 seconds.

In the co-main event, Jason Knight (9-1) defeated Gilbert Burgos (6-4) via submission in the first round of a featherweight barnburner. Knight scored with a short right hand that staggered Burgos momentarily. Burgos regained his balance and clinched up with Knight as they tussled for position. Burgos got a takedown but ended up in the guard of Knight who employed a very active rubber guard looking to isolate one of Burgos’ shoulders. Knight was bleeding from the bridge of the nose, but that didn’t stop him from locking in a modified guillotine with his shin that was pushing against the throat of Burgos.

Rance Jones (4-1) defeated Dion Rizzuto via KO in the first round of their welterweight showdown. Jones connected with a hook that dropped Rizzuto in the opening exchange. Jones added more punches from the ground and Rizzuto covered up looking to regain his composure. Jones never let that happen as he continued to throw punches until the ref stopped the fight.

Chris Myers defeated Christian Reed via TKO in the second round while Monica Medina defeated Vanessa Marie-Grimes via KO in the first round. Tyler Stodghill defeated Josh Crumpton via triangle choke in the first round, while Isaiah Williams also picked up a submission win getting Dale Fulkerson to tapout to a guillotine choke in the first round of their bout.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on VOD as AFC presents “Atlas Fighting Championship 4″ on pay-per-view exclusively at


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Coming off a very successful debut in July, Tuesday Night Fights, a unique Philadelphia boxing event that  features the best young talent in the Delaware Valley, returns to 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia on September 16.

Presented by Joe Hand Promotions and D and D Management Team, Tuesday Night Fights showcases both amateur boxers and professional fighters representing various boxing gyms throughout the Philadelphia area.  The card will feature three professional fights, plus six scheduled amateur bouts.

Highlighting the professional card will be the pro debut of amateur sensation Donte Wright of Philadelphia, who faces Lionel Charles (0-3) of New York in a four-round junior middleweight bout. Wright, 25, completed his amateur career with 160 wins, won the Philadelphia District Golden Gloves four times, the National PAL Tournament and was named Outstanding Fighter in the Philadelphia Diamond Belt Tournament.

The night’s featured amateur bout will match National Golden Gloves champion Christian Carto (Rosati’s Gym, Philadelphia) against Eric Gordon (Kingsessing Rec Center, Philadelphia)  in a three-round, 110-pound contest. Carto appeared on the July 29 card where he defeated Demetrious Young of Washington, D.C.

Also on the amateur card is 16-year-old Dylan Price of Sicklerville, NJ, who won the 2013 Junior Olympic National Championship and was named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Boxer. Price will face Dallas Holden, who trains at the Atlantic City PAL, in another 110-pound bout.

Tickets for Tuesday Night Fights are $50 for reserved seats and $30 for general admission and can be purchased online at or by calling (215) 364-9000. Formerly called the Alhambra Arena, 2300 Arena is located at 2300 S. Swanson St., South Philadelphia with plenty of parking.

GFL REAL FIGHTS Presents CFFC 37 Beginning September 15 on TCN & CSN



September 12, 2014

GFL, The Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet continue their weekly combat sports series, REAL FIGHTS, with world class MMA as CFFC presents another show stopper with CFFC 37 featuring a full lineup of extreme cage fights emanating from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania anchored by a heavyweight title fight.

In the main event, CFFC Heavyweight Champion Zu “The 8th Wonder” Anyanwu (6-2) battles Keith “Bad News” Bell (5-3-1) for the gold. This will be a rematch as Bell previously knocked Anyanwu out in 12 seconds with a high kick back in 2013. Look for these two brahma bulls to pick up right where they left off and start striking with bad intentions. When you mix a heavyweight grudge match with a title on the line, you can expect an explosive fight. Don’t blink.

In the co-main event, Bill “Mr. Perfect” Algeo (5-1) takes on Mike “Popezilla” Pope (2-0) in a matchup of two rising stars. Algeo is a proficient grappler and Pope brings a perfect record into the cage. Both men have a lot at stake in this fight as they continue to rise up the ranks and with a title shot in the near future for the winner.

In other action, Julio Rosario (3-4) takes on Brandon Inskeep (5-8) in a fight with both men’s backs against the wall. Both Rosario and Inskeep desperately need a win here and they have both vowed to come right at each other. This fight could just as easily be fought in a phone booth because neither man will be back peddling.

Air times are listed below:

The Comcast Network (TCN) (all zones): Monday, September 15 at 7:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Tuesday, September 16 at 11:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Mid Atlantic): Friday, September 19 at 9:00pm ET

TCN Replay (Philly): Friday, September 19 at 10:00pm ET

CSN Philadelphia: Thursday, September 18 at 6:30pm ET

CSN regions in other major markets including CSN Northwest and CSN Bay Area will also be airing CFFC 37 in the weeks and months to follow. In addition, close to 25 cable and satellite systems carry CSN and because of that wide distribution across numerous regions and even nationally via satellite, GFL REAL FIGHTS is available on additional platforms.

To stay connected with GFL and this unique fight series, visit these TCN & CSN online locations for up-to-the-date programming info.

The Comcast Network

CSN Philadelphia

CSN Washington

CSN Baltimore

CSN New England

CSN Northwest

CSN Bay Area

Upcoming Events on Comcast

9/15: CFFC 37 (MMA)

9/22: Joe Hand Promotions: Tuesday Night Fights 2 (boxing)

9/29: Ring of Combat 49 (MMA)

10/6: Celebrity Weekend Champions (boxing)

About GoFightLive

GFL is a pioneer in Internet Sports Broadcasting.  Over the years GFL has broadcast more than 1700 live events to fans in over 199 countries worldwide and has a video library exceeding 8000 combat sports videos comprising more than 5,000 hours of programming.   GFL is especially proud to have served greater than 5 million public viewers over the years with more than 250 combat sports related website affiliates in its network.  GFL is also available on Roku, Boxee, Android, IPhone, IPad, as well as other internet ready devices. Check the event page for details. Join us at: or or or or inquiries contact


Frankie De Alba to take on Jesse Carridine on Saturday, October 4 at Valley Forge Casino Resort

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Valley Forge, Pa (September 11, 2014)--On Saturday night, October 4, King’s Promotions returns to the Valley Forge Casino Resort with a big night of boxing that will be headlined by rising Jr. Lightweight Frankie De Alba appearing in the 8-round Jr. Lightweight bout when he takes on Jesse Carradine for the UBF All America’s Super Featherweight title.
The show is promoted by King’s Promotions and Peltz Boxing.
In the 8-round co-feature, undefeated Jr. Welterweight Naim Nelson will take on Delaware favorite Ryan Belasco for the UBF Jr. Welterweight America’s All America’s title.
DeAlba of Reading, PA will compete in an 8-round bout. He has won 11 consecutive fights and is unbeaten in his last 15 that has raised his record to 13-1-2 with 5knockouts.

During the streak he has defeated two undefeated fighters in Benjamin Burgos and Andrew Bentley. On November 30, he scored a thrilling 4th round stoppage over Osnel Charles. In his last bout, DeAlba scored 5th round stoppage over Pablo Batres on a body shot that took place on June 28 in Reading, PA.  That win earned DeAlba the UBF All America Super Featherweight title

Carradine of Las Vegas Nevada has a record of 8-3-2 with 4 knockouts.
The 27 year-old turned professional in 2009 and was undefeated in his first seven bouts going 6-0-1 which includes a win over undefeated Oswaldo Lopez Escobedo (2-0).  His only losses are to undefeated fighters in current Featherweight world champion Evgeny Gradovich, Karl Dargan and his last bout when he dropped an 8-round unanimous decision to Omar Douglas on May 9 in Dover, Delaware.


Nelson of Philadelphia is unblemished going 12-0 with 1 knockout.  He has faced good competition with wins over previously undefeated Korey Sloane (1-0) as well as Esteban Rodriguez (5-1-1), Victor Vasquez (15-6-1) to win the Pennsylvania State Lightweight title and in his last bout, the 24 year-old Nelson scored an 8-round unanimous decision over previously undefeated Jerome Rodriguez (6-0-3) om May 16 in Philadelphia.

Belasco of Wilmington, Delaware has a record of 18-6-3 with 3 knockouts.  Like Nelson, Belasco has faced terrific competition.  He has quality wins over Vasquez (7-1), Jesus Barbosa (4-1-1) & Tyrell Samuel (14-4-1).   He also has draws with undefeated fighters Linwood Hurd and Brian Miller.  In his last bout, Belasco dropped a 10-round unanimous decision to Rod Salka (17-2) in a bout for the NABA USA Lightweight title on October 12, 2013 in Salka’s hometown of Pittsburgh.
A terrific undercard has been assembled as Heavyweight Maurice Byarm of Washington, DC (13-2, 9 KO’s) will take on Jon Bolden (6-9, 5 KO’s) of New York in a bout scheduled for six rounds.
In 4-round bouts:
Christian Molina (2-0, 1 KO) of Allentown, PA will fight Josue Rivera (2-5, 2 KO’s) of Philadelphia in a Welterweight bout.
Anthony Prescott (3-3-2, 1 KO) of Cherry Hill, NJ will do battle with Shawn Sutton (0-2-1) of Norristown, PA in a Jr. Middleweight bout.
Travis Thompson (5-11-3, 3 KO’s) of Pottstown, PA will square off with Benjamin Burgos (1-8-1) of Mount Pocono, PA.
Sultahn Staton (3-0, 2 KO’s) of Philadelphia will take on an opponent to be named in a Lightweight bout.

Tuesday Night Fights is a smash hit with Philly fight fans Next installment set for Tuesday, September 16 at 2300 Arena

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Philadelphia (September 10, 2014)-On Tuesday night, September 16 at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia, Joe Hand Promotions and D & D Management will present the 2nd installment of Tuesday Night Fights.
This show is coming on the heels of a terrific inaugural card that took place on July 29 and played to a sold out crowd at the 2300 Arena.
The concept is to showcase local Philadelphia fighters in pro-am events that will feature the present and future of Philadelphia boxing.
The masterminds behind the series are Joe Hand Sr., Doc Nowicki and Dave Price.
To say Hand is a longtime fixture in boxing would be an understatement as he has been in the business dating back to him being one of the first co-managers of former world champion Joe Frazier.
Hand has managed, promoted and over the past 40 years has been the leading closed circuit and Pay Per View distributor for some of the biggest events all over the world.
He also is the owner of the most popular and successful Boxing Gym in Philadelphia for over two decades.
“We started the series not looking to make money on it, but to help the kids,” said Hand of the grass roots series.
“I see these fighters working hard in the gym everyday and they cant get fights.  They are entitled to a career in boxing.”
Nowicki has been a very successful manager in the Philadelphia area as he guided the careers of Teon Kennedy and Mike Jones to world title opportunities and now has the same world title aspirations for undefeated Super Middleweight Jesse Hart.
“My vision of the series is young, hungry fighters that are exciting and getting opportunities in their hometown in even matched fights,” said Nowicki.
“We plan to keep the shows low budget.  Not in talent but to make it affordable for the average person can come out and enjoy a night at the fights.  We want to create special nights where a father can take his son and it also creates interest in the boxing world in Philadelphia.  It’s great for people to be able to come see a great night of fights.”
Price, who was a passionate fight fan turned manager and now promoter echos the thoughts of Hand and Nowicki.
“I am very excited about the new series where we are able to bring quality fights and fighters back to Philadelphia.  If we get the proper support, we can accomplish that goal.”, said Price.
Slated to appear on the card will be Welterweight Greg Jackson (3-0-1, 1 KO), debuting Jr. Middleweight Donte Wright and debuting Jr. Welterweight Jerome Conquest.
There will be seven amateur bouts prior to the professional card that will be headlined by national Golden Gloves champion Christian Carto and Eric Gordon in a 3-round bout in the 110-pound weight division.
Tickets for this great evening of boxing are $50 for reserved and $30 for general admission and can be purchased online at or by calling 215 364 9000.
The 2300 Arena is located at 2300 South Swanson Street (Corner of Swanson & Ritner).
For more information and media credentials, contact:
Marc Abrams at or 856 287 7611     or

Bill Kettelberger at or 215 364 9000 and

USFFC XX Preview

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USFFC returns to on September 20 with “USFFC XXX”. USFFC has made a mark for itself in the Southeast and “USFFC XX” will surely tear down the house from the Old Armory Event Center in Morgantown, North Carolina. These pro/am fighters are looking to make a name for themselves on a global basis and that’s just what they will do as they go to battle inside the cage.

The USFFC Bantamweight Title will be at stake when Marcus Levester (9-3) battles CJ Vanover (3-1). Levester won the title back in March via first round submission and looks to duplicate that performance in his first title defense. Levester is a dangerous fighter on the feet or on the ground as 8 of his wins have come via stoppage. Vanover earned the title shot by winning 3 fights in a row for USFFC going back over a year. Vanover gets stronger as the fight goes on and should be able to chip away at Levester during the later rounds with his wrestling if it goes that far. This fight will be a shootout.

Lawrence Dennis Jr (1-3) takes on Walker Vivian (0-0) in a lightweight showdown. Dennis Jr. is a tough draw for anyone with a strong striking game. Dennis Jr. is a durable fighter with an iron chin who can fight in a phone booth if necessary. Vivian excelled as an amateur but this will be his toughest test to date now that he turned pro. Vivian is a strong wrestler who likes to grind his opponents down over the course of a full fight and lock on a submission once a mistake is made. Vivian is capable of dominating nearly every minute in a fight because of his strong wrestling that has usually dictated where the fight goes.

Luke Milligan (1-0) fights Isaac Artis (0-1) in a featherweight battle. Milligan is undefeated winning by submission. Milligan is continually improving his all-around game so expect to see some new techniques. Artis is an up and comer who dropped a close decision in his debut fight. Look for Artis to come out with his back against the wall and press the action from the onset as he tries to not let the fight go to a decision this time.

Get ready for some All-American beat downs as “USFFC XX” is sure to seek and destroy all the other competition. Watch exclusively on and own it for life. Order now.

Premier Fighting Championship 17 Preview

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Premier Fighting Championship debuts on from The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts to on September 20 with “Premier Fighting Championship 17”. PFC is the #1 MMA organization in Massachusetts featuring the rising stars and blue chip prospects from the region.   16 bouts are scheduled for this card and there is bound to be plenty of KOs and submission as some of the Northeast’s finest go head to head in the cage.

Addison O’Neil (1-2) takes on Andrew Chirico (0-0) in a pro bout. Expect fireworks from these men as they are both in need of a win here. O’Neil is looking to even his record to .500 and needs a strong performance against Chirico who took the amateur division by storm. O’Neil should be the more seasoned fighter, especially if the fight goes the distance while Chirico will have the speed and strength advantage. Both gladiators bring a high-paced style into the cage and are known for their striking skills and ability to finish fights with one punch. Expect this match to be a barnburner if it stays on the feet.

Ralph Johnson (8-12) takes on TJ Sumler (4-4) in a welterweight showdown. Johnson is on a 2-fight win streak, finishing both fights by TKO. Johnson has never gone to a decision in 20 pro fights and there’s a good chance that trend will continue. Look for Johnson to come out swinging looking to landing haymakers on Sumler’s jaw. Sumler is a great all-around athlete and has a superb grappling game matched with a striking style that allows him to score while evading punches from his opponent. Look for this fight to end in dramatic fashion.

Dan Cormier (3-4) takes on Jordi Gallardi (0-0) in another featured bout. Cormier is usually the aggressor in most of his fights. Cormier is a great counter puncher and can end a fight with one punch. Gallardi is making his pro debut after a successful stint as an amateur. Gallardi will need to earn the respect of Cormier early by landing punches early and often in his own right.

Premier Fighting Championship debuts with epic fighting in front of a worldwide audience courtesy of the GFL Combat Sports Network. Watch “Premier Fighting Championship 17”on September 20. Stream the show online at and own it forever.

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