2015 Elite Canadian Championships – Session 4

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The 2015 Elite Canadian Championships has kicked off and several boxers performed well on the first day and advanced in the multi-day tournament that will see dozens and dozens of the top amateurs in Canada fight for a chance to compete in the upcoming Pan American Games. The only way to see this great event is to order it at GFL.tv. Order now and watch the fights beginning on October 28 and ending on November 1.

Session 4 was full of competitive fights in several weight classes in both the men’s and women’s divisions. In total there were 11 bouts in the 49kg, 52kg, 60kg, 75kg and 81kg divisions.

In a 81 kg fight, Jacob Varga won his second bout of the tournament, this time defeating Richard MacDonald via 2-1 decision. Varga continued to pump out his strong jab that racked up points, but MacDonald was right there in the pocket landing punches of his own. Both men fired off combos with neither man backing down, but in the end, Varga advances in the tournament as he pickek up another win against a gritty MacDonald.

In another 81kg bout, Vincent Thibeault won a 3-0 decision against the durable Max Rizzi. Thibeault is a power puncher and brings an iron jaw into the bout so he continues to come forward and throw his combos, not worrying about what his opponent is doing. Thibeault has a solid left hook that he can use at the end of a combo or just land from a distance as a single shot. It does damage and racks up points. A fight with Varga and Thibeault will be an exciting matchup as both men pose unique threats and matchup very well.

The full results for Session 4 are below.

Alexandra Strickland defeated Caitlin Trenholme via decision
Carolyn Veyre defeated Odille Letellier via decision
PG Tondo defeated Mauricio Garcia Malvaez via decision
Emilien Boucher defeated Mathieu Blette-Gagnon via decision
Evan Gilliard defeated Miscael Marin via decision
Lucas Bahdi defeated Whitney Baille via decision
Cylin Downey defeated David Gauthier via decision
Darcy Hinds defeated Marco Capobianco via decision
Clovis Drolet defeated Kingsley Alexander via decision
Vincent Thibeault defeated Max Rizzi via decision
Jacob Varga defeated Richard MacDonald via decision

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