2015 Elite Canadian Championships – Session 6

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The 2015 Elite Canadian Championships has kicked off and now the tournament is winding down with only the strong surviving. Each fight has more and more at stake as this grueling tournament has featured the top amateur boxers from across Canada. The championships are in sight and the remaining boxers look to prove that they belong with the winners in each weight class qualifying for the upcoming Pan American Games. The only way to see this great event is to order it at GFL.tv.

Session 6 was full of competitive fights in several weight classes in both the men’s and women’s divisions. In total there were 8 bouts in the 51kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg, 64kg, 75kg, 81kg and 91kg divisions.

In a 91kg bout, Donovan Thomas Petrica Cotuna 3-0 as he used a strong jab and right cross to dictate the tempo from the early going. Thomas kept up a fast pace, especially for the 91 kg division, and landed several hard shots against the gritty Cotuna who managed to score with hard hooks but not with the volume that Thomas was able to land with. Thomas continues his climb towards the championship in the 91kg division as he showed off a very technically sound all-around game as he mixed up his shots well and kept Cotuna on the defensive. Max Rizzi put together a solid performance as he came back a vengeance taking a 2-1 decision over the hard hitting and always dangerous Richard MacDonald in an 81kg bout. Rizzi proved to be a durable fighter as he withstood the KO power of MacDonald. Rizzi uses solid footwork to circle away from the power punching of MacDonald and score with jabs and quick combos as MacDonald tried to get within distance to score with his power punches. It was a close fight and both men did a standup job.

In other action, Sierra Picton, River Tucker, Cher Obediah, Odille Letellier, Brandon Leaman, and Kingsley Alexander all won their bouts in decisive fashion with scores of 3-0.

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