Australian Fighting Championship 11 Review

November 24, 2014 by
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Australian Fighting Championship presented “AFC 11” from the Melbourne Pavilion in Melbourne, Australia. The thrilling event featured 8 bouts with 4 finishes featuring some of the best of the best from the country of Australia.

In the main event, Zein Saliba defeated Maui Tuigamala via technical submission due to an arm triangle choke in round two. Saliba showed off a huge grappling edge as he scored a takedown midway through the round and put Tuigamala on his back. Tuigamala did little to improve his position as he tried to wrap up Saliba with his arms. Saliba was content to work from half guard but then with less than 30 seconds left in the round, Saliba quickly transitioned to side control then finished off with a standing guillotine submission attempt as the round ended. In the second round, Tuigamala tried to keep his distance and score with punches but Saliba was able to close the distance and clinch up and get a takedown. Saliba moved to mount where he scored with punches. Tuigamala was able to get back to his guard and looked to setup a kneebar, but Saliba used that positioning to transition to an arm triangle and put Tuigamala to sleep with it. Saliba showed off a great set of tools on the ground and proved to be a handful for any future opponent.

In the co-main event, Kit Campbell defeated Chris Birch via rear naked choke in the first round. Campbell and Birch exchanged leg kicks and Birch connected with an overhand right while Campbell connected with a short right hand that dropped Birch. Campbell followed up with strikes on the ground and finished Birch off with a RNC. It was a quick fight that ended in dramatic fashion and left fans stunned at the swift outcome.

In other action, Lance Ettia defeated James Londrigan via TKO in the first round and John Belrouti finished Chris Lindner via TKO in the second.

Australian Fighting Championship proved once again why they are Australia’s premier MMA organization. AFC always plays to a packed in house crowd and now fight fans across the globe are in luck as this blockbuster event is available live to a worldwide audience on the GFL Combat Sports Network at Order now and own it for life!


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