Cage Championships 50 – Fighting For Autism Review

November 10, 2014 by
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Cage Championships debuted on GFL.TV from the Big Eagles Hall in Sullivan, Missouri and presented a historic night of MMA action with “Cage Championships 50”. In the headlining bout, Garrett “G Money” Holeve battled against David “Cerebral Assassin” Steffan in an amateur bout. Both Holeve and Steffan have proved their toughness well before they ever stepped into the cage as Holeve was born with Down Syndrome and Steffan was born with Cerebral Palsy. Steffan is a former Special Olympian and Holeve has made headlines for years in his attempts to fight MMA. The much anticipated bout finally took place on November 8.

In the main event, Garrett Holeve defeated David Steffan via rear naked choke in the second round. In the first round, Steffan used his height advantage and came out striking from a distance and landing low kicks while Holeve fired back with over hand rights. Both fighters mixed it up some more in the striking area until Holeve pushed forward with strikes, closed the distance and landed a double leg takedown. Holeve got the back of Steffan and went for a rear naked choke that Steffan defended. Holeve then transitioned to an armbar attempt, but Steffan defended again. Steffan rose to his feet, but Holeve brought him down again with another takedown. Holeve again got the back of Steffan as the horn sounded, ending round one. In the second round, Steffan again landed some solid strikes before trying for a guillotine choke. Holeve used the positioning to get another takedown against the cage. Holeve worked inside the guard of Steffan throwing punches to the body. Steffan went for a triangle choke, but Holeve ducked out and then got the back of Steffan again where he sunk in the fight ending rear naked choke. It was an inspiring fight from both competitors.

Be sure to catch this historic bout as Cage Championships presents “Cage Championships 50” only on


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