Triple A MMA X Genesis Review

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Amateur Card

Bout 1: Alex Estrada vs. Jeremy Alba – Lightweight

R1- Estrada land 1st with a leg kick, they clinch Estrada put Abla on his back. Alba attempts a armbar. Estrada escapes and Alba is back to his feet. They exchange, Estrada changes levels scores a take-down. Estrada threatens with a guillotine and Estrada pulls out. Alba stands and is taken back down. Estrada this time with elbows from the guard is scoring while on top. With an omplata Alba rolls Estrada back to the feet. Estrada quickly back in on another take-down but this time falls right into a triangle choke and taps.

Result- Jeremy Alba by submission (triangle choke) 4:02, R1

Bout 2: Daniel Nieto vs. Caleb Perlingos – Featherweight

R1- Nieto 1sr to land with a light kick. Nieto charges after Perlingos gets the clinch trips and scores a take-down to half guard near the cage and is working his punches from close range. Nieto trying to pass is forced back to full guard. Nieto on top in guard is going body-body-head with his left. Ref stands them up. Nieto with a hard shot drops Perlingos and after some ground and pound they scramble and Nieto takes the back and ends the round in mount.

R2- Nieto with hooks flying chases down Perlingos and drops him with a punch. Nieto on the ground moves right to mount and is laying in elbow and punches. Perlingos is moving and firing back for a while before the ref waves off the action.

Result- Daniel Nieto by TKO (punches & elbows) 2:01

Bout 3: Javier Cepeda vs. Jesse Tafoya – 130 Lbs

R1- Tafoya lands with a front leg side leg kick. Tafoya with a left Cepeda lands the right and Tafoya scores a take-down. While trying to stand Cepeda finds himself in a Darce choke. Cepeda scrambles out gives his back and is fighting off a locked in rear naked choke. Cepeda escapes the choke, but with a body triangle locked in Tafoya still has the back. Cepeda escapes a triangle choke and flips out of a armbar to get back standing. On the feet Cepeda fires off several punches and knees. Tafoya dives for a take-down and is stuffed to the bottom and Cepeda drops punches till the ref jumps in.

Result- Javier Cepeda by TKO (strikes) 3:55, R1

Pro Card

Bout 4: Dorian Dixon vs. Hosay Batts – Lightweight

R1- Left jab lands for Dixon and he follows it with a pair of leg kicks. Inside leg kick, jab, front face kick lands for Batts. Leg then body kicks from Dixon. Dixon drops Batts with a superman punch takes the back and jumps on the rear naked choke for the win putting Batts to sleep.

Result- Dorian Dixon by submission (rear naked choke) 1:41, R1

Bout 5: Booby Nash vs. Marcus Ayub – Welterweight

R1-Nash comes in pumping the jab. Ayub lands with a right hand. Nash slips on a kick attempt. Nash gets in side scoops and slams Ayub. Ayub quick locks in an armbar. Nash escapes and Ayub eats 3 elbows. Nash passes to half guard and is still driving in with his right elbow. Ayub regained and losses guard. Ayub working his way back to his feet is trapped in a guillotine choke and Nash force Ayub back to the ground and gets the tap.

Result- Bobby Nash by submission (guillotine choke) 2:22, R1

Bout 6: Derek Perez vs. Isaiah Reyes – Featherweight

R1-Big leg kick, body kick followed by a straight right hand drops Reyes. Perea has the back and is machine gunning punches. They make it to the cage, Perez takes the back sinks in the choke and gets the tap.

Result- Derek Perez by submission (rear naked choke) 0:58, R1

Bout 7: Adres Quintan vs. Thomas Soto – Featherweight Title

R1- Soto pushing forward gets hit with two leg kicks and a left hand. They reset in the center and Soto shoots in for a take-down. Quintana defends and fights off the cage. Soto is cut in the middle of his forehead. Quintana in opening up with knees and punches. The action is stopped and the doc has been called in. The doc says the cut is too bad fight over.

Result- Andres Quintana by TKO (doctor stoppage, cut) 1:30, R1


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