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While his boxing career inexorably draws to a close, Renan St-Juste launches into athlete management and promotion of combat sports related events. He announced Thursday the creation of Boxing Promotions Mania which will hold its first event on 19 December in Repentigny.

“It’s a dream I was thinking for a long time”, says St-Juste in a telephone interview to It was a matter of finding the right people and especially the right time.

Coach Boxing Club 35 de Repentigny in recent years, St-Juste realized over time that there was little room for amateurs who aspired to turn professional he added, while the popularity of Sport is reaching new heights.

“I organized many amateur galas, but I wondered why not try to organize professional galas to allow some boxers who do not have the chance to box on big stages show what they are capable of and use it as a springboard to move to another level”, says St-Juste.

“If you are not under contract to Eye of The Tiger Management, Groupe Yvon Michel or InterBox, it is very difficult to make progress. I know many boxers who are – or who want to fight as pros, and unless you have a clean sweep among fans, they cannot approach these other managers. These boxers just need a chance.”

The ambitions of the new promoter are modest – only two galas in December and June are scheduled for now – he hopes that his expertise will allow athletes left behind to build their career in this industry extremely ruthless.

“I have a boxer with me, Roody Pierre-Paul, who beat two guys from Eye of The Tiger, but unfortunately his career is not progressing”, says St-Juste. I’ll try to get him to fight for belts and move up in the rankings. These are small projects, but I really want to go step by step.”

Despite his new responsibilities, St-Juste has not finished his boxing career. He will also be headlining the December 19 event, at 42 years old.

“Things have not been easy for my whole career and I’ve never had the chance to fight in a championship fight. It must be said that being a southpaw does not help”, said St-Juste. “Still, I have no big promoter behind me, so I’m going to do it myself.”

“I always keep myself in shape, but I’m also taking being a promoter very serious. I know I’m going to be increasingly busy with my work, so if I do not have time to train, I will not go up in the ring. In the end, it’s me who decides.”

In addition to St-Juste, Roody Pierre-Paul, Francesco Cotroni, Mitch Louis-Charles, Steve and Michael Van Latangne Denyse will also be on the card.


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