JWP – CMT 5: Lidon VS Badato Review

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JWP presented “CMT 5 – Lidon vs Badato” from Brisbane, Australia. The 9-bout full rules Muay Thai card, in a cage, with MMA gloves, was anchored by a long-awaited fight from two veterans of the sport that lived up to the hype and more.

Michael Badato defeated Yohan Lidon via KO in the third round. Badato was firing hard and often in the early rounds as he wasn’t playing defense but was looking for the KO. Badato was scoring with a strong left jab and overhand right that followed. Lidon was finding a home for his overhand right and low kick. In the third round, Badato throttled Lidon with a huge right hand that connected behind the ear of Lidon. Lidon fell down like a ton of bricks and was out of it. It was a huge win for Badato who defeated a 9-time champion in Lidon.

In the co-main event, Danial Williams defeated Andy Howson via decision. This was a close fight as both fighters fought for 5 rounds, exchanging punches and kicks. Williams and Howson showed off a ton of heart as they traded strikes and never backed down. Williams was the aggressor while Howson was solid with his counter punching. In the end, the judges gave the nod to Williams in a fight where there was no real loser. Both fighters can hold their heads high as this was fight of the night.

In other action, Cain Brunton defeated Tony Manoharan via KO in the fourth round after getting 3 knockdowns. Grant Millwood defeated Jono Almond via KO in the first after a nice right hand. Nick Atkins defeated Rob Ferguson via KO in the first round with an elbow. Junior Tafa Milo defeated Aaron Cannings via KO in the third round with a solid combo that put Cannings out. Cyril Currie defeated Bohdi McKenzie via KO in the second round. Adrian Ormrod defeated Allan Burt via TKO in the first due to a cut from an elbow.
If you love nonstop, full-throttle striking, then “CMT 5 – Lidon vs Badato” is must-see TV. Watch as these brave warriors display the science of the eight limbs and use punches, kicks, knees and elbows all the way from Australia as JWP returns to GFL. Order this event exclusively at GFL.tv and own it for life.


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