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Team Fighting Championship debuted on GFL.TV with a bang as teams of five from all over the globe did battle inside a huge 40×40 ring at “TFC 2”. The reality of fighting changed forever in 1993 with the inaugural UFC event. TFC showed that in a team setting, many times with uneven odds, many of the styles and techniques that work well in traditional MMA are not effective and can actually put you at a disadvantage.

In the first bout of the night, Team Latvia took on Team USA (GPG NYC). Latvia took an early lead by connecting with heavy strikes on the feet and using a solid top game on the ground. Many of the smaller Americans immediately pulled guard and this put them at a huge disadvantage when the odds changed in Latvia’s favor. Fighting from your back proved to be a hindrance instead of an advantage as many times, the odds would quickly change and the fighter on the bottom was now fighting someone on top, plus someone kicking them in the body or head from the side. Latvia quickly outnumbered the USA by getting multiple tapouts in succession via soccer kicks and ground and pound. The numbers went to 5 on 2 and it was a wrap as Latvia overpowered the USA by this point.

In the second bout, Poland destroyed Belarus. Poland looked like they were out on a work release program, with 2 of the fighters wearing masks that resembled a luchador in wrestling or a villain from a horror movie. The Belarus team were the ones having nightmares, as Poland lit them up in the opening seconds dishing out one hitter quitters and utilizing their huge size advantage. Poland quickly got the odds to 5 on 1 and the remaining Belarusian tapped out after being mobbed.

Latvia took on Sweden in bout three and Latvia scored their second victory of the event by using space and striking from a distance and getting takedowns and using ground and pound that Sweden wasn’t prepared for. At one point, Latvia locked on a rear naked choke as another Latvian soccer kicked the Swede in the face. Sweden turned their backs both while striking and on the ground and Latvia took advantage in a route.

In the fourth fight, the USA (GPG NYC) came back with a vengeance and defeated Belarus. Both teams were coming off of losses and had their backs against the wall and this is where the USA was at its best. The USA showed off their wrestling superiority and took mount in several matchups where they got off to a quick start by getting tapouts from ground and pound. In the only true one on one submission of the night, a fighter from the USA got an armbar and the odds were heavily in the favor of the U.S. by this point as it was a solid showing from the USA who switched up their game plan from the first fight and it paid dividends.

In the fifth bout, it was once again Poland on the winning side after they destroyed Sweden. This whole team fight took less than two minutes as Sweden was outgunned from the beginning. Poland attacked with takedowns and soccer kicks and doubled up on another Swede for a RNC/punches to the face tapout combo. The masked Poles were wrecking balls that went from one victim to the next. Poland finished off Sweden with total destruction.

In the final bout of the night, to determine the “TFC 2” Champions, undefeated Latvia and Poland squared off. Poland quickly rushed Latvia and put them on the defensive as several Latvians gave up their backs on the ground and got GNP’d to oblivion. The big, aggressive, take no prisoners attitude of Poland was the difference as they showed Latvia no respect and just steam rolled them to the ground. Latvia tried to turtle up, not a smart move in team fighting, and got smashed for doing so. The top game for Poland was too strong and once they got the odds in their favor, the others from Latvia quickly fell to the 2 on 1, or even 3 on 1 odds that were against them.

TFC has added a new element to the fastest growing sport in the world and team fighting in MMA is here to stay. Don’t miss this incredible sport and spectacle as fighters from around the globe go to battle as a team where the action is fast and furious with no time to rest. Don’t miss “TFC 2”. Order now on GFL.TV and own it for life!


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