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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/Boxing/Xplosion-18–LIVE-BareKnuckle-Boxing/2651

Who’s Your Daddy Productions, in association with GoFight Live, brought old school bare knuckle boxing to a worldwide pay-per-view audience with “Xplosion 18”. This event harkened back to the olden days when gladiators fought with their bare hands and fought until there was only one man standing.

In the main event, for the Ultimate Xplosion Heavyweight Title, Champion Billy Martin (53-18) defeated Corey Williams (70-24-6) via KO. Martin pressed the action as Williams looked to counter punch. Martin connected with a superman punch as Williams just ate it and smiled. Williams fired back with a left hook, right to the body combo as these two where exchanging punches looking for the KO. Both men traded left hooks as Martin crouched down to make himself a harder target to hit. Martin opened up a cut on the forehead of Williams with one of his combos. Martin again looked for a left hook, while Williams landed a nice uppercut that seemed to hurt Martin. Martin bent over and Williams followed up with hooks to the side of Martin’s face as he fell to the mat. Martin stood back up and was ready to fight but as Martin was getting back to his feet and getting a standing 8-count, Williams was in the other corner dealing with his own setback. Williams could not catch his wind and had an adrenaline dump as his body shut down on him. In the other corner, Martin was chomping at the bit to get back to the fight. Williams’ corner threw in the towel and Martin won via TKO as Williams was unable to answer the bell after his initial knockdown of Martin. With the win, Martin retains his Bare Knuckle Title and defeated a grizzled vet in Williams.

In the co-main event, Justin Wrede (56-19-1) defeated Doug Lemely (14-4) via KO. Wrede had a huge height advantage and threw clubbing punches with every exchange. Wrede was looking for the KO from the opening bell and dished out a lot of punishment to Lemely who showed a tough chin and an iron will and a willingness to continue fighting. Wrede initially dropped Lemely with a barrage of punches and after a standing 8-coutn, once again dropped Lemely with a short uppercut. That turned out to be the end of the fight as Lemely could not continue.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on video on demand as Who’s Your Daddy Productions presented “Xplosion 18” on pay-per-view exclusively at GFL.tv.


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