2015 Junior Canadian National Championship 3 Review

January 22, 2015 by
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The 2015 Junior Canadian National Championships is in full swing with several boxers scoring one-sided wins, TKOs, and back and forth shootouts. The multi-day tournament has been a staple of Junior Canadian boxing for years and brings the whole country of Canada together to celebrate these young boxers fulfilling their dreams inside the squared circle. As the tournament gets further along, the championships are now in sight and these boxers step into the ring looking to prove that they deserve the title of Champion. The only way to see this great series or individual event is to order it at GFL.tv.

10 bouts kicked off this third session. All were highly contested as these young boxers showed off their skill and determination in the squared circle.

In the main event, Tanvir Kelly of Ontario defeated Eitan El Maleh of Quebec via decision 2-1 in the 69kg Youth division. This fight was one of the most competitive bouts of the evening as Kelly and El Maleh went back and forth over 3 competitive rounds. These fighters were throwing some heavy leather at one another and neither fighter backed down. Kelly mixed up his shots well and was able to offset the aggressiveness of El Maleh by using a strong jab and overhand combos. The 1-2 combination paid dividends throughout the fight as it scored for Kelly and kept him away from most of El Maleh’s power punching.

Xavier Gagnon of Quebec defeated Thomas Foster of Nova Scotia via TKO in the second round in a 60kg Youth division bout. The pinpoint accuracy of Gagnon was too much over the course of the two rounds and it finally paid dividends when Gagnon scored the final blows of the fight in a great bout by both men. Gagnon has to be one of the favorites in the 60kg division after this performance.

In other action, Calum Bowie of Ontario defeated Zack Kearley of Ontario via unanimous decision in a 46kg Junior division bout.

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