Combat at the Capitale 35 Preview

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Lou Neglia and Ray Longo present World Championship Kickboxing with “Combat at the Capitale 35” on February 7 and available on video on demand on February 13 at the famous Capitale in New York City, New York. The full rules 18-bout kickboxing card is anchored by fierce competitions in both the Muay Thai and Pro Glory rules.

In a 190 lb Pro Glory Rules bout, Wayne Barrett battles Zed Mitchell. Barrett is a highlight reel as he always is looking for the spectacular KO whether that’s spinning back kicks or flashy combos. Barrett is also a punishing low kick striker and loves to take out the lead leg of his opponent. Mitchell is an experienced striker who mixes up his attacks well and relies on keeping his opponent off balance to be successful. Mitchell is a straight shooter who has knockout power in both hands but also the cardio to wear down most fighters. Look for these two to put on a show.

In another Pro Glory Rules bout, this time in the 139 lb division, Zaravkh Abashev takes on Dom Biondo. Abashev has been on a tear lately and continues to build on his already well rounded game. Abashev will look to connect with solid kicks, knees and punches as he is well versed in mixing up his combos. Biondo is blessed with an iron chin and hands of stone. Look for Biondo to start the fight with a bang as he will try to earn the respect of Abashev in the opening seconds with his barrage of strikes. This fight will be a barnburner with both men looking to land one, picture perfect haymaker and end their opponent’s night.

Niko Tsigaris fights Lashawn Alcocks in a Pro Glory Rules 152 lb bout in a bout that has the region buzzing in anticipation. Tsigaris is a grinder who loves to take his time when breaking down his opponents. Tsigaris uses pinpoint striking to keep his opponents on the defensive and will look to do just that against Alcocks. Alcocks fights with a fury of ill will as he looks to put his opponents through the ringer. Alcocks is relentless once the bell rings and is happy to mix it up in the center of the ring for the full fight. This contrast in styles makes for an interesting fight where the fighter with the better game plan will have a decided advantage.

If you love nonstop, full-throttle striking, then “Combat at the Capitale 35” is must-see TV. This event goes hand in hand with Neglia’s other combat sports venture, Ring of Combat, and give combat fans in the tri-state area another avenue to watch some of the best East Coast martial artists compete. Watch as the brave warriors display the science of the eight limbs and use punches, kicks, knees and elbows and do it the Big Apple on February 13. Order this event exclusively at


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