Sparta Combat League 40 Review

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Main event: Matt Cox vs. Brian Camozzi in a 170 lb. professional title fight. The fighters traded strikes to start with Camozzi throwing multiple head kicks. Cox closed the distance and was able to get the takedown. The fighters worked for position and Camozzi set in an armbar. Cox defended and escaped a deep attempt but Camozzi adjusted and at 2:06 of round one he got the title winning tapout.

Dante Florez vs. Ian Heinisch in a 185 lb. professional fight. The fight hit the mat almost immediately by way of a Heinisch takedown and on the mat he controlled position and worked GNP until he landed a strike to the back of the head. The referee stood the fighters and Heinisch landed an overhand right that dropped Florez. Heinisch followed Florez to the mat to flurry with GNP and Heinisch scored the TKO win at 3:06 of round one.

Kris Hocum vs. Terrance Moore in a 180 lb. professional Muay Thai fight. Round one had even striking with each fighter mixing their strikes well with both landing good punches and Moore scoring with teep kicks and Hocum flashing several head kicks. Round two had a faster pace with more combinations and intensity with Moore mixing in elbow strikes in his attack. Round three was fought with a measured pace with each scoring with solid techniques and Moore scoring well with several flurries. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Terrance Moore.

Nate Cortez vs. A.J. Robb in a 125 lb. title fight. The fighters came out with a fast striking pace then they clinched and Robb scored a lateral drop takedown. On the mat Robb flurried with GNP from mount to get the title winning TKO at :23 of round one.
Dave Ross vs. Justin Colburn in a 265 lb. fight. The fighters traded hard punches and knees to start then the action was stopped for Ross to recover from an illegal strike. On the restart Colbourn got it to the mat and used his GNP to set up an Americana shoulder lock for the win with the tapout coming at 2:28 of round one.

Aaron Lopez vs. Justin Parker in a 125 lb. fight. The fighters spent about half of the first round exchanging very heavy punches and kicks with a momentary stoppage when Lopez received an illegal but accidental knee to the face. The fight was restarted and Parker took the fight to the mat and he landed very solid GNP as Lopez worked for submission attempts. Lopez scored a sweep but Parker set in a triangle that was defended until the bell ended the round. Round two had a fast pace with both fighters landing well. To start round two Lopez was bleeding heavily from the illegal knee to the face and the fighters came out with both throwing hard, fast and accurate strikes. Parker landed strikes that had the referee stepping and stopping the fight due to the cut. Since the cut was from an illegal technique the fight was called a no contest.

Craig Cordero vs. Lucas Dias in a 165 lb. fight. Cordero landed heavy leg kicks to start then Dias scored a takedown. On the mat it was all Dias transitioning positions and working multiple submission attempts ending with an armbar. Cordero did not tap, but in the interest of fighter safety the referee stopped the fight at 2:19 of round one making it a TKO for Lucas Dias.


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