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Team Fighting Championship debuted on GFL.TV with a bang as teams of five from all over the globe did battle inside a huge 40×40 ring at “TFC 3”. The reality of fighting changed forever in 1993 with the inaugural UFC event. TFC showed that in a team setting, many times with uneven odds, many of the styles and techniques that work well in traditional MMA are not effective and can actually put you at a disadvantage.

In the first bout of the night, Team Poland destroyed Team Russia. Team Poland finished off Russian with assisted armbars, 3 on 1 soccer kicks and more. Poland had the advantage as they came out as sprinters and looked to comes fast and furious while Russia took a more composed approach which cost them quickly as Poland came out like bats out of hell.

In the second bout, Team Brazil battled Team UK. This was both teams debut in TFC and it showed as they were tentative and didn’t look to use the rules of team fighting early on as each fighter peeled off with one opponent from the other team. There was a lot of spacing early on which allowed for true one on one competition until Team UK got the advantage. Team UK did a great job of keeping the fight standing as even when they had the odds in their favor they would rather team up with punches and kicks. It got to 5 on 1 and still the lone competitor for Team Brazil tried his best to fight back, but with 10 fists coming at him all at once, from Team UK, it was insurmountable odds. Team UK had a great showing on their debut outing.

In the third bout, Team USA (GPG NYC) fought Team Poland. This was the most strategic battle up to this point as it was a ground fight with the Americans using their top control and wrestling advantage to outdistance the team from Poland. Team USA got the first victory and then that fighter sprinted over to his teammates and unloaded with soccer kicks to the downed Polish fighters who were on the bottom. It quickly turned to 2 on 1 and 3 on 1, advantage Team USA and it was only a matter of time until the numbers game came into play and the remaining 2 fighters from Poland where defeated by soccer kicks, punches and more gang-land style beat downs.

In the fourth fight, Team UK battles Team Latvia. Team Latvia, the favorite of the tournament, strategically dissected Team UK as this was the most overmatched fight up to this point. Team Latvia finished in second place at “TFC 2” and showed why they have been so dominant in this form of combat sports as they used their size and strength advantage to quickly finish off the first two opponents from Team UK. After that, the writing was on the wall and Team Latvia steamrolled the remaining fighters of Team UK.

In the fifth contest, Team Russian battled Team USA (GPG NYC). USA quickly rushed Russia and put them on the defensive as several Russians gave up their backs on the ground and got RNC’d and GNP’d to oblivion. The big, aggressive, take no prisoners attitude of Team USA was the difference as they showed Russia no respect and just flattened them on the ground. The top game for USA was too strong and once they got the odds in their favor, the others from Russia quickly fell to the 2 on 1, or even 3 on 1 odds that were against them.

In the final bout of the night, to determine the “TFC 3” Champions, undefeated Team Latvia took on undefeated Team USA. Team Latvia came out on top in the wrestling exchanges as they ended up on top and quickly jumped out to a 5 to 4 lead with one finish. Latvia used their strength and weight advantage to get the lead and then the free agents from Latvia would go from fight to fight and pick off the remaining USA fighters. Latvia worked both submissions and striking as they got the advantage over Team USA and showed that they are the top Team Fighting country in TFC in this young, global sport that continues to grow with each event.

TFC has added a new element to the fastest growing sport in the world and team fighting in MMA is here to stay. Don’t miss this incredible sport and spectacle as fighters from around the globe go to battle as a team where the action is fast and furious with no time to rest. Don’t miss “TFC 3”. Order now on GFL.TV and own it for life!


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