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Dillin ‘Biggins’ Wiggins def. Hipa ‘The Samoan Redneck’ Fouvale Rd. 2, KO (punch)

Round 1

Wiggins whiffs with a pair of head kicks. Hipa blocks a third. Wiggins buckles him with a leg kick. Hipa floats forward with a superman punch, then grabs Wiggins and tosses him to the ground. He follows up with punches and tries to take his back. Wiggins gets back to this feet in the scramble, but Hipa makes him pay for it. Hipa clinches and trips him down, but Wiggins has a good guillotine sunk. Hipa pushes on the elbow and fights his neck free, then lays in guard until the ref stands them up. Wiggins connects with a good right hand and tries to clinch and hip toss ‘The Samoan Redneck’. Hipa reverses the takedown and lands on top, but is immediately swept. Hipa spends the rest of the round sitting with his back against the fence, landing ground’n’pound while Wiggins holds him there. I have the round 10-9 for Hipa on my very unofficial scorecard.

Round 2

Hipa lets loose and thwacks Wiggins with a flurrious combo. Wiggins pushes him back and taps him with a head kick, following it up with a howitzer left right on the button! Hipa is out cold!

Dillin Wiggins is your new AFC light heavyweight champion!


Johnny ‘The Cobra’ Taunton def. Darren ‘Death Row’ Snow Rd. 5, Decision (split)

Round 1

Snow, representing Frostbite Vale Tudo in Fairbanks, opens with a few low leg kicks. He goes up high and just skims with his toes. Taunton, who trains at Martial Art Alaska, catches a body kick and punches with his other hand. Snow pushes in and cliches against the cage. Taunton recovers underhooks and fights the takedown, and the two break. ‘Death Row’ hits a nice leg kick-head punch combination. Snow feinting and striking and scoring with a variety of attacks. Taunton very nearly catches another kick, but Snow uses it to close the distance and clinch against the cage. He pushes for the takedown, then explodes up high with a haymaker that just misses it’s mark. Snow circles, mixing up his punches and kicks nicely. ‘The Cobra’ blocks a head kick and motions to the crowd. Snow slaps home a leg kick. They flurry and both land glancing shots. Snow misses with some fancy high kicks. Taunton pushes him back with a superman punch, and Snow circles out. Now it’s Taunton’s turn to set up a nice 1-2 with a leg kick. Snow scores with a right to the solar plexus. Neither fighter quite has their distance down, but Snow keeps getting his leg kicks to land. The champ shoots for a takedown with 10 seconds left. Taunton fights it off and lands a glancing hook on the break, then partially eats a head kick at the bell. I’d give the round 10-9 to Snow, not that anybody asked.

Round 2

Snow punches his way in and hits the challenger flush, but slips as Taunton is knocked back. Taunton scores with a power left as Snow comes in to clinch. They struggle, and ‘The Cobra’ shucks him off. The southpaw Taunton eats a body kick. Taunton measures his range and darts in and lunges with a solid shot across the bow. ‘Death Row’ has been kept mainly on the defensive this round, as Taunton stalks him and pecks away. Snow feints a level change, but is forced to circle away as Taunton matches him with deliberate and excellent footwork. Taunton counters a leg kick with a stiff left. Snow darts in with a snappy punching combination, the last strike of which lands. Snow smacks Taunton in the cup with a low kick, but Taunton smiles and says to keep fighting. Snow deftly dodges and ducks a hook from the challenger. With 10 seconds left in the round Snow gets a little desperate, powering a kick and a superman punch forward, but Taunton deflects the blows and smacks the champion upside the face. This stanza goes 10-9 to Taunton, in my opinion.

Round 3

Taunton seizes the center of the cage again, forcing Snow to bounce around him. Both fighters test the waters with some feints. In and out, around, neither able to gain a positional advantage. A minute in and they have only danced so far. Both miss with kicks, and the crowd shows it’s displeasure for the timidity, not appreciating the chess match unfolding. Snow finally times it’s jab perfectly and shoots in, taking him down and securing back control. Taunton wiggles his hips loose and pushes Snow to his back. Taunton looks to attack with ground’n’pound from guard, but Snow very nearly locks up a triangle choke. Taunton peppers him with punches and defends an armbar attempt but putting his head against the cage, blocking Snow from swinging his leg over. Taunton continues to punish the champion from inside guard. When ‘Death Row’ attempts another triangle Taunton stands back up and invites Snow to join him. ‘The Cobra’ looks very aggressive, but he overestimates the champ’s fatigue and gets too close again, succumbing to another takedown. Snow crawls to his back as the challenger stands back up and tries to sink a rear naked choke, but Taunton defends his neck and survives to the bell. Super close round, I’d give it just barely 10-9 to Snow.

Round 4

Snow opens up the championship rounds by telegraphing a takedown attempt, but doesn’t pull the trigger. Taunton continues to stalk. Snow bounces in with a leg kick, but Taunton times a solid counter. Taunton ducks under a head kick from Snow. Taunton plants a left on the champ as he circles away. Taunton stuffs a double leg. Snow immediately abandons the attempt and moves away. They feint and dance for a full minute. Snow shoots in, then quickly pops up and hits Taunton with a knee to the head. Snow pushes Taunton against the cage and expends a lot of energy struggling to secure a takedown. Taunton stays on his feet and even hit Snow with some dirty boxing. Snow slowly drags Taunton down and tries to take his back, but the challenger spins out and rises to his feet, keeping the clinch and pasting Snow with punches from in close. With ten seconds left they break and circle. Taunton lands a long left at the bell. A squeaker of a round I’d guess Taunton did just enough to win, 10-9.

Round 5

The fighters hug as the final round starts. Snow lands a slapping leg kick. Taunton keeps trying to stalk, while Snow is content to circle out of his range and land the occasional leg kick. Snow lands a fine sounding body kick, though he has to turn and pull his foot back to keep the challenger from grabbing it. Taunton grabs the next one and hits a back-hopping snow around the temple with his other hand. Taunton elects to clinch up, and nothing much comes of it besides both fighters missing each other on the break. Snow darts in and hits Taunton with a power right. The champion lands a body kick. Taunton’s corner is yelling at him to let his hands go, but ‘The Cobra’ still seems cautious. Snow shoots in and Taunton sprawls. Taunton sticks a jab in Snow’s maw. Taunton starting to turn up the pace, connects with the ol’ 1-2. Taunton sprawls another take down attempt, but eats a body kick. It’s still anybody’s fight with 30 seconds to go. Snow circles away from his leather-slinging challenger. Ten seconds left and Taunton sticks a right jab. Snow shoots in and attempts a hip toss, but the bell rings right as he looks like he could get it. I’d postulate Snow won the round, 10-9, meaning my scorecards have it 48-47 in favor of the champion.

The judges turn in a split decision, (49-46, 47-48, 48-47) in favor of your new AFC bantamweight champion, Johnny Taunton!


Mika ‘Dah Monstah’ Silulus def. Bryc Palmer Rd. 1, KO (punch and hammerfists)

Round 1

Gracie Barra’s Silulus plasters Palmer with a leg kick, then catches him with a solid right counter as the former champ leans in with a hook. Garage Crew’s Palmer falls to knee and Silulus follows up with hammerfists. As Palmer latches on to Silulus’ leg referee Paul Stockler rushes in to stop the bout. Stockler was position on the wrong side of the fighters to see Palmer’s face, and from his perspective it looked as if Palmer had fallen face first and was unconscious. The crowd lets loose a chorus of boos, and both fighters plus the ref admit a mistake has been made. Regardless, this one goes down as a 14 second win for Silulus.


Jonre ‘The Cowboy’ Jones def. Julien ‘The Hurricane’ Harris Rd. 3, TKO (punches and hammerfists)

Round 1 Martial Art Alaska product Jones takes the center of the cage, but eats a slapping leg kick for his initiative. He tries one of his own, but Kenai Peninsula MMA’s Harris shakes it off. They feel each other out with leg kicks and jabs, but neither wants to fully commit just yet. Harris lands a leg kick but eats a counter. They clinch against the fence and Jones catches Harris behind the ear with a right hook. Back in the center of the cage Harris lands another leg kick. Jones fires a deadly combo that just misses. Harris goes back to the well with a few leg kicks. Jones connects with a thudding 2-3 combo. Harris is starting to look hesitant and a little sloppy. Jones walks ‘The Hurricane’ back to the fence with punches and works some dirty boxing. The Cowboy is setting up technical strikes with elaborate punching combinations. Aside from a few leg kicks, Harris is ineffective. Jones attacks with another crisp combo, but as he steps in Harris blocks, then ducks down and dumps Jones on his butt. Jones starts to scramble, but Harris surprisingly lets him up. Jones misses with a overhand right and Harris clinches against the fence, then lets him go again. With 30 seconds left Jones corners him and lets loose a vicious combination to the body. Harris sticks a knee in to his gut, and the two end the round clinched against the cage. 10-9 Jones, by my count.

Round 2

Jones goes body-body-head. He seems to be landing his punches at will. After a brief clinch he lands uppercuts and hooks as Harris covers up. Harris snatches a leg, but he can tell the takedown isn’t there and lets go. Jones lands a jab-uppercut combo. The Hurricane is obviously hurt and tired, but won’t go away. He lands a few knees and a jab. Jones takes a mid-round breather, then plants his feet and catapults off series of powerful uppercuts. I don’t know how Harris is still standing. Harris throws a sloppy kick and Jones smells blood in the water. He charges forward and Harris drops down and snatches his hips! He was playing possum! Harris drops back for a guillotine, but Jones is able to keep one leg from getting trapped in Harris’ guard. He pops his head out, but Harris sweeps him and fires elbows from half-guard. Jones swivels back to his feet with 30 seconds left and hurls a litany of body and head shots! How is Harris still in this fight?! With five seconds left the two clinch and fall, with Harris on top, but there isn’t enough time to do anything before the bell rings. Another 10-9 round for Jones.

Round 3

Both fighters are clearly exhausted. Harris has blood trickling from his tear ducts. Jones sprints across the cage and throws power punches, but Harris wraps him pup and takes him down. Harris goes for a guillotine, but it’s not there. Jones stands and beckons Harris to follow. The Cowboy lays into Harris, landing a body kick, followed by thunder and lightning to the body. Harris eats a clean shot to the liver and grimaces, grabs his midsection, and wilts to the floor. Jones follows him to the ground with hammer fists, and the ref finally ends the epic battle.


Dillin ‘Biggins’ Wiggins def. Chris ‘Jawbreaker’ Johnson Rd. 2, TKO (injury)

Round 1

Wiggins, representing Hard Knocks University in Wasilla, starts with a head kick that sails above Johnson’s head, then plants a front kick on his kisser. Wiggins blitzes forward, throwing punches from every angle. He wraps his arms around Johnson and tosses him to the ground, grabbing back control and looking for a quick choke victory. Johnson hand fights and survives. Wiggins moves to mount and looks to isolate an arm. He methodically locks in an americana, but Johnson fights it off and again survives. Wiggins postures up and fires off ground’n’pound. With 30 seconds left Johnson spins to his stomach and shoots his butt back, regaining his hips, but Wiggins hangs on to back control and keeps it until the bell rings. 10-8 Wiggins, by my very unofficial scorecard.

Round 2 They clinch right off the bat and Johnson gets off a knee that sends Wiggins stumbling back. Jawbreaker follows him with more punches and takes his back, but Wiggins twists a little and gets his back to the floor. Johnson does not move to mount, despite it being open, and instead elects to scissor his legs and fight for a side naked choke. Biggins slowly rolls over to the top. Wiggins continues to try to improve his position, when suddenly Johnson submits. Johnson’s foot got caught in the cage and badly twisted his ankle. Unable to continue, Wiggins wins, and moves on, by default.

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINAL #1 Hipa ‘Samoan Redneck’ Fouvale def. Jason ‘Showtime’ Coomes Rd. 1, TKO (punches)

Round 1

Coomes, who has planted his flag at Martial Art Alaska, tosses out a feeler jab. Hipa answers with a superman punch. Coomes shoots from way too far away, Hipa sprawls and whiffs with a huge uppercut. They clinch and Coomes sucks him in, laying into Hipa with short punches and scoring a trip takedown. Hipa pulls guard, and Coomes stands. Coomes towers above and steps on Hipa’s arm, then grabs a leg and drops for a ankle lock. Hipa punches him from the sitting position and throws heels to the body. Coomes changes to a kneebar attempt. He looks like he is straightening the leg out, but Hipa manages to bend his knee and looms over his foe. He drops an avalanche of fists on Coomes, and ‘showtime’ turtles up! The ref decides he’s seen enough, and waives off the action. Hipa Fouvale advances to the finals!


Randall Patterson def. Cody Haynes Rd. 1, KO (punch)

Round 1

AK Body Fuel & Fitness representative Haynes pushes in against Martial Art Alaska’s Patterson, but gets scooped up and dumped for his aggression. He scrambles back to his feet and eats a solid superman punch. Haynes on the attack again, but his hands are down and his kicks are stiff and short. Patterson, looking comfortable, strings a feint into a nice double-leg, but he bounces into the fence and loses his balance. Haynes grabs a bulldog choke. Patterson struggles and eventually pops his head out. Haynes strikes out with power hooks, but Patterson deftly dodges them and moves around for a sweet trip takedown. Haynes gets his feet back underneath him, and Patterson grabs a Thai clinch and plasters him with a knee to the body. The two break. As they reset in the middle of the cage Patterson launches an off-the-line missile of a right hand straight into Haynes’ chin! Haynes drops to the canvas, and the referee jumps in.


Josh ‘The Ogre’ Kelsey def. Kenny ‘Kenny Boy’ Fredricks Rd. 1, Submission (one-arm guillotine)

Round 1

It looks like a fire plug versus a fire pole, as the the 5’7″ Fredricks takes to the cage with, AK Fit Body Fuel & Fitness’ 6’8″ giant.

Fredricks manages to close the distance quickly, but takes a lot of damage in the clinch. Fredricks hits a head-and-arm toss and lands on top in side control. He tries to hold him there, but Kelsey scrambles back to his feet. Fredricks spins and looks tired, then eats a knee. The Ogre uses his hideously long arms to wrap up his opponent’s neck and drag him to the ground, but he loses position in the scramble and gives up his back. Kelsey spins back to guard and gets back to his feet, then quickly pulls guard. He latches up a one-arm guillotine, which is tight enough to get Fredricks to submit.

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT ALTERNATE BOUT Jeff “Sandman” Sanderson def. Justin ‘Maim-Mu’ Smith Rd. 1, Submission (rear naked choke)

Round 1

Martial Art Alaska’s Sanderson measures his distance with some punches, then shoots in and hits an easy double leg, landing right in side control. He moves to North-South, and then back to side. Smith offers up his arm and Sanderson and briefly looks to lock in a kimura, but Smith moves and Sanderson switches to North-South. As Smith tries to roll back to his feet Sanderson spins into full back control and sinks a rear naked choke. Smith is able to hand fight and stay alive, so Sanderson switches to a neck crank. Smith goes belly down and Sanderson switches back to the choke. It sets in deep this time, and Smith is forced to tap out.


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