Alaska Fighting Championship 113 Review

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Courtesy of Samuel ‘The Hebrew Hope’ Dunham & LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT

‘Naptime’ Nic Herron-Webb def. Cody ‘Peligro’ Rice Rd. 2, Submission (rear naked choke)

Round 1

Rice comes out in his usual southpaw stance, but Herron-Webb changes things up and comes out orthodox, an unusual move for the champion. The fighters test each other out with some long body shots and low kicks. Rice looking lightening fast and countering effectively. He catches Nic and tags him one or two times every time the champ moves forward with strikes. ‘Naptime’ plunks the body with a side kick. Rice continues to counter, and he’s succeeding. The challenger lands a nice right hook. They clash kicks and wing hooks. Nic slaps in a body kick that echoes around the arena. Nic lands another side kick, then a beautiful combo that strings together kicks and punches. Just when it looks like Herron-Webb is starting to assert control of things, ‘Peligro’ uncorks a blistering body combo that brushes Nic off. Rice blocks a kick to the head and connects with a good left cross to the chin, then eats a jab and a right hook. Nic switches stances and nails a liver kick. Nic kicks again and trips, but bounces back to this feet. Rice lands a low kick, but Nic is starting to turn it up and he changes up his strikes, going to the head and body, and is starting to land what he wants. With 30 seconds left Nic shoots a takedown. Cody defends it, but eats damage in the clinch against the cage until the round ends. A fantastic round! 10-9 Herron-Webb cinched the round in the last minute, according to my very unofficial scorecard.

Round 2

Rice changes his stances, then changes back. They clash and pop off crackling combinations. Both fighters are landing glancing shots in their flurries. Some excellent technical kickboxing from each. Nic feints an overhand and swings around Rice, leaping on his back for a Japanese backpack! The crowd oohs its approval. Rice stays standing, essentially giving the champ a piggy-back ride, as they hand fight. Nic uses his foot to push off the cage and swing Rice to the mat. It’s only a moment before the choke is sunk and Rice is forced to tap.



Maurice ‘The AK Kid’ Mitchell def. Dimanche ‘Smash’ Lek Rd. 1, Submission (rear naked choke)

Round 1

Mitchell dancing and looking excited and comfortable before the fight starts. Mitchell starts things off with a leg kick. Lek lands one of his own. Mitchell fires in some long jabs, using them to set up a shot. Mitchell secures the takedown and tries to pass, but Lek is able to secure guard. Mitchell peppers the body as he tries to set up a pass, but Lek hold him in place and stays relatively out of danger. Mitchell pushes Lek to the cage and jockeys for position, but Lek has some pretty smart hips and keeps him off balance, but is taking the occasional power shot to the face. Mitchell postures up and turns up the stand’n’pound, landing punches and scary elbows. Suddenly Mitchell shucks Lek’s legs to the side, and swallows him into back control. Lek’s forehead is bleeding profusely. Mitchell sinks the rear naked choke, and it’s all over.


Andy ‘The Machine’ Robinson def. Joe ‘Gladiator’ Gaze Rd. 2, TKO (strikes)

Round 1

Robinson wastes no time shooting a slick double-leg and dumping Gaze on his posterior. ‘The Gladiator’ scrambles to his feet, but Robinson sagely hangs onto a foot and trips him right back to the ground. Robinson stands in Gaze’s guard and assaults him with stand’n’pound. He passes to side control and takes back control when Gaze tries to spin away. ‘The Machine’ scores with punches and hammerfists, trying to get Gaze to offer up his neck, but Gaze refuses to do so. Gaze somehow manages to survive until the bell. 10-8 Robinson, no doubt in my mind.

Round 2

Robinson lands a leg kick and shoots right back in. Gaze lands his first strike of the match, a counter-right as Robinson closes the distance. Gaze tries to sprawl, but Robinson pushes him across the cage, snatches a leg, and yanks it out from under him. Gaze briefly reverses to the top, but Robinson slips out and takes Gaze’s back again. Gaze is entirely flattened out and eating blows, but Robinson cannot pry his neck loose. The crowd is getting restless. Finally the referee intervenes, signaling that Gaze had taken enough damage and waving the fight off.


Katie ‘The Little Monster’ Halley def. ‘Killa’ Kellsy Bond Rd. 2, Submission (rear naked choke)

Round 1

Halley is aggressive right off the bat, whiffing with some punches, a push kick, and a wild spinning backfist. She’s eager, but is completely misjudging her range. The ladies lock up and exchange hooks and knees in the clinch. They separate. It’s a super active fight, and the crowd is loving it. Halley attempts to control the distance with long kicks and footwork, while Bond loads up for the home run punch. Halfway through the round Bond grabs a single collar tie and tees off, but ‘The Little Monster’ ducks down and gets a the takedown to half-guard. She is effective with some ground’n’pound, but Bond manages to sweep and scramble to a scarf choke in side control! Halley postures up. Ten seconds left Bond holds a tight bulldog choke, but Halley gets her head free and takes back control. Bond spins and Halley lands a single punch from mount as the round ends. 10-9 Halley on my very unofficial scorecard, but it’s super close.

Round 2

Halley darts in and out with quick punches, switching targets between the body and head. Bond gets her timing and catches Halley coming in. They clinch and Halley shoots knees into Bond’s stomach. Bond grabs another bulldog choke and launches punches into her foe’s face. Halley pulls her head out and has Bond’s back standing. She slams her to the floor and jumps on Bond’s back. Bond is beat, and the rear naked choke seals quickly seals the deal.


Alex Perue def. ‘Irish King’ Zach Devine Rd. 1, Submission (rear naked choke)

Round 1

Perue comes right out with winging overhand right that connects, and immediately ducks down and gets a take down. He ends up in mount, but Devine has a tight hold on his neck. That guillotine is deep, and if Perue was in his guard he’d almost certainly be tapping. Perue moves to side control, then bounces to the wrong side. As he feels the choke tighten he jumps back to mount. After a good minute it appears that Devine’s arms have finally given out, and Perue pops his head out. No longer concerned with defending the submission, he’s free to pepper the body with punches. Devine spins to his back and Perue locks up a body triangle. Perue flattens Devine’s hips with thirty seconds left and goes to work with blows to the head. Can he get the finish?! Devine is hanging in there! With ten seconds left Perue switches to the rear naked choke. With only five seconds left in the round Devine taps out!


Daniel ‘Twiggins’ Wiggins def. Colten ‘Captain Caveman’ Gorake Rd. 1, TKO (injury)

Round 1

Wiggins holds an eight inch reach advantage over Gorake. His brother, the current light heavyweight champ, is in his corner. DW takes the center of the cage and tests with a long jab. Cg shoots for a low single and just snags Wiggins’ heel. It looks like DW will stay on his feet, but Gorake manages to trip him down. Wiggins quickly establishes his guard and attempts a guillotine. It doesn’t look very deep, but Gorake starts tapping.

As soon the fight is over Gorake rolls to his back and clutches his knee. Wiggins yells to his corner for ice, which he readily gives to his opponent. Replay shows that as Wiggins used his legs control Gorake’s base during the choke he somehow managed to force Gorake’s kneecap out of place. It’s weird enough to make one want to take a human anatomy class, just to understand how this weird injury is possible.


Vince Fricilone def. Patrick ‘Cyborg’ Cataland Rd. 1, Submission (strikes)

Round 1

Cataland swarms his opponent with a flurry, but all of his strikes are blocked, and he gets promptly dumped on his back. Fairbanks fighter Fricilone attacks with stand’n’pound and looks to pass the guard. Cataland attempts to isolate an arm, perhaps looking to set up a submission, but leaves the pass wide open and Fricilone easily takes mount. He keeps pummeling from mount, and after what looks like a very uncomfortable 10 or 20 seconds Cataland taps.


Paulo Baylon def. Harley Mills Rd. 1, TKO (leg kicks and punch)

Mills got chopped down with leg kicks and a knee to the ribs before Baylon polished him off with a powerful right against the cage.


Toren Bryant def. Joey Martin Rd. 1, Submission (guillotine)

Martin landed a shot early on and attempted an arm-in guillotine choke, but lost it and got reversed. Bryant then gave Martin a taste of his own medicine, latching up a successful arm-in guillotine.


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