Caged Muay Thai: John Wayne Parr giving fight fans ‘exactly what they want to see’ with new hybrid combat sports promotion

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By Michael Stets @Michael_Stets on Dec 5, 2014

“If the MMA guys think we are crazy, than we are doing a great thing”

Australian Muay Thai legend, John Wayne Parr, has long been a fan of MMA and the UFC. And he came up with a brilliant and super-violent way to marry the two together: Caged Muay Thai. The ten-time world champion’s Caged Muay Thai promotion takes all the stand up action from Muay Thai, puts the fighters in a cage with four-ounce MMA gloves and eliminates any action on the ground. It’s a carnage-seeking fight fan’s dream. Skilled stand-up technicians with smaller gloves to ensure more action and a high volume of knockouts.

The fifth fight card that Parr will be putting on, CMT 5: Lidon vs. Badato, takes place on December 6, 2014 from Logan Metro Sports Center in Logan, Australia and streams live on at 3:30AM ET. The main event pits France champion Yohan Lidon (79-32-1) against Australian champion Michael “Bad Ass” Badato (31-16).

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