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Unbeaten junior middleweight Pritchard Colon (13-0, 10 KOs) satisfied the pro Puerto Rican crowd at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia PA by dropping wily veteran Hector Munoz (23-14-1, 15KOs) once, on his way to a one sided six round unanimous decision victory by scores of 60-53 x 2 and 60-51 respectively. In the co-feature of the eight bout card promoted by Marshall Kauffman’s Kings Promotions and XFE, welterweight Grayson Blake 6-3, 2KOs) returned to the winning side of the ledger after three straight losses with a razor thin unanimous decision victory over Anthony Prescott (5-5-2, 2KOs).

Colon looked to end the main event early as he immediately sent Hector Munoz to canvas in the first round with a right uppercut much to the delight of his raucous fan base. Munoz was a dangerous veteran and survived as Colon continued to snap hard shots underneath. The veteran just would go down again as Colon constantly found his mark with quick combinations, while stepping in and out of the pocket in the second round. Munoz was rocked again in the third round, but continued to press forward while absorbing Punishment Munoz did land a good counter hook of his own, but Colon just spun away and continued the assault. Munoz just had no answer for the faster hands and superior reach of Colon. The battering continued and by the end of the fifth, Hector Munoz was bleeding profusely from the left eye.

Colon continued to set down on his combinations in the sixth, but the tough as nails Hector Munoz just wouldn’t go down. ColonĂ¢??s heavy right hands in the combinations had Munoz left eye nearly shut and his face was swelling badly. The bell finally sounded to end the rout and Pritchard Colon’s fans jumped to the feet. The unanimous decision victory was already clear even before the scores were read. All three judges gave every round to Pritchard Colon for the one sided six round unanimous decision victory by scores of 60-53 x 2 and 60-51 respectively.

Welterweight Grayson “Baby face” Blake (6-3, 2KOs) squeaked out a very close six round unanimous decision victory over Anthony Prescott (5-5-1, 2KOs) in the six round co-feature. Prescott took the early advantage, as he rocked Blake with an overhand right in the second round and then forced him to a corner with four successive rights. Prescott continued to bang away, but he was smothering his shots. Blake recovered and caught Prescott with an uppercut that slowed the attack. Blake used the tighter combinations to capture the close third round. The fight slowed in the fourth but Blake was starting to take control with his straight rights on the inside. Blake peppered Prescott with hard jabs early in the fifth. The jabs forced Prescott to cover and allowed the former Penn State university boxer to land a sharp right behind the jabs. Prescott opened up but a short uppercut temporarily rocked him. Prescott tried to change the tide in the sixth with a two big combinations in the early going but Blake closed the final round well with a crunching right hand. Prescott looked hurt but survived the closing seconds. The scores were tallied and all three officials saw it favor of Grayson Blake by scores of 58-56 for the close six round unanimous decision victory.

In a special six round welterweight attraction Kyrone “Shut it down” Davis (6-0, 3KOs) pounded out a one sided six round unanimous decision victory over rugged veteran Jonathan Garcia (4-12, 1KO) Davis took over using constant pressure and it showed in the fourth when he forced Garcia to the ropes in the fourth from several heavy shots. Davis found his mark with four well timed left hands up top that forced a Garcia clinch. The pounding continued as Davis landed another big overhand right. Garcia was rocked again and acknowledged the shot. It looked like it was close to being stopped in the fifth as Davis battered him from ring post to ring post, but Garcia found enough strength to muster up a hard counter left that stood up the shocked aggressor. It would not make a difference though as Davis continued to bang away in the sixth and final round. Garcia showed an iron chin to make it to the bell. All three judges saw it the same way, 60-54 x 3 in favor of Kyrone Davis for the six round unanimous decision victory.

2008 Olympian Raynell Williams (6-0, 3KOs) had to get off the canvas to secure a six round unanimous decision victory over rugged lightweight Ryan Picou (2-5). The highly touted Williams used his amateur boxing experience to control the ring in the opening three rounds behind sharp straight combinations. Picou tried to make it rough and it resulted in a head butt while on the inside. Williams looked to be boxing his way to the easy unanimous decision victory when suddenly he was dropped from a right hand in the fourth while backing away from an exchange. The knockdown appeared to gain the confidence of Picou, who dropped his hands in the fifth, which resulted in him taking a hard right to the face late in the fifth round. The quicker handed Williams looked to turn the tide and backed up Picou with a four punch combination in the corner. Picou would not back down and fought back, but his hands were dropping which allowed Williams to land the cleaner combinations right up until the final bell. All three judges saw the bout in favor of Raynell Williams by scores of 59-55 x 2 and 58-55 respectively four the six round unanimous decision victory.

Cruiserweight prospect Earl “The Flash” Newman (4-0, 2KOs) dropped Yuwshua Zadok (2-3-1, 2KOs) one time on his way to a one sided four round unanimous decision victory. Newman began to take control in the second round as he found his mark with a left underneath and followed up with a solid three punch combination at the bell. The hard work by Newman paid off as he dropped Yuwshua Zadok with a left to the solar plexus in the third round. Zadok rose to his feet and went into survival mood backing around the ring. Newman caught him in the corner and went to the body. Zadok made it to the bell. The pounding continued in the fourth round as Newman caught Zadok in the corner with a straight right. Zadok wouldn’t give in though and pushed back with a solid right of his own. Both fighters went back and forth right until the final bell from distance. All three judges saw it the same way 40-35, giving Earl “The Flash” Newman the well deserved four round unanimous decision victory.

Philly junior featherweight Stephen “Scooter” Fulton (4-0, 1 KO) remained undefeated with a hard fought six round unanimous decision victory over Puerto Rico’s Eric Gotay (3-3-1, 1 KO). The shorter Fulton hurt Gotay late in the second with combination to the body. Gotay was forced to hold and grab until the bell sounded to end the second round. The fight went on the inside early in the third round. Gotay got Fulton’s attention with a right hand as he backed out of an exchange, but he recovered quickly and fought his way back while on the inside. The fight heated up again in the fifth as Fulton knocked out Eric Gotay’s mouthpiece during a heated exchange. Fulton continued to show the heavier hands as he hurt Gotay moments later with a hard right on the button, behind a combination to the body. Gotay was in trouble again in sixth and final round from another right hand on the jawline. Fulton went after him with four successive overhand rights, but Gotay was able to return fire as both heatedly exchanged just before the final bell. The fight went to the scorecards, with all three judges seeing the fight in favor of Stephen Fulton by scores of 59-55 x 2 and 60-54 respectively.

Welterweight sensation Jamontay “The Quiet Assassin” Clark (4-0, 3 KOs) was taken the distance the first time in his professional career, as he scored a one sided unanimous decision victory over Dominique Foster (2-7-1). Foster used his superior reach in the early going to establish distance and kept Foster on the retreat throughout. Late in the third round, the “Quiet Assassin” rocked Foster with a right hand. Foster was able to stay out of range and make it to the bell. Clark went for the knockout with wide lead lefts in the fourth and final round, but Foster was a survivor and boxed his way until the final bell. All the judges saw it the same, way, giving every round to Jamontay Clark by scores of 40-36 across the board for the one sided unanimous decision victory.

In the opening bout of the evening, bantamweight Antonio Russell (brother of Gary Russell Jr.) made his debut in spectacular fashion with a destructive second round knockout of Harold Reyes (1-2). Russell started to break down Reyes late in the opening round as he dug heavy hooks underneath. Reyes was game and fought back well, but began to spend more time against the ropes as the round progressed. Russell trapped against the ropes and unloaded a vicious combination to the body, followed up with a solid one-two up top. The fading Reyes to the corner and tried to fight back but Russell uncorked a left hook the left him out on his feet. Reyes dropped to the second roped as referee Benjy Esteves waived the fight off, giving Antonio Russell the knockout victory at 2:10 of the second round.


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