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Siam Fight Productions returned to GFL with “2015 – Muay Thai Season Premiere”. The 13-bout card was chalk full of hard hitting action as these Muay Thai practitioners displayed their fighting spirit in the ring where no one can hide. The card featured numerous top-level junior fighters from around the globe as they all descended on the Tempe Center for the Arts in Tempe, Arizona providing some truly memorable bouts.

Gabriel Sandoval (CA) vs Ralphey Pacheco (AZ). Sandoval wins by unanimous decision.
Andres Esparza (CA) vs Daniel Morales (AZ). Esparza wins by TKO
Erik Amaya (AZ) vs Gary Koehler (AZ). Koehler wins by unanimous decision
Travis Clay (AZ) vs Bilel Benyaich (Morocco). Clay wins by unanimous decision.
Corey McLachlan (Scotland) vs Rahman Muhammad (AZ). Muhammad wins by split decision
Jo Mi Seung (Korea) vs Alejandra Cardoza (AZ). Cardoza wins by unanimous decision
Kiauna Safranko (Canada) vs Inez Perez (AZ). Safranko wins by split decision.
Bernardo Mendes (Portugal) vs Beyon Seong Ji (Korea). Seong Ji wins this fight by majority decision.
Steven Navarro (CA) vs Khalif Muhammad (AZ). Navarro wins by unanimous decision.
AJ Cabrales (AZ) vs Rene Leon (AZ). Leon wins by TKO
Adam Hines (AZ) vs Samuel Hillis (AZ). Hillis wins by unanimous decision
Armando Martinez (AZ) vs Arshiam Kinwar (AZ). Kinwar wins by split decision.
Manuel Allen (CA) vs Diego Diaz (AZ). Allen wins by unanimous decision

To watch the champions of tomorrow in one of the most vicious combat sports, tune in to Siam Fight Productions “2015 – Muay Thai Season Premiere” and see these young warriors chase their dreams and put in work as gladiators in the squared circle.

(WWW.SIAMFIGHTPRODUCTIONS.COM) Siam Fight Productions is the premier junior Muay Thai event promotions company in North America. We believe that support for youth in the sport of Muay Thai is imperative to their professional as well as personal development. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to creating the ideal venue for sanctioned youth fights with the best possible safety measures available. Our Siam Fight Productions Junior Muay Thai Grand Prix Events and the Siam Cup are the newest addition to the limited number of highly coveted awards in the international Muay Thai community.


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