Team Fighting Championship, a ‘barroom brawl without the bottles,’ coming to pay-per-view

February 6, 2015 by
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By Marc Raimondi @marc_raimondi on Dec 26 2014, MMA Fighting

James Jefferson was tentative the first time he saw Team Fighting Championship. It was kind of like MMA, except there were 10 men in a ring and they were all fighting each other at once.

“I cringed,” Jefferson told “Until I really experienced it, watched all the film, watched how they ran it, I was hesitant.”

The thing Jefferson, the president of New Jersey-based MMA promotion Global Proving Ground, had to do was separate Team Fighting Championship and mixed martial arts completely. Sure, there are elements of MMA in TFC. But, in his mind, the violent, 5-on-5 spectacle is not really MMA. It’s something different altogether.




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