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Lightweight (155): Daniel Reed (151.2) vs. Gary Burke (154)

Round 1 – Burke comes out aggressive throwing hands until Reed clinches up with him. Reed trying some dirty boxing with a headlock on Burke, and Burke slams him on a big takedown and lands in side control. Reed has Burke’s head and throwing some knees to the ribs from bottom. Burke answering with some knees and elbows to the body of his own. Another series of knees by Burke, and the first one echoed. Reed gives up his back and Burke quickly tries for the RNC. Reed escapes, surrenders his back again and Burke sinks the RNC. Reed taps almost immediately.

WIN: Gary Burke by submission (1:40, R1) via RNC

140 Catchweight: Jordie Brown (138.2) vs. Chris GeFellers (141)

Round 1 – Gefellers avoids the glove touch and immediately shoots for the takedown. He hoists Brown for a big double leg slam and lands in Brown’s open guard. Brown closes the guard. Gefellers landing shots to the body and Brown just hanging on to Gefellers’ head. Brown trying to separate and deliver some strikes to the head. Referee giving warning he’s going to stand them up if Gefellers doesn’t get more active. Brown lands a few big sweeping punches and couple hammer fists. Gefelllers separates and stands. Brown almost hoosk an arm but Gefellers evades it, now we’re back where we’ve spent the majority of the round. A few body shots by Gefellers and the referee stands them at the 10 second clapper. Brown lands a nice uppercut and uses his reach advantage to get some nice punches in to the head before the round ends.

Round 2 – Gefellers eats a 1-2 to the head, and an uppercut. He shoots for the single leg and is on all fours on the mat traking more shots and basically drags Brown to the mat. Gefellers has a bloody nose. Brown secures top position on Gefellers and is working to mount. Gefellers in a bad spot now and Brown landing unanswered punches. Gefellers covers up, and the ref stops it.

WIN: Jordie Brown by TKO (0:53, R2) due to ground and pound

165 Catchweight: Anthony Holsclaw (154.8) vs. Joey DeSanto (164.8)

Round 1 — HUGE overhand right immediately drops Holsclaw. A few follow up shots and this fight is over. Positively vicious first strike by DeSanto. Three second fight. Enigma’s two fights thus far tonight have been two victories, in 21 seconds combined.

WIN: Joey DeSanto by TKO (0:03, R1) due to strikes

172 Catchweight: Sam Garrison (173.4) vs. Cameron Cornett (Weighing Saturday)

Round 1 – Garrison tries to strike but Cornett clinches up and bulls him against the cage. He gets the takedown after a brief struggle against the fence. Garrison has Cornett in an open guard and trying to hook his head for a guillotine but he doesn’t have it. Cornett pops his head free after a protracted battle, postures up and starts landing shots, Garrison covers up, and that’ll do it.

WIN: Cameron Cornett by TKO (1:44, R1) due to strikes

Cornett earns a shot at the Valor Lightweight Title with that victory.

165 Catchweight: Jeremy Goins (166) vs. Dalton Callahan (155)

Callahan rocking some quality Ninja Turtle shorts. Raphael, to be precise.

Round 1 – Both fighters looking for their shot early. Callahan feints a strike then slides in and scores a takedown. Goins works the rubber guard trying for a sub, Callahan stacks and slams him, then lands some punches. Now Callahan working to side control. Callahan shifts positions and Goins swings his legs up and hooks an inverted triangle. Nice. Callahan throwing some knees to the body but hasn’t escaped the hold yet. Goins sitting up, still has Callahan’s head hooked. Two more knees by Callahan and he’s free. He lands some strikes and hammer fists. Goins still on his back, and throws an upkick. Callahan eats one, sidesteps the second, lands in side control and quickly works to mount. Rather than go for ground and pound he goes for an armbar. He doesn’t have it, Goins gets free and now he’s on top of Callahan landing strikes. Very entertaining round so far. Ten second clapper. Goins postures up and lands a flurry of punches before the round ends. Tough round to score but I think Callahan gets it 10-9 based on control.

Round 2 – Round 2 starts the same way the first did, with both guys looking for a shot on the feet. Some big stuff getting thrown but not much landing. Now they clinch up against the cage Callahan takes Goins’ back standing, Goins flips him over to the mat but as they tumble to the ground Callahan lands working for side control. Goins has Callahan’s right arm hooked from the bottom, and Callahan taps. Fun fight.

WIN: Jeremy Goins by submission (1:29, R2) via armbar

Bantamweight (135): Rodrigo Gonzalez (136.8) vs. Cody Jordan (weighing Saturday)

Round 1 – Gonzalez throws a high body kick, Jordan catches it and sweeps Gonzalez down to the mat. Brief scramble on the mat but Jordan wastes little time working to an armbar. It’s deep and Gonzalez fights it for several seconds but utlimately taps.

WIN: Cody Jordan by submission (0:24, R1) via armbar

150 Catchweight: Jon Smith (149.8) vs. Nick Baker (155.2)

Round 1 – Baker comes in throwing hands and a body kick. Only the latter lands and they clinch up. Baker pushes Smith against the fence and gets the takedown. Smith has Baker’s head hooked. Smith maintaining the half guard, and Baker not working a lot on top. Smith trying to sweep, and he’s close to getting there. Smith completes the sweep and Baker immediately pulls guard. Smith landing some body shots and head shots. Baker has Smith’s left arm from the bottom as Smith continues to kand body shots with the right. Baker now seated against the cage and hitting wraparound punches to the side of smith’s head, right on the ear. Ten seconds. Smith postures up and unloads with a big combo to the head, then stands just before the round concludes.

Round 2 – Baker throwing some wild strikes as the round starts. Smith answers with two nasty sounding leg kicks. Baker throws a head kick, and Smith responds with a big double leg takedown slam. Baker has open guard. Smith landing some shots from the top and now Baker trying to hook a submission from the bottom. Smith defends. Hard to tell from this position, but Baker has his legs up for a possible triangle, but he doesn’t have it hooked. The battle on the mat continues, and Smith scores another takedown in the final 10 seconds.

Round 3 – Smith with an early Superman punch and gets rocked on the counter punch by Baker, who claims a low blow. The referee didn’t see it, though, and the action continues. Baker starting to brawl and bloodies Smith’s lip or nose, but Smith with the big double leg takedown. They trade shots from Baker’s open guard, then back to standing. Smith evades a big 1-2 combo by Baker, and hits another double leg. Baker trying for an armbar during the final 10 seconds but doesn’t get it.

WIN: Jon Smith by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

160 Catchweight: Billy Combs (165.8) vs. Daris Reynolds (158.4)

Round 1 – Handshake as the fight begins and then the action starts. Combs throws a high kick and Reynolds peppering Combs with punches before he clinches up and shoves Reynolds against the fence. Reynolds has Combs’ head hooked and lands a knee to the body. Combs separates and delivers a couple uppercuts then takes it back to center. Reynolds checks a leg kick and then Combs with the big takedown slam. Combs trying for side control but Reynolds has his head. Now each man has the other’s head hooked. They separate and stand. Reynolds uncorks a WILD leaping spin kick. It doesn’t land but it looks cool. Now the slugfest, starting with a straight punch from Combs that bloodies Reynolds’ nose. Both fighters throwing hands wild, and now Reynolds pushes Combs back to the cage, struggle against the fence until the final 10 seconds when both fighters EXPLODE into action. Combs rocks Reynolds as part of a big combo of punches in the final seconds. Fun round.

Round 2 – Each fighter rocked the other with a nasty punch early in the round. Combs loses his mouthguard and it looks like he takes an inadvertent knee to the chin while they’re clinched up against the cage. More wild and brutal exchanges until Reynolds takes an inadvertent low blow, and we have a pause in the action. Combs throws a high kick as the action resumes, Reynolds checks it and with an uppercut. Combs swinging for the fences on these strikes. Reynolds pushes off the cage with a superman punch but it doesn’t land and they go down with Reynolds on top. Combs sweeps. More ground game than we’ve ever seen from Combs thus far in this fight. Reynolds has full guard, but Combs lanfing strikes and hammer fists from the top. Reynolds with a triangle. Combs leans forward trying to get out of it, Reynolds keeps the hold and Combs taps. Very fun fight.

WIN: Daris Reynolds by submission (1:38, R2) via triangle choke

Middleweight (185): Dalton Morrell (184) vs. Bodie Price

Nice reaction for Morrell.

Round 1 – Price with the single leg and hoists Morrell for a big slam. One of many so far tonight. Morrell gives up his back to Price. Rather than go for the sub, he starts to pound on Price. Morrell reverses. Price trying an armbar from the bottom and Morrell lifts him and slams him. Price stll has Morrell’s arm hooked. Price tries to transition to a triangle and Morrell backs up. Price landing a couple nice counter punches and tries for the single leg. Morrell looks a little bit fazed by going against a veteran amateur in Price. Price now has position as Morrell pulls guard. Price trying to posture up and pound on Morrell, who hooks Price’s head. Now Price with the armbar. Morrell pushes off the cage with his feet, trying to get out of it but Price maintains the submission. Morrell taps.

WIN: Bodie Price by submission (2:14, R1) via armbar

VALOR Light Heavyweight Championship (205): Troy Rutledge (203.6) vs. Doug Williams (206)

Round 1 – Both guys come out throwing hands. Rutledge doing a good job countering Williams’ superior height and reach early, and Williams starts throwing knees to the body one of his preferred tactics. Williams pushes Rutledge back against the cage, and lands another solid knee. Rutledge takes a nasty low shot, and the fight is paused. Unintentional low blow and the referee warns Williams for throwing the low knee. Action resumes and right away Rutledge gets drilled with a kick on another low blow. Rutledge collapses in agony, and Williams gets docked one point. Got a look at the video replay, and it looks like the kick was not in fact a low blow. Rutledge says he cannot continue after the five minute recovery time, and the fight ends in a no contest.

WIN: No Contest

Tennessee State Light Heavyweight Championship (205): Shane Wicks (202.4) vs. Tyrone Jackson (207)

Round 1 – Huge strike by Jackson right out of the gate. Wicks comes charging back across the cage as Jackson backpedals and they work back to center. Jackson lands a big leg kick, and Wicks whigfs on a spinning head kick. Wicks shoots for a double leg and Jackson stuffs it. Both fighters standing and Jackson has Wicks hooked under the arms and takes him down on his knees. Wicks belly down on all fours and Jackson firing away with hammer fists and punches. Jackson is relentless with ground and pound and Wicks trying to weather the storm but he’s also stll defending to some extent. Now Jackson has Wicks’ back. Wicks is on all fours covered up as Jackson pounds the head and body. Wicks has the head well protected but he’s not moving or doing a lot. Jackson looking at the referee as if wondering why this hasn’t been stopped. More strikes to the head and body and this fight has been stopped.

WIN: Tyrone Jackson (2:08, R1) by TKO due to strikes

Pro Lightweight (155): Dalton Fox (154.4) vs. Dustin Walden (156.2)

Round 1 — Walden catches Fox with a head kick right out of the gate, and that looks like it rattled Fox. Fox catches a couple body kicks by Walden, and lands some punches after the second. Now Fox with a nice counter punching combo and that one puts Walden back against the fence for a second. Walden goes for some leaping kick and may have grazed Fox on a low blow. Either way we have a pause after the incidental contact. Back at it in the time it took me to type all that. Fight’s been all standing so far. Walden throwing some solid leg kicks. Now both fighters tarding punches. Walden throws a body kick and Fox goes down claiming low blow, but the referee says he didn’t see it land low. Superman punch by Walden, and a couple more leg kicks. Fox looks very tentative right now. Kick by Walden lands square, and Fox is waving him off even before he hits the deck. Fight is over.

Hold on, fight fans.

It’s being ruled that that last kick by Walden landed to Fox’s throat, and since he’d already indicated he was unable to continue, this fight is officially a NO CONTEST. Fans are not happy with this decision.

WIN: No Contest (2:09, R1)

Pro Lightweight (155): Randy Stamey (155.2) vs. Steven New (155.6)

Round 1 – New immediately shoots for the takedown. Stamey blocks it and they stand in the clinch briefly. New slams Stamey. Scramble on the mat. New landing a couple shots from the top and a big knee to the ribs. Now New landing a few elbows. Stamey on his side in a half guard, as New delivers an elbow to Stamey’s near ribcage. New lands a couple lefts to the head, New trying to posture up, still landing shots. New continues with the ground and pound but Stamey defending from the bottom. New has been in total control on the ground so far. Now New has mount and firing away with punches, Stamey gives up his back. New with some more ground and pound, Stamey rolls, New with the RNC but no tap. Stamey gives up his back again. New pounding the body and now the head as Stamey tries to stand with New still draped across his back. New trying to hook an arm. Stamey pops his head free and is behind New, but New trying for the armbar, now a triangle, now hooks an armbar from the triangle and Stamey quickly taps. Dominant performance by New.

WIN: Steven New by submission (4:45, R1) via armbar

Pro Middleweight (185): Steve Bell (180) vs. Stoney Hale (185.4)

Round 1 – Bell evades the first attack by Hale, then lands a body kick. Hale shoots in and scores the double leg takedown but Bell hooks his head on the way down. Hale landing a few punches to the body, and Bell is trying for an early guillotine. He gets his head free, though. Now Hale has Bell’s head hooked from the top. He postures up and quickly explodes with an elbow to the head. Bell gives up his back and Hale delivers a few shots of ground and pound, and now hooks the RNC. Bell taps. A victorious return to action for Hale.

WIN: Stoney Hale by submission (1:55, R1) via RNC


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