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The Australian Fighting Championship is back with its 12th instalment coming to you live from the Melbourne Pavilion on Sunday 22 March from 12pm. AFC 12 will be headlined by 2 huge title fights; the first will be contested at Light Heavyweight when Jamie Abdullah takes on BJJ Black Belt Daniel ‘Jacare’ Almedia. The second title fight will be contested at Middleweight and will see former TUF contestant Zein Saliba go toe to toe with crowd favourite Daniel ‘Grasshopper’ Way. When the dust settles after these two battles the AFC will have 2 new champions and a crowd full of very satisfied MMA fans.

Not to be outdone the undercard is also chock full of intriguing battles. Peter ‘Bulldog’ Davenport will face the tough and tested Damien ‘Beatdown’ Brown in a contest which is sure to determine the #1 Contendar to ‘Trekko’s’ Lightweight Title. Building on from the momentum generated at AFC 11, AFC rising stars Lance Ettia, Kit Campbell and John Berouti will again face tough challenges and our fans are very happy to welcome back the always entertaining Dean ‘Punisher’ Purdon. As if that’s not enough, our athletes will be competing in a cage for this first time in Victoria!

At AFC 12 on March 22, former TUF contestant Zein Saliba will battle Daniel “Grasshopper” Way for the AFC Middleweight Title. We caught up with Zein to discuss his MMA journey and thoughts on the impending title fight:

Give a fans a quick insight into your training camp for AFC 12?

This Training camp has obviously been better than the last and hoping to build not just off my last fight but build all my skills in all areas and deliver a highlight reel of them on fight day.

Facing the rapidly emerging Daniel ‘Grasshopper’ Way for the AFC Middleweight title at AFC 12 – your thoughts on your opponent?

I am truly impressed with Daniel Way; he is an exceptional unorthodox striker with cardio for days. I have seen him grow in the sport not just at an evolutionary level but a revolutionary and is starting to implement all elements of MMA. I’m super excited for this challenge and have nothing but respect.

Daniel has an accomplished Muay Thai background; how do you plan to negate this?

Yeah Daniel certainly has an incredible Muay Thai resume with over 40 fights. Obviously he is well experienced but I have lots of things I am planning to implement in the fight but unfortunately will save as a surprise for the fight.

What would it mean to you at this stage of your career to wear AFC gold?

Winning the Belt is obviously an incredible achievement but I never like to count my chickens until they hatch haha.

What impact did TUF Nations have on your career?

TUF really opened my eyes to the fact that having a talent pool of guys at your level exploiting your weakness forces much quicker growth. I was really blessed to see the production side to TV as well and was so interesting to see if you change due to the circumstances. Fortunately my personality is quite relaxed so I didn’t go crazy I just enjoyed everything that happened even the mental state of my first loss was a growing experience.


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