Carnage in the Cage IV Review

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Taela Kelly vs Kieran Joblin – CITC Lightweight Title Round 1: Touch of gloves started the main event. Joblin looked to utilise his kicking. Kelly tied him up and pressed the kiwi up against the cage. Short shots landed from both fighters there. Kelly did well to keep the bigger looking Joblin pressed against the cage as he landed knees to his legs. They held this position for some time as both men struggled for control. With 35 seconds remaining in the opening round, Joblin reversed the local fighter before scoring a takedown. The round played out with Kelly scrambling and regaining his feet before the siren sounded.

Round 2: The two lightweights exchanged strikes at the start of the second round with Joblin taking centre cage. The Kiwi tagged Kelly with a straight punch. The action was halted briefly after Joblin landed high with a leg kick. On the restart, Kelly went on the offensive and backed Joblin up with a punch combination. Joblin got the fight to the ground however, and it wasn’t long before he mounted the local. Kelly got his opponent back to side control before Joblin could cause any real damage. Joblin however worked back to mount soon after and landed a short elbow to the head. Kelly escaped once again and the round came to an end.

Round 3: Within 30 seconds of the final round, Joblin had mounted Kelly again. The Kiwi landed with a number of solid punches from there and the referee was forced to wave the main event off.

Result: Kieran Joblin def Taela Kelly via TKO (Punches from mount), Rd 3, 1:03

Kris Spence vs Bayden Mandich (Featherweight)

Round 1: The two men exchanged leg kicks to begin the clash before Mandich got the fight to the canvas. The Hobart native found the back of Spence, he locked up a rear-naked choke from there and forced the tap.

Result: Bayden Mandich def Kris Spence via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 1, 1:06

Tahiwi Sellars-McGee vs Josh Karst (Bantamweight)

Round 1: After a touch of gloves, Karst came forward throwing punch combinations before he tied Sellars-McGee up on the cage. Sellars-McGee did well to trip Karst to the canvas and find his way to mount. Sellars-McGee looked to open up from there with ground and pound. The Mackay local landed an elbow to the head of the Melbourne based fighter before Karst scrambled and wound up in his full guard. Not for long however, as Sellars-McGee transitioned nicely to an arm-bar and instantly got the tap.

Result: Tahiwi Sellars-McGee def Josh Karst via Submission (Arm-Bar), Rd 1, 2:35

Sam Kitchener vs Mick Bosworth (Lightweight)

Round 1: Bosworth came out aggressive throwing punch combinations and driving Kitchener up against the cage. It’s not long before the 34 year-old got it to the ground through a double-leg takedown. Kitchener grabed a guillotine choke on the way down however. Bosworth tried to escape out of it but couldn’t find a way and was forced to tap.

Result: Sam Kitchener def Mick Bosworth via Submission (Guillotine), Rd 1, 1:40

Fight Card Results (B Class):

Joel Miller def Brandt Cogill via Decision (Unanimous)
Mahu Powell def Kimo Smith via Decision (Unanimous)
Beau Luxford def Nick Hayes via KO (Punch), Rd 2, 2:55
Karl Paterson def Justin Van Heerden via Decision (Unanimous)
Bo George def Locky Sheaves via Decision (Unanimous)
Josh Kurtzmann def Ethan Vaughan via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 1, 1:09
Blair Frew def Chris Rower via Decision (Unanimous)
Joel McFarlane def Jason Anderson via TKO, Rd 1, 1:51


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