Hard Knocks Fighting Championship 42 Review

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Courtesy of Scott Fisher, Calgary Sun Jason Fischer doesn’t like to even see a judge’s card.

After all, they don’t call the Detroit-based MMA fighter ‘The Finisher’ for nothing.

But, under the circumstances, Fischer will take Friday’s unanimous decision over Toronto’s Ryan Dickson in the main event of Hard Knocks 42 at Century Casino.

Fischer suffered what appeared to be a serious knee injury in the final round, but he wasn’t about to call it a night.

“I heard someone say ‘two-and-a-half minutes’ when it popped,” Fischer said. “It popped twice and I knew it was in trouble.

“It felt like it dislocated but if I would have tapped then, I still would have been injured.

“I wasn’t going to give up. I had to fight through it. That was the worst two-and-a-half minutes I’ve ever had in a fight.”

Fischer won the lightweight title belt and improved to 8-3.

The 30-year-old, who had lost two of his previous three bouts, said he was determined to hear the final bell.

“It was adrenaline,” he said. “Willpower. I wasn’t going to give up. I wasn’t going to tap.”

Meanwhile, CalgaryĆ¢??s Jesse Arnett earned a TKO victory over Detroit’s Vince Murdock.

Most of the fight was a stand-up cat-and-mouse game with a couple of big shots landed.

But then it went to the mat and it was over.

Arnett sunk in a rear naked choke and forced the tap-out.

“I’m a wrestler and grappler,” Arnett said. “I’m new to striking.

“I couldn’t get him down early. I tried a couple of times.

“But I got him down and it was a quick rear naked choke. I didn’t even think about it. I even finished it with my wrong arm.”

Levi ‘The Oak’ Armstrong’s supporters drove all day to watch him fight.

The least he could do was entertain them during a lengthy bout at Hard Knocks 42.

Or… he could end things in the blink of an eye.

The Calgary MMA fighter decided on Plan B.

And judging by the big roar from his vocal supporters, they were just fine with it.

“People came from six or seven hours away,” Armstrong said. “A couple guys came from 12 hours away just to watch.”

“I can’t thank them enough.”

Armstrong dropped Jared Tordoff (Yellowknife) to the canvas with a devastating kick just seven seconds into Round 2.

“My coach told me what to do,” Armstrong said. “He dropped his hand, I kicked him and down he went.”

Armstrong recorded the TKO win in his MMA debut.

And he can’t wait to get back in the cage.

“These guys put me through hard training,” Armstrong said of his trainers at Tilt MMA.

“It was good. I love it. I’ll definitely be back. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

A spinning back kick can be a risky move. It can also pay big dividends.

Calgary product Riley Pequin utilized the technique to perfection Friday night at Century Casino.

But he said it wasn’t part of a specific gameplan that resulted in an impressive KO win over Yellowknife’s Devon Tordoff.

“We train in all aspects of MMA,” Pequin said of his Provincial Martial Arts Karate & Kickboxing gym.

“We have a ton of tools so whatever’s open, you take it. You just stay on your feet and use what you’ve got.”

After losing by armbar to Brent Auger in his last bout, it was clear Pequin wanted to stand and trade shots.

He said he would have been fine if the scrap went to the ground, but that wasn’t necessary.

“I felt like I could control him on the ground,” Pequin said. “It’s just that with these big gloves, it’s hard to grab onto stuff and stay anchored So I wanted to stay on my feet.”

It was a tough night for the local professionals. Todd ‘The Black Hulk’ Stoute, shook off a pair of losses to beat Calgary’s Anton Tokarchuk. The Toronto fighter improved to 6-3 with a flurry of right hands that ended the bout at 4:43 of the opening round… Spokane scrapper Adam Smith moved to 9-3 with a TKO victory over Chris Mattock. Micah Brakefield (Delta, B.C.) beat Calgarian Josh Griffin with a first-round TKO. Brad Robinson (Burnaby, B.C.) also scored an opening-round win over Dusty Kramps.


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