NAAFS Caged Vengeance 16 Review

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Fight 1 – Richie Smith (0-1) vs Joe Riley (0-1) – Amateur Bantamweights
Result: Joe Riley (1-1) def. Richie Smith (0-2) via submission (arm bar) – Round 2, 1:58
Fight 2 – Trevon Bates (0-0) vs Damonte Robinson (0-0) – Amateur 160 lbs Catchweight
Result: Damonte Robinson (1-0) def. Trevon Bates (0-1) via submission (strikes) – Round 2, 1:11
Fight 3 – Adam Walters (0-0) vs Tommy Finegan (1-1) – Amateur Middleweight
Result: Adam Walters (1-0) def. Tommy Finegan (1-2) via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1, 0:54
Fight 4 – Seth Sharp (0-2) vs. Marcus Beatty (0-1) – Amateur Heavyweight
Result: Seth Sharp (1-2) def. Marcus Beatty (0-2) via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 0:15
Fight 5 – Jacob Wheaton (0-4) vs Dustin Mohedano (0-1) – Amateur Lightweight
Result: Dustin Mohedano (1-1) def. Jacob Wheaton (0-5) via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1, 1:32
Fight 6 – Mesmaran Sunsearay (3-2) vs Nick Dowe (4-3) – Amateur 215 lbs Catchweight
Result: Nick Dowe (5-3) def. Mesmaran Sunseray (3-3) via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1, 0:38
Fight 7 – Dylan Finegan (1-0) vs Kenny Locsei (2-0) – Amateur 160 lbs Catchweight
Result: Kenny Locsei (3-0) def. Dylan Finegan (1-1) via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1, 1:53
Fight 8 – Jose Martinez (5-3) vs Darion Peterson (4-0) – Amateur Middleweight
Result: Darion Peterson (5-0) def. Jose Martinez (5-4) via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Fight 9 – Xavier Nash (1-0) vs John Gunther (0-0) – Pro Lightweight

After a bit of a feeling out process, the Canadian Nash was able to finish a pair of takedowns against the larger Gunther. Gunther was active from the bottom, but he dropped the round due to positioning from Nash.

Strong Style’s Gunther turned the tide early in the second round, following a right hand in to become the aggressor in the clinch. After using a whizzer to get his first takedown of the fight, he put Nash in a crucifix and proceeded to land some nasty elbows from the top to open up a cut. Gunther stayed relentless the rest of the round, perhaps even getting close to a 10-8 round.

Nash opened up with a pair of head kicks in the third round that were mostly blocked, but Gunther landed another big right hand and followed it in again, earning another takedown. After some more ground work, the referee stood up Gunther from half guard. Gunther quickly earned another takedown, smothering Nash from the top. The referee didn’t like the grinding style of Gunther, as he stood him up from half guard again with less than a minute to go. Nash went for broke, but Gunther was too strong and finished another takedown with seconds to go to take the fight 29-28 on our scorecard.

Result: John Gunther (1-0) def. Xavier Nash (1-1) via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Fight 10 – Aaron Jeffery (1-0) vs Dave Lastafka (1-1) – Pro Welterweight

There was no feeling out process in this one. Both fighters opened up swinging, with Lastafka landing a pair of clean right hands early. The Canadian Jeffery pushed the clinch, holding position against the cage and looking to pick his shots. Jeffery continued to push the pace, using his larger frame to keep the former NAAFS National Amateur champion Lastafka on the cage. After a release from the cage, Lastafka landed a clean left hook, but Jeffery walked through it. Jeffery remained the aggressor, but Lastafka continued to land strikes in the first round before landing a takedown. Jeffery popped right back up though, and he finished strong in winning a razor close round.

Lastafka opened up the second round throwing a head kick but slipped upon throwing it, and Jeffery ended up on top after the mishap. Lastafka made it back to his feet, and he landed a big body shot that seemed to take the wind out of Jeffery. Lastafka got a takedown of his own, but Jeffery quickly returned to his feet. After a bit of a lull, Jeffery turned up the heat, eventually finishing Lastafka with strikes against the cage.

Result: Aaron Jeffery (2-0) def. Dave Lastafka (1-2) via knockout (punches) – Round 2, 3:13

Fight 11 – J.P. Jaranowski (4-2) vs Wes Hanson (3-1) – Pro 140 lbs Catchweight

Hanson opened up with his trademark aggressive style, landing shots early on against the taller Jaranowski. Jaranowski remained tough, but Wes landed a big elbow to the temple against the cage. Hanson stayed in the pocket throwing bombs, but Jaranowski slowed him down a bit with a pair of body shots. The West Virginian Hanson remained aggressive with the clinch against the cage, eventually releasing and landing a big right hand. Jaranowski ducked under a head kick and took Hanson’s back for a split second, but Wes turned into him and dumped him on his head. Wes then grabbed Jaranowski’s head, and was able to finish a guillotine despite J.P. being in good position on top. Great performance by Hanson, who showed some new skills after training with Team Alpha Male for this fight.

Result: Wes Hanson (4-1) def J.P. Jaranowski (4-3) via submission (guillotine) – Round 1, 4:13

Fight 12 – Joey Holt (4-2) vs George Comer (5-1) – Pro Lightweight

After a couple of failed shots early, Holt kept his distance from Comer as the wrestler kept looking for the takedown. Holt stayed mostly on the outside in the first round, even landing a quick takedown in the final minute of the round to surprise Comer. After not a ton of action in the first, Holt takes the round from Comer.

Hot continued to do a great job of defending Comer’s one-track takedowns in the second round, eventually ending up on top once again. Holt remained aggressive throughout the remainder of the second round, using a surprising bit of new-found ground and pound against Comer. Comer looked for an arm bar from bottom, but he was unable to finish it as the second round came to a close.

The third round was much of the same, with Comer looking for the clinch and takedown while Holt continued to be the stronger fighter and win the positioning. Despite knowing that he needed a finish late in the fight, Comer continued to try to look for the takedown but was unable to get it. All three rounds to Holt on our scorecard.

Result: Joey Holt (5-2) def. George Comer (5-2) via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Fight 13 РDom Steele (11-5) vs Nick Duell (11-4) ̢?? Pro 180 lbs Catchweight

In a bit of a surprising move, Steele spent much of the first round using his wrestling in this matchup of two strikers. After a quick standup by the ref on the first takedown, Steele put Duell on his back shortly thereafter. Duell worked back to his feet, but Steele won the round with another slam and ground and pound.

Steele opened up with the same game plan in the second, putting Duell on his back once again. Duell looked for an arm bar at one point, but Steele defended it well and kept top position. Duell made it back to his feet and landed a nice stepping off body shot, but Steele once again but the fight on the ground and continued to beat up Duell from his guard. After another standup from the referee with just seconds to go, there was a bit of a flurry to end the second round, but the frame still went to Steele.

Knowing he needed a finish, Duell looked to strike a bit more in the third round, but he got caught backing straight up and ended up on his back once again. After yet another quick hook on the standup by the referee, Steele put Duell on his back once again, where he began to work from half guard. Duell was just unable to get off of his back, and Steele finished the fight in dominant position despite yet another early standup by the referee.

Result: Dom Steele (12-5) def. Nick Duell (11-5) via unanimous decision (no scores read)

Fight 14 – MAIN EVENT – Curt Lemmon (4-0) vs John Hawk (10-5) – Pro Heavyweight Title

No feeling out process for the big guys as both fighters open up trading strikes. A big right hand and a knee from Hawk landed early, and he then pushed the action against the cage. Lemmon was able to defend Hawk’s takedown attempts, but Hawk kept him against his back on the cage. Lemmon briefly turned the tide with cage pressure of his own, but it was short-lived as Strong Style MMA’s Hawk used his head positioning to put Lemmon where he wanted.

Lemmon briefly turned the tide in the second round, as he finished a double leg to start the frame, but Hawk quickly return to his feet. After a return to the clinch, Hawk finished a single leg, but Lemmon quickly made it back to his feet. Hawk continued to grind, making Lemmon carry his weight against the cage for the remainder of the second round. After two frames, it was all John Hawk.

A big takedown for Hawk started the third round, and he quickly passed to side control and landed a big left elbow. Lemmon nearly made it back to his feet, but Hawk grabbed his neck and threatened a rear naked before ending up back on tap in Lemmon’s guard. Hawk looked for yet another choke in attempt to finish the fight, but he was unable to completely get under Lemmon’s chin. Nevertheless, three rounds to none for Hawk.

Hawk started the fourth round in the same mode, but Lemmon was able to get a takedown of his own before Hawk switched position and ended up on top. Hawk looked for the rear naked once again, but again Lemmon was able to make it to his feet. The referee separated them, and Hawk landed a big uppercut before securing yet another takedown and ending up in mount. Hawk trapped the arm of Lemmon, but Curt used that to earn the sweep and end up on top, finally showing some offense. Lemmon then transitioned to back mount with both hooks in, but Hawk shrugged him off and ended the round on top.

The fifth round was much of the same, with Hawk using dominant pressure against the cage with brief spurts of energy from Lemmon. Hawk landed a big knee when they were separated with about two minutes left to go, but Lemmon walked through it and actually landed some shots of his own, including a pair of uppercuts and a left hand. Lemmon gave a valiant effort to end the fight, but Hawk was too tough and ended the fight in the same manner.

Result: John Hawk (11-5) def. Curt Lemmon (4-1) via unanimous decision (no scores read) to win the NAAFS heavyweight title


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