Next Level Fight Club 1: The Proving Ground Review

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Next Level Fight Club debuted on on with “NLFC 1”. This event was a resounding success that featured a stacked lineup of rising stars from across the South as the host site sits centrally located at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, North Carolina. NLFC has promised to showcase the sport’s top MMA athletes from the Southeast region and that’s exactly what they did on this inaugural show that featured 7 finishes in 8 fights and several title fights.

In the main event, for the NLFC Middleweight Title, Jamie Pickett (3-2) defeated Nick Poythress (1-3) via TKO in the second round. Pickett came out with a flying knee to start the fight and took Poythress down and landed punches on the ground as he controlled the fight from side control. Pickett worked to a modified crucifix and scored punches and elbows to the face of Poythress who continued to struggle to free himself and was intelligently defending himself. Pickett ended the round by connecting with several more hard punches and elbows as Poythress had a few bumps but was no worse for the wear as he bounced up at the bell. In round two, Pickett got a big takedown and ended up in half guard up against the cage. Pickett moved to mount and landed several more punches from the position before the ref called a halt to the one-sided fight. It was a good win for Pickett against a fighter in Poythress who never wilted, but just couldn’t solve the ground control of Pickett.

In the co-main event, for the NLFC Heavyweight Title, Allen Crowder (5-0) defeated William Baptiste (2-4) via TKO due to a cut in the first round. There was a lot of clinch work against the cage initially with Crowder and Baptiste both looking for an advantage in the lock up. After a quick separation, Crowder was able to land some punches until Baptiste closed the distance and got the clinch against the cage again. Baptiste went for a throw that was partially blocked by Crowder who ended up behind Baptiste and went for a choke. Baptiste defended, but Crowder ended up in half guard and started to reign down punches and elbows on Baptiste. One of the elbows from Crowder opened up a nasty cut on the face of Baptiste. After the round, the ref called a halt to the fight as Baptiste was very cut up by the elbows inflicted by Crowder. It was a solid win for the new champion and still undefeated Crowder.

For the NLFC Lightweight Title Lashawn Alcock (4-3) defeated Lawrence Dennis Jr (2-5) via guillotine choke in the fourth round. This fight was back and forth, but in the end it was the pressure and aggressiveness by Alcock that won the fight. Alcock was usually first to the punch in the standup while Dennis Jr. scored with damaging strikes at times, but did not follow up with more strikes, like Alcock did as he was constantly throwing combos and bouncing in and out of range and setting the pace of the fight. In the fourth round, both fighters were exchanging punches against the cage when Dennis Jr fell and Alcock was right there to sit down on Dennis Jr and work a guillotine choke. After some back and forth posturing and maneuvering, Alcock found the sweet spot for the choke and cinched up on it and forced Dennis Jr to tapout in a great fight.

You won’t find a more thrilling card then this one. Be sure to catch all of the action anytime on video on demand as Next Level Fight Club presents “NLFC 1” exclusively on pay-per-view at


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