Strikers’ Cup 13 Preview

March 20, 2015 by
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Strikezone Promotions returns to on March 21 with “Strikers’ Cup 13” from the Event Center and Sports Bar in Pennsauken, New Jersey. Strikers’ Cup events are hugely successful and showcase the top amateur Muay Thai on the East Coast in Muay Thai and Glory bouts. This card is filled with blue chip prospects looking to prove their mettle to a worldwide audience. Tune in to see these gladiators go to battle in one of the most feared combat sports on the planet where honor is everything.

Chris Santos takes on Bill Muhr in what is sure to be a shootout in the 200lb division. Santos is a well-rounded martial artist who also dabbles in MMA training. Santos is a rising, young, star on the East Coast and is known for making huge strides in such a short amount of time. Muhr brings a strong striking game into his match with Santos, especially with his kicking. These two gladiators plan to fire off combos from every position until one man falls down.

Matt Ramge battles Titus Black at 147lb. Ramge is just coming into his own as a fighter while Black has the experience that has seen him through some tough fights in his career already. This will be a contrast in styles as Ramge and Black look to break down each other with varying game plans as Ramge likes to mix up his attacks while Black only knows one style and that is seek and destroy. Expect a barnburner.

Brandice Pelier fights Diana Zhivanaj in a 132.5lb bout. Peltier is one of the most feared strikers in the Northeast so much so that she has had opponents disappear before fight time. This bout pits two of the most exciting strikers in the region against one another with a lot on the line as these ladies both have strong wills and pack dynamite in their fists. Look for Peltier and Zhivanaj to come out swinging and expect fireworks.

“Strikers’ Cup 13” promises to be a smash success on as all the fighters are coming to throw down in the ring. Don’t miss their follow up show on from Strikezone Promotions. Be sure to catch every punch and kick with this high octane event. Order now and watch it live on March 21 and own it for life on video on demand after that.


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