Strikers’ Cup 13 Review

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Strikezone Promotions returned to with “Strikers’ Cup 13” from the Event Center and Sports Bar in Pennsauken, New Jersey. Strikers’ Cup events are hugely successful and showcase the top amateur Muay Thai on the East Coast in Muay Thai and Glory bouts. This card featured 7 highly contested fights with 2 stoppages. Tune in to see these gladiators go to battle in one of the most feared combat sports on the planet where honor is everything.

In the main event, for the 132.5 lb Ultimate Striker Female Lightweight Championship, contested under Glory rules, Diana Zhivanaj defeated Brandice Peltier via split decision in a great back and forth fight. Zhivanaj was the aggressor in the first round and scored with combos while staying on her toes as Peltier covered up for most of the round and was against the ropes and when she did respond, she would throw one strike and not follow up with the type of volume punching that Zhivanaj displayed. In the second, Peltier scored more, especially with a front push kick that slowed the offense of Zhivanaj down. But Zhivanaj continued to dart in and out and try to score with quick combos while Peltier settled in and stalked Zhivanaj but did not throw the amount of strikes that Zhivanaj was still doing. In the third round, Peltier had her best round as she scored with hard body kicks and was throwing more than one strike at a time and matching the volume striking of Zhivanaj while also landing the harder blows. But Zhivanaj displayed great footwork and got Peltier back against the ropes where Zhivanaj was able to score with jabs and straights. After separating Zhivanaj scored with her best punch of the night, an overhand right, that connected flush and buckled Peltier for a moment. The action slowed after that with Zhivanaj scoring with punches and Peltier landing some kicks to the body in a great main event that lived up to the hype.
In a 126 lb Glory rules bout, Tyrone Mason defeated Keyner Rodriguez via KO (kick) in the first round. Rodriguez came out with a flying knee that Mason deflected. Rodriguez followed up with a punching combo, when Mason connect with a spinning back fist. Rodriguez scored with a leg kick as this fight started to heat up. The fighters made their way to the center of the ring where Mason unloaded with a spinning back kick and hit Rodriguez perfectly on the jaw and knocked him out. It was a solid win for the rising Mason against the gritty Rodriguez.
In other action, in a 147 lb Glory rules bout, Matt Ramge defeated Titus Simmons via TKO in the third round. It was a hard punching bout with Ramge able to land straight punches from a distance as Simmons tried to mix it up and score from the inside. In the third round, used his reach advantage and continued to score from the outside with straight rights and lead left hooks. Simmons was backed into a corner and Ramge scored with a nice combo and the ref was forced to give a standing 8-count that Simmons could not recover from.

“Striker’ Cup 13” delivered another smash success on as all the fighters fought with their hearts on their sleeve in the ring. Be sure to catch every punch and kick with this high octane event. Order now and watch it anytime on video on demand and own it for life.


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