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Order Event – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MuayThai/Karma-Muay-Thai-Presents–Perilous-Champions/2852

Karma Muay Thai debuted on GFL.tv with “Perilous Champions” from Wynnum, Queensland, Australia. The night was highlighted by a hotly anticipated main event that showcased some true grit and determination in an all-out battle.

In the main event, for the WKBF Light Welterweight QLD Title, Paul Martin defeated Ryan MacDonald via TKO in the third round. This was a wild fight as both men scored with bone cracking strikes. Martin is an old-style fighter who loves to come full force at his opponents and he did that from the opening bell. The shorter, stockier Martin was able to close the distance and score with nice combos on the inside while MacDonald looked to clinch to stop the attack of Martin. Martin pressed the pace from beginning to end. Early in the fight, MacDonald did a nice job of trading knees in the clinch and used his size advantage to lean on the smaller Martin and get the better of him in the exchanges. When action broke free, both traded led kicks and sunk thundering shins into each other causing damage that will be felt for days. Martin connected with a brutal body kick that dropped MacDonald before the end of the first round. There was more clinching and knees in the second and third round with Martin once again dropping MacDonald in the corner with knees from the clinch. When action resumed Martin followed up with an overhand right and knee up the middle that caught MacDonald on the jaw and put him down for good. It was a great fight by two rising prospect in the light welterweight division.

In the co-main event, Manu Urlich defeated Brett Rawlings via decision. In the first two rounds, Urlich used his height and reach advantage when he scored with knees and kicks from a distance. Rawlings tried to grab the leg of Urlich and toss him to the ground, but Urlich was very quick on his feet and managed to escape. Urlich was very accurate and the aggressor while Rawlings fired off with quick counters, but Urlich got the better of the exchanges for most of the fight. In the third round, Urlich used his height advantage once again by connecting with knees to the midsection and dropping Rawlings in the corner. Rawlings got up and scored with an overhand right, before he was dropped again by knees and elbows. Rawlings again got to his feet and came forward, landing a spinning back elbow as Urlich followed up with one of his own that barely missed. Both men continued to dig deep and went at each other in the clinch fighting until the final bell. Both of these young gladiators deserve a lot of credit as Urlich showed off a great technical skill set, while Rawlings showed off a huge heart and grit and together they put on a heck of a brawl.

If you love the art of striking, there is no better iPPV for you to order than the “Perilous Champions”. Karma Muay Thai always puts on great shows and this event will up the ante of top level Muay Thai. Order now.


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