Review: NWA Smoky Mountain’s ‘Collision Course 10’ Delivers

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Former WWE superstar John Morrison aka "Johnny Mundo" headlined NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling: "Collision Course"

Former WWE superstar John Morrison aka “Johnny Mundo” headlined NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling: “Collision Course”

By Randy Jean

May 9, 2015 was a spectacle to say the least. That is, if you are a wrestling fan.

NWA Smoky Mountain presented Collision Course 10, from Kingsport, Tennessee’s civic center.  The event is available for purchase as an iPPV on Go Fight Live (GFL).

What looked to be a packed crowd, all seemed to be waiting anxiously as Bruce Tarpe came out to address them. Fans were then introduced to the induction of Rob and Don Wright into the NWA Hall of Fame. The two brothers dominated the promotion as a tag team tangent in the early to late 70’s.

The first match on the card presented members of “The Agency” in Galvin Daring, Jordan Kage and Shawn Shultz vs. The newcomer in Skylar Kruze, Wayne Adkins and Axton Ray. There was some great back and forth action coming from both sides with an impressive showing from Skylar Kruze.

NWA original Adkins, for sure, had his hands tied with Kage, who proved to be an overwhelming opponent for the opposing trio. Eventually, The Agency pulled away with the win, as the referee mistakenly thought the chain used by Daring to gain an advantage, came from Kruze.

Nick Hammon won the vacant Mountain Empire Heavyweight Championship, in an impressive fatal 4-way match with EZ Money, Timmy Lou Retton and Jeff Connelly. From the fans’ reaction towards Connelly to the array of talent in each corner, this match was quite special and, in the end, Hammond came out victorious and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

We next found ourselves watching Rob Conway and Bruce Tarpe entering the ring and totally disrespecting the accomplishments of Jax Dane. After Conway aired out his disdain of Dane, the latter competitor demanded an apology from him.

Unfortunately, Dane’s hot headed temper backfired, as he hurt his shoulder while attempting to spear Conway.  It’s then that we found out that, under Conway’s ring attire, were metal plates attached to his chest.

It was an overwhelming matchup for Dane, as Tarpe interfered to protect his meal ticket. After Dane warded Tarpe off, he only found himself in more hot water as he had to defend himself against KAOS.

After fighting his way through, Dane found himself with the advantage as he almost decapitated Conway with a clothesline. Unfortunately, as Dane turned around to spear Conway, Conway managed to avoid it and knocked Tarpe out.

Conway screamed for help as the locker room emptied out to carry the president away.  The interference ended up proving to be too much for Dane to handle. It’s going to be interesting to see how Tarpe responds to the situation he was placed in by Dane.

Next up, Vince Brent took on Chris Richards, with a number one contender spot at stake for the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight championship. Brent, although demoralized by Richards’s brute like offense, ended up coming out with the win.

IWGP World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles proved to the world that, at the age of 37, he has no ring rust, making one wonder why TNA ever got rid of him.   Although he came up short, Chase Owen is a superstar that should not be overlooked.

In the main event, NWA Southeastern World Heavyweight Champion Jason Kincaid took on former WWE intercontinental champion John Morrison. All I have to say is WOW.  This match had a sort of cruiserweight-like feel to it as both opponents showed that they weren’t afraid of heights – literally.  Although Morrison came up short, he showed that he’s a different type of competitor from the one who used to reside in WWE.

Not only have Morrison’s parkour-like moves improved, his knack for feeling the crowd didn’t go unnoticed. As for Kincaid, he will be a force to reckon with in the future. His tenure as longest running champion in history (1,200 days) cannot be ignored.

Collision Course 10, without a doubt, lived up to the hype. With the wrestling industry in desperate need of a change, I’m interested to see how NWA will continue to shake things up.


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