FSW Star Kris Rex Talks His Upcoming Matchup With Former WWE Star Lanny Poffo, the Origins of “The SNOT” and working with Sandman

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Fighting Spirit Wrestling star and SNOT founder Kris Rex.  Photo credit: Dorothy Lee

Fighting Spirit Wrestling star and The SNOT founder Kris Rex. Photo credit: Dorothy Lee

By Randy Jean

Kris Rex isn’t short of personality. Proudly proclaiming his roots from New York City, the nitty gritty New Yorker wrestles with a huge chip on his shoulder.

Dubbed as FSW’s most vocal wrestler, Rex, is scheduled to face former WWF star Lanny Poffo on a special FSW card that will serve as a tribute to Poffo’s deceased brother, wrestling legend “Macho Man” Randy Savage, on Sat., June 27.

Randy Jean: After watching some of your ring work, I’ve noticed you’ve picked it up rather quickly for someone who’s only been at it for four years.  Do you owe that fast progression to Joel Maximo and the FSW promotion?

Kris Rex: I mean of course. I’ve trained at a few other places prior to coming to LUDAS.  But Joel Maximo was the man who really gave me the opportunity. When everyone else was busy telling me “you’re to this or you’re to that,” he saw me and gave me the opportunity, so I pretty much owe him everything.

RJ: I spoke with a few wrestlers you might know, such as Suntan Superman, and he too was raving on how great Joel Maximo really is and how he has a mind for the business.

KR: Yeah, I know Suntan and he’s right.  Joel has been in the game for a while. That’s definitely one person (who), if you want to learn about the business, you would want to learn it from Joel.

RJ: Were you always a fan of mainstream wrestling growing up?

KR: I grew up being a fan (of) WCW, and then I got into watching WWE. I didn’t find out about Indy wrestling until I was about 11 or 12 years old and I was living in Florida at that time. That’s when I found out about this company called Major League Wrestling, which then became my introduction to Indy wrestling.

RJ: So did you go and attend events that would take place there?

KR: No. I never got the chance to watch the events live, but they used to have their own show on the Sunshine Network at 2 a.m. called “MLW Underground.”  It would consist of them showing highlights of their matches and music videos hyping up their next events.

RJ: Almost like ECW.   I remember them doing something similar to that.

KR: Oh yeah! It was pretty much like the next ECW, the way they presented it. Also, a lot of (ECW’s) old stars were in it, so it pretty much gave it new generation feel.

RJ: Ok, so you previously stated that you used to tune in to WWF programming, so what’s the feeling like knowing that you get the chance to go up against Randy Savage’s brother, Lanny Poffo?

KR: When I found out about it, I was excited. I mean “Macho Man” was my mother favorite wrestler, so when I found out that I was going to get the chance to go up against his brother Lanny, I was honored.

RJ: When I was watching your tapes, I couldn’t help but notice your ring style sort of reminds me of Brian Kendrick, while at the same time you have a CM Punk look. Was there a certain wrestler you tried to emulate when you first started?

KR: Um, I wouldn’t go as far to say ‘emulate’ in terms of using their moves, but there were definitely influences from the WWE characters like Raven.   I was a huge fan of his growing up, and I actually had the opportunity to work with him as a member of the “Raven Flock” when they did the whole extreme reunion thing in Philly in 2012. I was cast (as) a member, and it was just so exciting. I was canned by Sandman and powerbombed by Gary Wolf (laughs).

RJ: Is Sandman as crazy in person as he is on television?

KR: I only got the chance to have a few words with him, but yeah he’s crazy, man.  He’s a great dude for sure, but he’s definitely out there for sure!

The SNOT members (from left to right) Kris Rex, Casanova Valentine and Azrieal.  Photo credit: Peter Garritano

The SNOT members (from left to right) Kris Rex, Casanova Valentine and Azrieal. Photo credit: Peter Garritano

RJ: You’re in a group called “The SNOT.” How did that group come about? Are you the mastermind behind it?

KR: Pretty much, yeah. What had happen was, in 2012, I had to leave for knee surgery. I basically tore my ACL, PCL and MCL.

So through that, I just got fed up of sitting at home, so I hopped up on my crutches and walked to the old school that was at 15th Street, and Joel was like ‘What are you doing here?’  I wanted to do anything I could to keep myself in the stories, and do whatever I could to help out. That’s when we came up with the idea for me to start my own stable. That basically became the birth of The SNOT.

RJ: I heard you carry yourself with a sort of attitude that clearly travels with you into the ring.  Would you say that is a good snapshot of who you are? 

KR: I mean, yeah man. A lot of people are humble and some of them are scared to open their mouths and say something. For me, I’m basically an open book. Whether I catch heat for it or not, I’m going to say what I have to say and sometimes it’s an issue (laughs), and sometimes it’s not.

RJ: Ok, so with that being said, will we ever see you as FSW Champion or Primero Champion one day?

KR: I’m hoping! The Primero Champion means a lot more to me than the FSW Championship. Mainly because it’s kind of like the WWE’s Intercontinental Championship, which is like the workers title. The Primero Championship, to me, is the biggest title I can get here.







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