Review: Remix Pro Wrestling’s “Throwdown For the Pound 11” Hits Hard

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Former WWE superstar A.J. Styles headlined Remix Pro Wrestling's latest event.

Former WWE superstar A.J. Styles headlined Remix Pro Wrestling’s latest event.

By Randy Jean

Remix Pro Wrestling “Throwdown For The Pound 11” was a star studded event. Wrestling stars like AJ Styles, The Young Bucks and Mickie James all graced the mat as they fought against Remix Wrestling’s all-star roster. Marietta, OH wasn’t the only the home where you could’ve watch this event. The event is available for viewing on

The fans were seated and ready as the first bout of the night was between (C) Sassy Stephanie vs. Leftist vs. Veda Scott for the Women’s Fury Championship. This was a great contest to open up the show, as all three women shared their desire to be Remix Wrestling credited champion.

Great back and forth action between Stephanie and Lufisto went under way as they kept Scott from establishing any offense in this match. Scott’s ability to play the villain also lent this match some comedic effect.

In the end, both Stephanie and Lufisto engaged their signature submission simultaneously on Scott, forcing her to tap. Unfortunately due to the confusion, the match ended in a draw. The referee awarded the win to Stephanie, who retained her title. Lufisto was visibly upset.

We next found ourselves watching Viper enter the ring to challenge Bulldozer. Although this match was slow, it did carry quite some entertainment along with it.

Bulldozer and his valet, “Homewrecker” Morgan, added some dancing to get the fans moving. This proved to be Bulldozer’s downfall.

As Morgan enticed him to dance some more, Bulldozer became too distracted which gave Viper the chance to steal the win.   After the match we watched an upset Bulldozer take out his aggression on his partner Morgan.

Next up, was a Fatal four- way match between Chris Lerusso, “Omega” Aaron Draven, Zac Vincent and Onyx.  All four contestants were intriguing to watch to say the least, especially “the heir apparent” Lerruso.

From antagonizing the crowd to calling the match with the commentary team, Lerusso did it all. Onyx’s brute style played a big role in this match, as he was tossed everyone out of the ring.  Draven almost came out with the win before Lerusso blindsided him to steal the pin and walk away with the victory.

Following up that bout was a six-man tag team match with no disqualification. The Young Bucks teamed up with Chance “The Prophet” as they faced the team of Gory, Matt Conard and Ron Mathis of the Headless Horsemen.

This was definitely a contender for the match of the night as the Young Bucks, so agile and poised, proved to be a great choice made by the prophet. Ron Mathis, the loud mouth for the Headless Horsemen, proved he was no scrub. He looked absolutely great in this match, as he helped his team steal a win over Chance and the Young Bucks.

A match between Jock Samson and Marion Fontaine came under way next.  Samson played the crybaby villain quite well, and for a moment, he had things go his way. Unfortunately for Samson, Fontaine proved to be too smart for that.

Not only was Fontaine witty, but he also knew how to get the crowd’s attention. He’s quite the fan favorite as he’s clearly a wrestler who fans find it easy to cheer for.  Eventually, due to interference by the ring announcer, Samson was granted the win over Fontaine.

Next up was a number one contender match for the Remix Pro Fury Women’s title pitting Athena against Mickie James. Before the match went underway, Stephanie returned to the ring to observe the action as a spectator.

The women were terrific in this match, proving they weren’t afraid to fly off the top rope. James, a proven veteran coming from WWE and TNA, showed no sign of ring rust even after being away from the circuit for more than a year.

“The Indy Darling,” as they bill Athena, lived up to her moniker, stealing the win in a convincing fashion from James. We were later met with a stare down between the champion, Stephanie, and Athena.

Lufisto then entered the ring, only to escalate the confrontation. Lufisto left a mark, shoving both wrestlers to the ground. As she walked away, Lufisto continued to proclaim that she was the clear winner in the bout earlier that night and that she’d find a way to get the belt.

The main event pitted Bullet Club member and IWGP World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles against Façade. This was a match that had everyone glued to their seats.

From the opening bell, both contestants attacked each other with such vigor, you would have thought they actually had some disdain towards each other. Styles proves day in day out that he’s still the phenomenal one, and Façade deserves just as much credit for not backing down once from the wily ring veteran.

This was a great match that would have likely been won by Façade, had it not been for the interference of the Headless Horsemen.  They showed no class as they sought out and grabbed the girlfriend of the Neon Ninja out of the crowd.

Despite thwarting the Headless Horsemen’s plans, a small lapse of judgment placed Façade in the vicinity of a styles clash, thus ending the match and giving Styles the win.




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