House of Fame’s “Platinum” Mike Perry on Preston Parsons: “He Can’t Survive My Storm.”

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Unbeaten welterweight "Platinum" Mike Perry headlines House of Fame's third MMA event this Friday, July 10, live on

Unbeaten welterweight “Platinum” Mike Perry headlines House of Fame’s third MMA event this Friday, July 10, live on

Undefeated welterweight aspires to be the “Floyd Mayweather of MMA”

By Dante Giannetta

“I’m going to walk right through him. I’m going to knock him out. He can’t survive my storm. My storm doesn’t stop,” says unbeaten welterweight (170 pounds) “Platinum” Mike Perry (2-0) who is certain his main event MMA fight against Preston Parsons will end in his favor at “House of Fame 3: Riverside Beatdown,” which will stream live on from Jacksonville, Fla. on Friday, July 10.

“I know what he wants to do is wrestle me,” Perry says with a calculated casualness. “[Parsons] is gonna want to ground and pound and submit me, but he’s dreamin’. He’s not gonna touch me.”

These words were spoken with a measured calmness which Perry later attributes to successfully overcoming anger management issues.

Although Perry is Friday night’s headliner, he feels no pressure about being in the spotlight.

“The bigger the show, the better I perform. If the fight were to go past the first round, I’ll just get more and more comfortable. If it goes into the later rounds, sure it’ll be exciting. But it’s just gonna be all me. I’m gonna find my range, and once I do, I’m gonna knock him out.”

‘Platinum,’ according to Perry, is a nickname that suits him perfectly.

“I’m so absorbent,” he explains. “It’s the most expensive and most desired thing in the world. You can’t hit me hard enough to hurt me – indestructible.”

He laughingly adds, “It’s like ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, but twice the skill.”

And double the ambition. Platinum’s aspirations are inspired by another boxing great. “I want to be the Floyd Mayweather of MMA – go 40-0 and knock ‘em all out!”

With a 2-0 professional record, 38 more wins might seem like a stretch. But Perry is adamant and insists that he his still way ahead of his competition.

“No one has my physical ability. No one trains as hard as me. No one has the strength and speed I do. And look at my physique. I even have a national level bodybuilder’s body and I don’t even try. I don’t even lift weights. I lift people.”

According to Perry, lifting (and throwing) people is easier when he cuts weight. “When I was an amateur, I would bump up in weight and fight the bigger guys. Now I cut weight and when these little guys hit me it’s like a bug bite. I grab them and do whatever I want.”

For Perry, squashing bugs in the cage is all to serve God.

“I’m fighting for God. I want to be strong for Him. I want to be the general of His army. I want to train the angel soldiers to defeat the devil. I’m training for that now.”

Down the road, Platinum is sure he can make it into the UFC, although he admits he may not be ready for a world championship just yet.

“But I have all the tools to get me there,” he says.

“I’ll tell you what,” he continues, “I would like to do some work with Anthony Pettis. He’s a great fighter.”

But then, he warns, “Watch out for ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry on the rise.”


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