Preston Parsons on House of Fame Opponent Mike Perry: “I Feel I’ll Beat Him Everywhere.”

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Preston Parsons (pictured) will face off with "Platinum" Mike Perry in the main event of House of Fame's third MMA fight card tomorrow, Friday, July 10

Preston Parsons (pictured) will face off with “Platinum” Mike Perry in the main event of House of Fame’s third MMA fight card tomorrow, Friday, July 10

By Keith Harmon

On Friday, July 10, undefeated Ludus MMA fighter Preston Parsons (2-0) steps into the cage against “Platinum” Mike Perry in the main event of House of Fame: Riverside Beatdown, which streams on GFL from Jacksonville, Fla.

Prior to the fight, I had the chance to talk with him about his upcoming fight and his thoughts on an opponent whom he feels is doing a bit too much trash talking.  Parsons said he would rather not engage in that type of behavior, and just step into the cage and fight.

Keith Harmon:  How did you get into MMA?

Preston Parsons:  I’ve always been into fighting since I was really young.  I started watching the Rocky movies a long time ago.  That’s what got me into it.  A bunch of my buddies were into wrestling and I decided to come to an MMA school and give it a shot.

KH:  You’re turning 20 in the next few days.  How do you think starting MMA at a young age has helped you?

PP:  I think it’s going to make my career a little bit longer.  I started training at Ludus MMA when I was 16.  I’ve been there for almost four years.

KH:  This is your first time headlining a card.  Are there any pre fight jitters or nerves?

PP:  Not too much.  My manager got me main event for a lot of my amateur fights.

KH:  I watched the Marc Graham fight.  I was really impressed by your submission skills.  He had you in a bit of trouble.  However, you were able to submit him with an arm bar in under a minute.  What are your thoughts on that?

PP:  That was a really good fight of mine.    To be honest I felt the arm bar there and I went for it.  It was a good fight that.

KH:  Florida is becoming a hotspot for MMA.  How did you come to be in Florida?

PP:  I’ve lived in Jacksonville Beach my entire life.  Lived in the same house, the whole nine yards.

KH:  Since you plan to have a long career in MMA, how long do you plan to stay in the fight world?

PP:  Until my goals are met.  I want to win the UFC belt and defend it a few times.  Whenever time feels right, but not anytime soon.

KH:  How close do you think you are to the UFC?

PP:  I’m not quite sure.  I think after a few more fights.  I may have a shot, but whenever my coaches and manager tells me is best.  My manager sets all that up for me.

KH:  Any coaches or training partners at Ludus who have helped with your progression?

PP:  My head coach and manager Billy Mitchell.  I have the best wrestling coach Caleb Pelletier he’s really helped me.  I have a really good boxing coach Nate Campbell, who was a world champion at one time.  My Muay Thai coach Mekenna Mulhern.  We have a lot of good guys that come in and out.  We have guys that come in just to spar with me.  We have a pretty good group.

KH:  You’re fighting at 155.  When you were an amateur were you fighting at 155 or were going up and down in weight?

PP:  I’ve been at 155 since I started my amateur career.  My next fight is a catch weight at 160.

KH:  Are you happy that you don’t have to cut an additional five pounds?

PP:  That’s good for me.  I cut quite a bit of weight.

KH: Thoughts on your opponent Mike Perry?

PP:  He’s done a lot of trash talk leading up to the fight.  He’s definitely a tough opponent.

KH:  Do you think he’s talking a big game?  Have you done any trash talking against him?

PP:  Not exactly.  I’m not too big on trash talking.  We’ll fight on July 10th.  He’s definitely a good opponent, and it’s going to be a good fight.

KH:  I’m a big movie fan myself.  Was it just Rocky, or were there any other fight movies that influenced your career?

PP:  The Rocky movies – those are my favorites.  I really liked The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.  Mostly growing up it was Rocky – the first five (films).  Watching them over and over again.

KH:  Are you excited for the Creed spinoff about Apollo Creed’s son that Sylvester Stallone is making?

PP:  Yes, that movie looks good.  I’m definitely going to see that when it comes to theatres.

KH:  Anything you want to add?

PP:  I’ve been training really hard for this fight.  My coach always looks for tough opponents and we got Mike Perry.  He’s a tough guy, but he’s mostly just a boxer.  I feel like I have better stand up and grappling.  I feel I’ll beat him everywhere but he’s definitely a good opponent.



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