Strike Off FC 6’s Cody Gabelman on His Upcoming Fight and Fighting After Being Hospitalized Until Dawn of Fight Day

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Cody Gabelman (2-1) of New Richmond, Ohio will face off with Martin Davila at Strike Off FC 6, live on, on Saturday, October 3.

Go Fight Live: Tell us about yourself.

Cody Gabelman: I’m a 21 year old fighter with big dreams of making it to the big show. Not necessarily the UFC, but a bigger promotion that can financially support me to be a full-time fighter. My goals in this are to be the best I can be, and (to) be able to wake up everyday and train like its my job.

GFL: What was life like growing up for you?

CG:  Life growing up for me was pretty good. My mom and dad owned and ran their own Karate and jiu jitsu school before I was born, and I started training by the time I could walk.

Most kids in my situation would be forced to do what their parents did, but mine never pressured me to do it.  I just loved fighting and, around the age of 12, I began training with the Mixed Martial Arts team, and that’s when I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Instead of playing with toys and friends, I would go down in our basement with my two wrestling mats and heavy bag and play like I was in the UFC. I would even wrap my own hands and, by 14, I was cornering alongside my dad and even help wrap fighters hands. So basically I grew up in a gym and I’ve never left

GFL:  Tell us about any struggles you have experienced and overcome.

CG: I honestly haven’t had too many struggles in my life – no sob stories or anything like that. The only struggle I had was food allergies, (which I) still (have) to this day.  I can’t have milk at all, so I broke about 12 different bones as a kid from not having enough calcium.

Other than that, not much I have to complain about other than not being able to train full time, because now I’m an adult and have bills, and I don’t have the luxury of being able to train three or four times a day.

GFL: What kind of memories do you have from previous fights, thus far?

CG: Wow – I have a lot of good memories from previous fights.  I always loved being the underdog, and I put on an impressive 14-fight win streak as an amateur, only losing my second fight when I fought up two weight classes because my opponent didn’t make weight.

There is one fight that stands out that not many know the story to.  It was my third or fourth ammy fight. I bumped up to 135 to fight the Muay Thai coach of our rival team.  I was 18 he, (and) was in his mid 30’s with over a hundred Muay Thai bouts. That (was) the only fight I could get on a local card, (so) I took it on 4 days notice.

I get to weigh ins and my teammate tells me to try this drink, so I took a sip.  It looked like Gatorade, and tasted better.  It was isopure and, remember, I’m deadly allergic to milk, and that drink is 100 percent whey protein.

I felt funny and read the bottle.  I knew what was about to happen, but was scared because I wanted to fight, not because I was about to die and needed medical attention fast.

Luckily I was the first to weigh in, but this was an hour after I had already taken the drink.  I was fighting for air because my throat was swelling, and my stomach hurt so bad that I couldn’t even stand up straight, but I played it off.

No one but my mom knew what was wrong with me, even though I didn’t tell her, so I weighed in, did our face off, then grabbed my mom and we rushed to the hospital.  I was pumped full of benadryl and saline, and was hospitalized ’til 4 a.m., but all I kept saying was I’m still fighting.

So here I am, in the fighter meeting, half asleep with tissues shoved in my nose, and my opponent could sense something was wrong.  After all that, we stepped into the cage in the first fight of the night, and I beat his ass ’til the third and final bell.

I had pulled off the unthinkable.  Nobody thought I would beat him on a good day, and I beat him on my worst day, all because of one thing, and that’s my heart.  I never give up.

GFL: What do you know about your upcoming opponent, Martin Davila, and how do you feel you match up with him?

6. Honestly, I don’t know much about him, but I don’t really care. I’m gonna go in there and do what I do. Opponents can change last minute, and I’m just ready to fight whoever it is across from me on October 3.

GFL: What do you feel like are the biggest issues in MMA that need to be fixed?

CG: My biggest issue is I only get to train about two and a half hours every night of the week. If I could train full time like some guys, I would be the next T.J. Dillashaw.



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