World Champ and XFL Headliner Randy ‘Boom Boom’ Blake: “I Want to Be the Michael Jordan of Kickboxing”

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World kickboxing champion Randy Blake (right) will face Daniel Quigley in the main event of Xtreme Fight Night on Friday, September 18, live on

World kickboxing champion Randy Blake (right) will face Daniel Quigley in the main event of Xtreme Fight Night on Friday, September 18, live on

By Dante Giannetta

“I didn’t imagine I’d be doing this,” says Randy Blake with obvious pride. “I’d always been a dreamer, but I never thought I’d be a role model or an inspiration. I’m only twenty-eight and people look up to me. It’s an honor. It’s something I embrace.”

For Randy ‘Boom Boom’ Blake, a world kickboxing champion, being a role model is like getting a new cell phone.

“See, with a new cell phone, you don’t know how to work it. You don’t know how to work the features and the buttons and, at times, you wish you had the old phone because you knew how to use it,” says Blake. “But you figure it out. And you figure out how to work it. Being a role model is no different. At first, you’re overwhelmed. Kids look up to you and always want to hold you. But, after a while, you embrace it.”

‘Boom Boom’ Blake, aptly named for his reputation as a KO artist, is scheduled to fight Daniel ‘Pinta’ Quigley in the main event of XFL’s “Xtreme Fight Night” on Friday, September 18th, live on Blake describes his preparation for the fight metaphorically.

“I’m just the NASCAR driver and we’re all a big team. I do what I do for us. For the team,” Blake explains. “I studied my opponent a little bit, but I leave most of that to my coaches. They break them [opponents] down for me and stuff. I just do the training. That allows me to focus on what I need to focus on instead of staying up all night watching footage.”

With that great a support system, a complex strategic fight plan might seem par for the course. But it’s quite the contrary. Even with all of the pre-planning, Blake says the game plan for next month’s fight is to “have fun. When I have fun,” Blake admitted with humble satisfaction, “I just perform at my best. That’s the game plan for all my competitions.”

Blake attributes his success to the collaborative efforts of his team. “Everyone has their own role to make the team work,” he says proudly. “Everyone has to do their part. It’s a team sport, even though, ultimately, I’m the one in there fighting. That doesn’t mean I can take all the credit. I owe it to my team.”

Blake explains that his team, his family, and fans get him through a lot. “I had a huge car wreck back in June where I totalled my car,” Blake recalls. “The car hit me so hard it hit my left arm into my face.”

“I mean, I have to thank my fans, my family,” says Blake in reference to the accident. “They helped me through that. They supported me when I was hurt. And then, to make a long story short, I went out the next day and won my fight by KO!”

Another knockout. ‘Boom Boom’ Blake remains true to his moniker.

In the future, Blake’s plan includes defending his title with the help of his team, of course. “I’m very fortunate to have it (the title). I want to be the Michael Jordan of kickboxing.” Blake makes no secret of his admiration for Michael Jordan. What Randy Blake is to aspiring young fighters, Michael Jordan is to Randy Blake —- to the tenth power.

Drawing from his role model and inspiration, Blake recites one of his favorite Jordan quotes, “‘You can stand there, you can go around it, or you can bust through that wall.’ That’s life!” Blake says gushing with enthusiastic appreciation for Jordan’s wisdom. He restates Jordan’s quote with his own twist, “You can stand and stare at the problem, go around it, or bust through it with authority. It’s a great work ethic. It’s a lifestyle. It makes fighting something I want to do and love to do.”

When Blake’s competition days are over, he wants to continue mentoring and advising young fighters.

“But I have no clue what I could be doing,” Blake admits with a laugh. “I could be doing movies or something, or Hanes commercials. Maybe even some modeling! But I’m game for whatever comes to me. I give myself options and opportunities.” He points out, “I never imagined I’d even be here.”

Blake relishes the virtually unlimited possibilities in his future. And if there are obstacles? He’s looking forward to busting through them…with authority.



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