GPG 23: Appetite for Destruction Results

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135: Mark Romero (147-577) vs. James Ferren (147-594)
Both weigh (136). Ferren wins unanimous decision in three rounds 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Krawiec.<br><br>

197: Anne Okes (147-587) vs. Lisa Santisteban (147-580)
Okes  (191)  Santisteban (195.75). Santisteban wins by TKO referee stoppage due to strikes at 0:45 seconds of round one.

210: Carlton Williamson (141-200) vs. Dustin Brooks (147-579)
Williamson (208). Brooks (207).  This bout is ruled a no contest.
This bout was stopped at 0:50 of round one due to an accidental foul (illegal head strike).<br><br>

154: Joseph Coles (147-582) vs. Victor Azeredo (147-561)
Coles   (155)   Azeredo (154.5). Azeredo wins via rear naked choke at 1:09 of round one.

135: James Lodge (147-578) vs. Dante DiGrazia (140-717)
Di Grazia  (134)  Lodge (133.5). Di Grazia wins by TKO referee stoppage due to strikes at 2:32 of round one.


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