4 Great KOs and 4 submission Highlight an Exciting Night of Fights from Sparta Combat League – AVM 7 Fight for the Troops

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This show was one of the best events ever produced by Sparta Combat League. AVM 7 did not disappoint. Here are the results and where you can watch the fights.

Watch the Fights and Highlights – Click Here

Jason Brown def Nicholi Navarro Sub, 2:21 R2

Nic Navarro vs. Jason Brown in a 155 lb. professional title fight. Roud one was a very fast paced back and forth technical exchange of strikes, takedowns and when it hit the mat each fighter spent time with dominant position, working GNP and trying for submissions. Round two had both fighters landing very hard strikes on the other and each fighter was visibly hurt before it went to the mat by way of a Brown takedown. On the mat Brown was able to take back control and set in the RNC with the title winning tapout coming at 2:21 of round two.
Matt Johnson def Arut Pagosjan Sub, 3:48 R3

Arut Pogosian vs. Matt Johnson in a 155 lb. professional fight. Round one had a good amount of clinch fighting with both fighters scoring with very hard knee strikes. On the mat in the later half of the round Pagosian controlled position as Johnson worked to try for submissions off of his back. Round two had more even exchanges in the clinch then when Johnson scored a takedown he was able to control position from the top working GNP and advancing position until the bell ended the round. Round three had back and forth striking action and when it hit the mat both fighters worked escapes, GNP and submission attempts. Off of a scramble Johnson took back control, set his hooks, threaded an arm under the chin and Johnson scored the submission victory with the tapout coming at 3:48 of round three.

Ben Lugo def Randy Rowland Sub, 1:47 R1

Ben Lugo vs. Randy Rowland in a 145 lb. professional fight. The fighters clinched early and Lugo scored a takedown. On the mat Lugo secured mount, set in a head and arm triangle choke, skipped off to the side and he got the win at 1:47 of round one.

Art Petrosyan def Austin Jones Unanimous Dec

Art Petrosyan vs. Austin Jones in a 170 lb. fight. Round one was almost all standing action with Petrosyan scoring all round with crushing leg kicks that Jones worked to evade and answer with kicks of his own. Briefly the fight hit the mat with Petrosyan escaping the back control of Jones. Round two had Petrosyan stalking forward all round and scoring well with punches and more crushing leg kicks as Jones worked with evasive footwork and trying one spectacular flying knee. Round three was all standing action with both fighters working into and out of range and each scoring good strikes on the other as well as well as Petrosyan fending off multiple takedown attempts. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Art Petrosyan.

Mark Fresquez def Jerrod Hardy KO/TKO, 2:47 R1

Mark Fresquez vs. Jerrod Hardy in a 155 lb. title fight. The fighters clinched early and battled with strikes and for position against the cage. Fresquez set in a standing guillotine choke that he used to set up a takedown and on the ground Fresquez went back and forth between GNP snd submission attempts until his strikes scored him the TKO title win at 2:47 of round one.

S. Gilliland def Miranda Maverick Unanimous Dec

Miranda Maverick vs. Sam Gilliland in a 125 lb. title fight. Round one hit the mat early with Gilliland trying for an amrbar that was defended. In a scramble Maverick tried for a heel hook that was defended and the fighters came to standing and worked striking in the clinch to end the round. Round two had Gilliland scoring well with striking breaking from the clinch after MAverick tried multiple times for takedowns. MAverick ended the round on the bottom tdefending against the GNP attack of Gilliland. Round three was back and forth striking and ground work from both fighters with each trying for submissions and GNP. The scorecards were read and the title winner by unanimous decision was Sam Gilliland.

Chip Avinger def Vinnie Gonzales KO/TKO, 0:44 R1

Vinnie Gonzales vs. Chip Avinger in a 170 lb. title fight. The fighters probed with strikes and Avinger threw a jab as Gonzales stepped in. The punch caught Gonzales flush and Avinger scored the title winning KO at :44 of round one.
Gurusahai Good def Jenna MaCallister Unanimous Decision

Heath Soderstrom def David Rascon KO/TKO, 0:18 R3

Dave Rascon vs. Heath Soderstrom vs. in a 265 lb. title fight. Round one was back and forth even striking both from a distance and inthe clinch with both fighters being able to score with powerful punches. Round two had kicks from both fighters that scored as well. Both from a distance and in the clinch each fighter was able to visibly stun the other. Round three had the fighters engaged in a back and forth exchange with Soderstrom landing a right hook that scored him the title winning KO at :18 of round three.

Mallory Martin def Brittany Boone Unanimous Dec

Mallory Martin vs. Brittany Boone in a 115 lb. title fight. Round one was almost all a feeling out round with Boone working well from the outside. At the end of the round MArtin scored a takedown into mount from where she flurried with a prolonged series of hammer fists until the bell ended the round. Round two was back and forth striking with Boone having the reach advantage which she used well. Boone scored a takedown near the end of the round but had to defend against the guillotine attempt from Martin until the bell ended the round. Round three was primarily ground work with each fighter spending time with dominant position, each being able to effect technical escapes and each working for submissions at times. The scorecards were read and the title winner by unanimous decision was Mallory Martin.

PJ Bell def Derek Lavelle Sub, 1:25 R1

Derek Lavelle vs. P.J. Bell in a 175 lb. fight. The fighters entered the clinch off of a striking exchange and Lavelle scored a takedown to work GNP until Bell worked to standing. Lavelle initiated another takedown but Bell controlled the fall, landed in mount and worked GNP to get the tapout and the win at 1:25 of round one.

Andrew Hathaway def Kohlman Scribner Disqualificaton, R1

Coleman Scribner vs. Andrew Hathaway in a 185 lb. fight. The fighters had hard strikes to start with Scribner scoring a takedown and in a scramble Hathaway set in an armbar that SCribner escaped. Scribner worked to back control and was scoring with a GNP flurry when he accidentally his Hathaway in the back of the head. The punch was hard enough to KO Hathaway and the referee stopped the fight and the winner by disqualification was Andrew Hathaway.

Joe Barton def Joe Kennedy KO/TKO, 2:31 R1

Joe Kennedy vs. Joe Barton in a 175 lb. fight. The fighters traded strikes with Barton being the more accurate and scoring several takedowns. Off of a combination Barton set in a standing RNC, he pulled Kennedy to the mat and from back control he flurried with GNP to get the TKO win at 2:31 of round one.


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