Hard Knocks 49, Noah Ali over Sean Quinn; Samuel Franchi defeats Sambath Khun by Submission after a Brutal Bout and Sean Michaels 13 Second KO of Brian Kong

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Main Event:

Noah Ali defeated Sean Quinn Unanimous Decision

Round 1: Left hook by Ali.  Left hook by Ali glances.  Head kick by Ali blocked.  Quinn gets in close and uses body kick to take Ali down.  Quinn in half guard with Ali against cage.  Quinn tries to take back but Ali scrambles and they hit may with Quinn having the back of Ali.  Ali spins into Quinn and is now in his mount against the cage. Light gnp by Ali.  Quinn trying to get up but Ali keeps control.  Ali keeps Quinn down and has him cut open as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ali

Round 2: 1-2 by Ali followed by body kick.  Ali pushing forward.  Jab lands by Quinn.  Body shot by Quinn.  Ali answers with a right.  Another right Ali.  Quinn being caught by right as it lands again.  Flying knee by Ali grazes.  Hooks land on Quinn as Ali doing damage.  Quinn walks forward and lands a hard left followed by right.  Ali backs up and fires as both exchange shots.  Ali jumps up for a guillotine and drags Quinn down.  It is deep and Quinn pushes hard to escape.  Quinn now with light gnp on Ali.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ali

Round 3: Both fighters land hooks and Ali attempts take down.  Quinn sprawls and turns corner making it a successful takedown for him.  Quinn with gnp to pass to half and trying to take mount.  Ali reverses and gets Quinn down as he was looking for guillotine .  Ali moves Quinn to the corner and is controlling him.  Constant pressure from Ali and Quinn can’t get up to his feet.  Some gnp from the bottom but its not enough.

Co-Main Event

Louie Sanoudakis defeated Owen Carr Split Decision

Under Card:

1.   Alexi Argyriou defeated Nate Oses Submission at 4:29 of Round 2

Round 2: Jab by Argyriou.  Both land jabs.  Oses more successful blocking the punches of Argyriou this round. Oses shoots in under a punch of Argyriou and gets the takedown against the cage.  Argyriou stands,  defends a body block and hip tosses Oses to the mat. Argyriou in side then takes back.  Argyriou with his back against the cage is working a choke attempt.  Scramble by Oses but Argyriou keeps his position and tries to work a rear naked choke.  Another scramble as Oses tries to escape and Argyriou takes mount then back and sinks on a very tight rear naked choke.  Oses has nowhere to go and taps.

2.  Keegan Oliver defeated Mike Davis Unanimous Decision

3.  Samuel Franchi defeated Sambath Khun by Submission at 2:15 of Round 4

Great fight either watch it on GFL or go to Topmmanews.com to get the blow by blow.

Round 4: Body kick by Franchi is caught by Khun but he slips. Khun immediately looks for the leg lock. Franchi now defending a shoulder lock.  He is out and up, Khun goes for leg again but Franchi jumps in there and quickly moves to back.  He has a deep rear naked choke and Khun defends well and escapes only to get sucked into the depths of Franchi’s triangle choke.  This is problematic for Khun, there is no escape from loss of blood to his brain and he has to tap!

4.  Felix Jimenez defeated Cody Clarke Split Decision

5.  Dillan Main defeated Tayler Bonogofski by Submission at 0:56 of Round 1

Round 1: Bonogofski shoots in on a Main leg kick.  He is stuffed and Main takes mount loses position and is standing over Bonogofski holding his ankle.  Main drops down to the mat like he is Hideo Tokoro and has that ankle lock in deep. Main wants to jam Bonogofski’s toe and turns to his side,  Bonogofski not doing much and that’s the wrong thing to do.  Ok he’s in trouble, better do something,  nope too late as it looks to me like something just cracked or popped and now Bonogofski taps in pain and that’s that.

6.  Sean Michaels defeated Brian Kong by KO/TKO, 0:13 Round 1

Round 1: Oh man,  Sean Michaels comes out to sexy boy,  this should be fun.

Wow!  Sean Michaels walks down Brian Kong, eats a punch and lands 4 unanswered shots culminating with a crushing right hook right to the chin of Brian Kong!  Kong out cold and falls stiff to the mat.  Referee Cheadle is in position and saves Kong from any more damage.  Very impressive debut!

7.  Courtoreille defeated Tyro Cyr Sub at 1:09 of Round 3

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Courtoreille

Round 3: Blood still coming out of the nose of Cyr. Courtoreille  setups a successful shot with a combo.  The fight hits the mat,  Courtoreille moves to take the back of Cyr and works a RNC. The RNC is not fully on but Cyr in trouble. Hey this is ammy so Andy Social sensing Cyr is in trouble jumps in and stops the fight .


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