Simmons KOs Cagle and Lee beats Bennett in a 205 lb. professional Muay Thai title fight at Sparta Combat League – AVM 7 Fight for the Troops

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Jason Lee vs. Danny Bennett vs. in a 205 lb. professional Muay Thai title fight. Round one had Lee scoring well multiple times both in and out of the clinch with powerful strikes as Bennett was primarily defensive other than multiple attempts at head kicks. Round two had Lee stalking his opponent and scoring with combinations until Bennett scored a liver kick that visibly hurt Lee. Bennett also scored a sweep and the round ended with Lee pressuring forward and scoring with leg kicks. Roud three had Lee opening the round with a strong punch flurry then keeping a consistent pace stalking forward for the rest of the round ad Bennett worked counter strikes and a good series of body kicks to end the round. The scorecards were red and the title winner by unanimous decision was Jason Lee.

Robert Simmons vs. Chris Cagle in a 165 lb. professional Muay Thai fight. The fighters traded punches and kicks with Simmons working to close the distance and Cagle trying to keep the fight at range. Off of the clinch Simmons landed a right hook that dropped Cagle to a knee and Cagle indicated he could not continue giving the TKO win to Simmons at 1:14 of round one.

Amber Smith vs. Whitney Gunderson in a 145 lb. title fight. Roud one had good back and forth action with Gunderson throwing power strikes and Smith scoring with combinations and head kicks. Round two had more accurate strikes from both with Smith scoring a knock down with a fake leg kick that she turned into a Teep push kick. To end the round the fighters went toe to toe including knee strikes from both. Round three saw Smigh open the round with heavy pressure that she kept up all round while Gunderson was able to answer almost every series with counters. The scorecards were read and the title winner by unanimous decision was Amber Smith.

Jennah Macallister vs. Gigi Good in a 135 lb. title fight. Round one was all standing and almost all at a distance with both fighters working punch combinations to good effect and Good working in some kicks. Round two was primarily fought at a distance with Good working fast and accurate strikes while Macallister worked power striking. To end the round the fighters clinched and Macallister flurried with punches while Good landed a series of hard knees. Round three had Good pushing the action and scoring with accuracy and staggering Macallister once. Good scored a takedown and flurried with GNP to end the fight. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Gigi Good.


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