Spartyka 23: Minor Dominates with KO, Smith wins Heavyweight Title and Mizelle takes Bantamweight Title

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Chaddrick Funderburk v. Sean Miller

Early takedown from Miller was turned into dominant control and a rear-naked choke submission at the 2:16 mark.

Dallas Major v. Montel Ellsworth

Major scored a takedown early but Ellsworth was able to use Major’s momentum to overtake Major and gain top position.  Ellsworth scrambled well and took Major’s back, sinking in a rear-naked choke at 1:37 of the round.

Aaron Pickett v. Jarrod Johnson

Both fighters were willing to stand in the pocket and engage, until Johnson grabbed another takedown, but let the fight back to it’s feet again. As Pickett started to find his range, Johnson took Pickett down again, but Pickett was able to reverse position and end the round on top.   Both fighters expended a lot of energy in that first round, but that didn’t stop them from coming back out swinging.  More of the same from Johnson, as he gained his fourth takedown of the night.  He took advantage of his time on top, this time, and sunk in arm lock for the victory at 1:25 of the round.

Chris Garnes v. Jeremy Armstead

Garnes came out firing with kicks and punches and dropped to the mat to try for an unsuccessful ankle lock.  Both fighters scrambled and took Armstead’s back, working on a rear-naked choke. Big takedown later in the round, from Garnes, but Armstead was able to grab an arm and worked for an arm bar.  In trouble, Garnes picked Armstead up and slammed him on his head.  The blow was severe enough that Armstead verbally submitted, giving Chris Garnes the victory at 2:53 of the round.

Zack Filer v. Chevell Womack

This bout is at a catchweight of 180 pounds  Within the last 10 seconds, Womack landed a nice elbow on a break off the cage and both fighters threw a couple wild punches as the horn sounded to end the round.

Womack, having seen numerous low kicks, from Filer, in the opening stanza, caught the first one thrown by Filer in this round and scored a big takedown.  Filer did a good job of tying up Womack’s arms and posture to keep him from laying down many strikes.

In 3rd quick little takedown from Womack, looked like Filer might be able to either hook in a guillotine or use the headlock to leverage himself back to his feet.  Womack repositioned and improved his top position.  Again, more rib strikes, but Filer was able to use his guard to work an arm bar attempt, that was unsuccessful, as the end of the round occurred.  The judges scored the fight in Filer’s favor by scores of (28-29, 30-27, 29-28).

Juvaunne Gordon v. Lee Hall

Gordon came out throwing bombs and dropped Hall.  In what I would call less than technical scrambling, Gordon got a hold of Hall’s head, pulled guard and sunk in a deep guillotine choke that forced Hall to tap immediately.  Gordon is victorious in his MMA debut in only 52 seconds.

Zack Taylor v. Minh Nguyen

Nguyen spent the early moments of the round showcasing his fast, powerful kicks, almost connecting on a spinning back kick that could have turned the lights out for Taylor.  Taylor was able to goad Nguyen into coming in by dropping his hands, challenging Nguyen to come in.  When Nguyen took the bait, Taylor took him right down.  In the 2nd Nguyen came out once again as a kicking machine, scoring with several good low leg kicks.  Taylor then took Nguyen down moving into full mount, landing some substantial ground and pound.

In the final  round the ground and pound from round one appeared to have taken it’s toll on Nguyen as he came out for the final round visibly slower and wasn’t able to unload the strikes he needed to win this fight. Taylor went for the arm bar attempt with about 12 seconds left, but couldn’t finish before the horn sounded.  The judges scored the bout in favor of Taylor by Unanimous Decision with scores of 29-28, 29-28 & 30-27).

Eric Barber v. Damian Bobbitt

Barber came out like a hurricane and caught Bobbitt with a left that sent Bobbitt reeling.  Bobbitt was receiving a lot of unanswered strikes from Barber and Shaun Spath apparently saw them as severe enough to attempt to step in and call a halt to the bout at the 44 second mark. There was some indecision, and Barber took Bobbitt down.  Bobbitt looked to have Barber in the beginning of the guillotine, when Spath finally stopped the action and called the bout.

Kasim Ruffin v. Marshall Shermer

Ruffin, not wanting to play on the feet, wasted no time in getting a takedown on Shermer, which was ultimately reversed by Shermer. Shermer attempted a triangle, but Ruffin saw it coming, got out and took Shermer’s back, sinking in a rear-naked choke at 1:51 of the round.

Will Worley v. Dmitriy Yakovlev

Worley’s punches had a lot of power, closing Yakovlev’s left eye.  Both fighters got a takedown a piece in that round. In then 2nd Worley’s powerful shots caused a cut around the right eye of the Russian fighter.  Worley did a good job of cutting off the cage, pushing the action and connecting with the greater amount of strikes.  Yakovlev tried to start the round off with some low kicks, but didn’t have much steam on them and had one easily caught by Worley and transitioned into a takedown of Yakovlev.  Worley secured the back and sunk in a rear-naked choke, but the hold was across the chin and not under the chin.  Worley, with his tree trunk-like legs was easily able to control the position and not allow Yakovlev to escape. Worley was awarded a Unanimous Decision victory, by the scores of 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

Kaeon Minor v. Geno Quintin

Kaeon Minor, making his MMA debut against Impact Martial Arts’ Geno Quintin started off quickly.  Quintin, a Spartyka veteran with a 3-0 record was taken down early by Minor, but Minor was put in a bad position as the taller fighter, Quintin, used his long limbs to secure a super tight triangle choke that should have been fight ending.  In the 2nd another back and forth round saw Quintin connect early with two big head kicks.  The wrestler, Minor, was able to close the distance and score with his short powerful strikes inside the range of Quintin.  In the 3rd

Quintin connected early until Minor was able to close the distance and get the fight to the mat, again, where he maintained control, save a last second triangle attempt from Quintin.   The judges saw the fight for Minor, via Unanimous Decision by a unanimous score of 29-28.

Ben Allen v. John Kermon

Allen was able to set up his first takedown with a nice overhand right and a quick clinch.  Once on the mat, it didn’t take Allen long to get into full mount and like lightning, took Kermon’s back and sunk in a rear-naked choke, which Kermon escaped from.  However, Allen turned that right back into another rear-naked, which instantly brought the tap out from Kermon.  Allen is your winner at 1:14 of the round.

Demar Holloway v. Rob Shermer

Holloway got a quick takedown, but Shermer went right for a triangle choke.  Holloway got out of danger and dominated the remainder of the round from top position. In the 2nd a quick takedown attempt by Holloway was sprawled nicely by Shermer, but Holloway powered through and fought off a guillotine attempt by Shermer, as the fight hit the mat.  Shermer was still very active from his back and locked on another triangle choke, this time unable to escape, Holloway tapped.  Rob Shermer is your winner at 1:51 of the round.

Luke Hunsaker v. Thomas Blair

Blair was letting his kicks go and caught Hunsaker with a strike to the cup, as the fighters clinched.  After the break, with Hunsaker fully recovered, Blair scored a takedown and rode out the round on top. In the 2nd an exchange of kicks, Blair connected, Hunsaker countered, but Blair timed him perfectly and shot in with a successful takedown.  Blair ended the second in the same position he did at the end of the first, on top of his opponent. In the final round Blair got the fight into a clinch against the cage and had some nice dirty boxing.  Hunsaker reversed the position, but Blair got a hold of Hunsaker’s head, took him to the ground and sunk in a rarely used reverse guillotine choke at 54 seconds of the round.

Jahmaal Benford v. Joshua Mizelle

Benford and Mizelle  exchanged strikes early, with Benford throwing a body kick that was caught by Mizelle, which allowed Mizelle to take Benford to the canvas.  While in top position, it appeared that Mizelle landed a low blow, with a knee.  Referee Shaun Spatch called time, after a loud yell by Benford, allowing the fouled fighter, Benford, to recover.  Another Benford kick was caught, after the recovery time, and Mizelle scored a second takedown of the round.  In the 2nd Benford, was able to be taken down twice in the very early portion of the round, due to Mizelle catching kicks and holding them to close the distance and get the takedown.  Mizelle used his control to take Benford’s back and worked for a rear-naked choke.  Benford was flattened out, but Benford fought through the adversity. In the 3rd  Mizelle got back to the full mount and later was able to, again, take the back of Benford.  The Gustavo Machado student, Mizelle, secured another rear-naked choke, this one was a fight ender, as Benford tapped at with only 30 seconds left in the final round.

Juston Campos v. Damon Minor

Damon, however, lived up to his moniker of “The Bull” by scoring two BIG slamming takedowns that might make Rampage Jackson stand up and cheer, early.  Vicious ground and pound and a few scrambles later, Minor was able to work toward a rear-naked choke.  Campos was able to land a nice left, but Minor got the fight back down to the mat. Between rounds, the ringside Doctor deemed the damage to Campos’s face was enough to call and end to the bout.

Cedric Smith v. Joshua Freeman

After some early exchanges, Smith shot in and got a clinch.  Smith, who is outweighed by Freeman by 33 pounds was simply unable to get Freeman down.  Freeman was able to catch a Smith kick and score a quick takedown.  In the 2nd Freeman was breathing heavy to start the round, while Smith looked to be in better cardiovascular shape.  That didn’t prevent the Freeman strike from knocking Smith back, as the round started, which Freeman took advantage off in taking the top position on the mat.  Smith powered through, reversed the position, gaining full mount and laying down shots to Freeman’s ribs.   Smith’s ground and pound opened up the right eye of Freeman and the continued punishment caused Freeman to tap to strikes at 4:42 of the round.


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