Submissions, Knockouts and Fierce Combat at Fight Night Medicine Hat as 3 Champions are Crowned

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Jonathon Meunier establishes ground control during a welterweight bout with Stephen Martinez at Fight Night, Saturday at the Canalta Centre. --NEWS PHOTO RYAN MCCRACKENJonathon Meunier establishes ground control during a welterweight bout with Stephen Martinez at Fight Night, Saturday at the Canalta Centre. –NEWS PHOTO RYAN MCCRACKEN


Submissions, technical knockouts, bad blood and athleticism were on display in full force Saturday at the Canalta Centre. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FIGHTS

When it was all said and done, three new champions had been crowned, culminating with Alberta’s Ryan Machan tapping out former UFC fighter Cody McKenzie with a kimura shoulder lock in the first round. Machan says it may have ended quicker than expected, but they both knew it wasn’t going the distance.

“We both finish every fight we win, either we win or we lose by decision, and neither of us were winning a decision,” said Machan, who dislocated McKenzie’s shoulder to win the main event middleweight title. “Four years we were trying to get this fight going … so this was a long time in the making and it was good to finally get it over with.”

“Ryan’s real good. I’ve never been set up like that,” said McKenzie. “I’ve been beat before and it sucks but I’ve never really been out that much on the ground. I’ve got a lot to work on, he taught me some things tonight I never knew.”

All three of Saturday’s title fights were finished by way of submission. Light heavyweight champion Emanuel Newton clinched his belt Saturday night with a second-round side choke that left Kamloops’ Matt Baker unconscious, though he had to escape a deep heel hook first.

“He had it, but I’m really good at getting out of things I guess you could say,” said Newton, who entered the bout after recovering from a knee injury. “I didn’t want to take it into deep water because I didn’t really know how good my cardio was going to be.”

Quebec’s Jo Vallee rounded out the title fights with a stunning arm bar finish on Fort McMurray’s Markhaile Wedderburn.

“I saw a takedown and I took it. I saw the arm bar and I did it,” said Vallee. “I’m very happy to win this bout.”

In other fights, Todd Stoute defeated Strahinja Gabrilovic and Josh Hill took a victory over Bendy Casmir via unanimous decision.

Quebec’s Jonathon Meunier defeated Stephen Martinez by way of technical knockout, Adrian Vilaca took an early-card win over David Moon with a technical knockout due to strikes and Adam Assenza also picked up a TKO win over Patrick Lafleur.

In the match between Christ Franck and Andrew Buckland, Franck was disqualified after delivering a knee to the head of Buckland while grounded. Buckland was taken to hospital for precautionary measures, but commissioner Tom Fiddler said Sunday that no serious damage was done. Baker — who was choked unconscious in Saturday’s light heavyweight title fight — did not require an ambulance.


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