At Battle Arena 39 Josh Plant Knocked Out Luis Roby in the 1st Round for the European MMA Welterweight Title; Petkoff, Khalsa and Moutama also Victorious in Title Bouts

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Titles Bouts:

Josh Plant (Impact MMA) beat Luis Roby (Ultimate Fight Club) by TKO (Head kick & punches) at 2:00 of round 1. For the Vacant European Battle Arena MMA Welterweight title.

Camillo Petkoff (London Fight Factory) beat Gaz Holmes (360 MMA) by Armbar at 3:50 of round 3. For the Vacant British Battle Arena MMA Bantamweight title.

David Khalsa (RPMMA) beat Justin Springer (CSW Coventry) by KO (Punches) at 0:14 of round 1. For the Vacant European Battle Arena MMA Featherweight title.

Jonathon Moutama (Art of War) by Unanimous Decision For the Vacant World Battle Arena MMA Lightweight title.

UnderCard Bouts:

Manats Smalleys (Immortal 365) beat Raphael Puig (Ultimate Fight Club) by Armbar at 1:11 of round 2.

Bradley Owen (RPMAA) beat. Ricki Middleton (360 MMA) by Unanimous Decision.

Jamal Raja (Team Fulinkazan) beat Jack Drake (Impact MMA) by Unanimous Decision.

Lukazx Szala (Shudan MMA) beat Chris Raddcliffe (360 MMA) by Unanimous Decision.

Macca White (RPMAA) beat Steve Munsey (CSW Coventry) by Gullotine choke at 0:40 of round 1.

David Tardy (Ultimate Fight Club) beat Matt Eyeus (Kaobon) by TKO (Punches) at 0:43 of round 1.

Michael Khalsa (RPMAA) beat Eliot Eliot (Impact MMA) by Rear naked choke at 2:50 of round 2. .

Konrad Nowikiki (Unique Fitness & MMA) beat Sam Chapman (360 MMA) by Armbar 0:43 of round 1.

Danny Williams (NFA) beat Ashley Walters (Focus Martial arts) by Guillotine choke at 0:54 of round 3.

Corey Vernon (Team Fullinkazan) beat. Szymon Lewandowski (CSW Coventry) by Rear naked choke at 1:53 of round 1.

Danielle Hutton (360 MMA) beat Monica Tortosia (London Fight Factory) by Split Decision.

Vasile Cucic (Unique Fitness & MMA) beat Reiss Jones (Kaobon) by TKO (Corner Retirement) at 3:00 of round 1.

Guyla Bus (REM MMA) beat Richard Prentice (Extreme Fitness) by Guillotine choke at 1:52 of round 1.

David Moore (360 MMA) beat Paul Tapper (Jail House MMA) by Rear naked choke at 2:42 of round 1.

Joanne Doyle (Team Fulinkazan) beat Alice Stewardson (Impact MMA) by Unanimous Decision.


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