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Hard Knocks 50

Jesse Arnett Jesse Arnett vs. Mike Hernandez Mike Hernandez


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The main event for HK 50 may be the talk of the weekend.

These two fighters match up evenly well against each other. Jesse Arnett has been shaking the landscape through its core, winning his last five bouts in stellar fashion. Arnett is currently 10-4 and desperately trying to keep competitors away from his priceless possession, which is his Bantamweight title. It’s safe to say that the Canadian native has been quite impressive up to this point, but has he met his match?

Mike Hernandez is Arnett exact doppelganger. Hernandez has also won on a warpath winning his last five fights in KO fashion. While Arnett may be looking to end this bout in a submission form, Hernandez will be looking for the kill. Hernandez has nothing to lose, but everything to gain this weekend.

Because this match will be held in Alberta, Canada, Arnett will be the hometown favorite. I wonder if Hernandez will be able to handle the adversity well this weekend.

Represent the USA proudly Hernandez, we’re rooting for you!



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