Peter Grajcar faces Svetislav Nikolajev this Saturday at HK50 Both Men Feel Destiny is on Their Side, Both of Them Can Not Be Right – Watch Live on GFL.Tv

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Peter Grajcar knows he is going to be a UFC world champion. Grajcar has had two professional fights and won both. He won six of his bouts as an amateur and suffered one draw, which he says was a judging mistake. He’s competed in a “couple” grappling tournaments and medaled in all of them. He is six feet tall, 25 years old and has found his life purpose.

In 1999 Peter’s dad placed him in Tae Kwon Do classes. He quit when he was 11 years old, right before he earned a black belt. He started kickboxing just for cardio exercise.

Peter decided that if he wanted to compete as a fighter he would have to do it while he was young and able; school would have to wait. He dropped out of Algonquin College after his first semester. Grajcar knew he wasn’t getting the training he needed. He knew he had to take another leap of faith into his mixed martial arts career. It was Dennis Kang, his Jiu Jitsu coach, that ultimately gave him the extra push.

“Dennis told me, ‘I believe you can go far, you’re young, you’re hungry, you need to be with the best,’” Grajcar recalls. “‘You’re only young once, you’re talented, you need to dive in now.’”

So he dove.

Because of Kang’s confidence, Peter took off to Tristar Gym in Montreal for a week and stayed in Tristar’s dorms. That week was all he needed to know that he was meant to be training there.

Grajcar will face Svetislav Nikolajev in the Hard Knocks cage next month. Grajcar is confident in his skills despite Nikolajev’s experience.

“He doesn’t phase me,” Grajcar said. “All I need to do is play my game and I will come out with the victory, I’m sure of it.”

The Co-Main Bouts include:



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