First Boonchu Cup Match in United States: Matt Doerflinger vs. Tyler Lowe at Cagezilla FC 8: OO 41 – Live on GFL.Tv

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ImageMatt Doerflinger (4-1) vs. Tyler Lowe (4-1) at Cagezilla FC 8: OO 41 – CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE

Matt Doerflinger takes on Tyler Lowe at Cagezilla FC 8 in Silver Eagle Group in Ashburn, Virginia in a welterweight contest. The catch? This isn’t an actual MMA fight, but rather a Boonchu Cup style match, which is a type of fight invented by the great John Wayne Parr in Australia.

Basically, it’s a Muay Thai fight but with MMA gloves and it takes place in a cage instead of a ring. It’s the only non-MMA match on this list, but it’s a really interesting concept, and it should be a fun fight to watch.







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