“Razor” Ray Dimachki vs. Jono “Crazy Nut” Almond is Off Due to Injury. Watch Power Play on GFL.Tv.

July 15, 2016 by
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Power Play 30 – “Razor” Ray Dimachki vs. Jono “Crazy Nut” Almond – is off.

JONO “crazy nut” almond has pulled out of the fight due to injury.  Dimachki reported that “He has done some damage to his calf this morning or last night and now can’t make the fight.”

Dimachki was ready and anxious for the rematch stating, “I have given my heart and soul in the last 3 months,I’m the fittest,strongest and the best shape I’ve ever been in to fight this shit talker!! I was even fighting his rules his weight his everything & with a injured knee!!!
I am truly sorry to all my family and friends who were coming along to support me and watch me ko or watch me teach him a fight lesson!”

Dimachki felt the prior fight was a fluke stating, “Last time we fought we had a direct family member pass away night before the fight and last thing I wanted to do was fight (but I did to please the crowd and promoter) but I did anyways and was smashing him the whole fight and he fluked a head kick in the dying seconds that caught me and ref stopped the fight.”

Fighter injury is not uncommon – that said the PowerPlay 30 Card is stacked and well worth watching with our without this bout. Check out the fights live –CLICK HERE



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