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At Rage in the Cage OKC 48, 4′ 10″ Tommy Dee Fights 4′ 3″ Rodrick Jones in Match Up of Two highly Skilled Dwarf MMA fighters. Watch Live Click Here

Some may label him according to his short stature, but Tommy Dee would prefer the label MMA Cage Fighter.  At 4’10” he is legally defined a “dwarf”, “little person” or Dee is even okay with the term “midget” which some may considered derogatory.   His ultimate dream to become an MMA cage fighter, a dream that just weeks ago seemed far out of his reach is close to becoming reality.  “I always wanted to test my skills, I excelled in amateur wrestling and Karate but I never thought it was going to be possible until now,” Dee said.  “I’m really excited Rage in the Cage is giving me this chance of a lifetime.”

This is a dream more than 2 decades in the making.   “I was doing MMA before there was MMA,” Dee said.  “I started when I was 8 years-old in isshin-ryu, Okinawa style Karate, and I became a black belt four years later at age 12.  They treated me like an adult and beat the crap out of me.    I was the youngest black belt in the Midwest at the time.” 
Dee participated in several Karate tournaments through his teens and early 20’s and eventually became an instructor.  Amateur wrestling was also a passion.  Dee began wrestling in 5th grade and wrestled through high school. “I always wrestled normal height guys.  I am the same height as I was as a freshman in high school so it wasn’t too bad until junior or senior year when the guys grew a lot taller.  I took up weight lifting so my upper body was always stronger than my opponents,” Dee said.
This fight will be the first time Dee’s opponent will come in shorter, measuring 4’6” tall. “It’s funny because in my boxing training my coach has asked me, why I like to throw high punches and it’s because I’m used to fighting bigger guys so he has to remind me, not this time,” Dee said.
These days, Dee is sore from training yet full of energy with his eye on the calendar and the date of Saturday, September 24.    “As soon as I found out I was getting this chance I started training hard,” Dee said.  “What I really wanted to know is if my martial arts experience would come back to me and it certainly did–and now I want to test that in the cage.   This is my chance at a real fight, locked in a cage, in front of people. Coach Gunner is pushing me to the limit, treating me just like everyone else, working me hard and I’m ready.”
It’s an opportunity Dee is not taking for granted.   “People are hitting me up like crazy for tickets, you wouldn’t believe it,” Dee exclaimed.   “This is not something we’ve ever seen before in Oklahoma and I hope it opens more opportunities for little people and I hope the crowd enjoys it, but ultimately I am not doing this for them, I’m doing it for me, this is my dream.”
Rage in the Cage is not new to helping individuals with disabilities or other challenges achieve their dreams in the sport. In June 2015 a man with cerebral palsy, Garrett Queen, fought for and won his first MMA title.
The bout card includes:
  • Jon Hill  vs.  Juan Torres 265 lbs
  • Luis Muro  vs.  Teddy Potts 145 lbs
  • Ken Coulter  vs.  Tre Parks 155 lbs
  • Teagan Dooley  vs.  Tyrone Paige 170 lbs
  • Zach Radebaugh  vs.  Justin Reeser 185 lbs
  • Roderick Jones  vs.  Tommy Demos 170 lbs
  • Arandis Jones  vs.  Vy Cao 145 lbs
  • Randy Valadez  vs.  Freddy Alaniz 155 lbs
  • Trent Brown  vs.  T. Quintanilla 170 lbs
  • Steven Inman  vs.  Trenton Mills 205 lbs
  • Samuel Atnip  vs.  David Parrish 265 lbs


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