MMA Betting going from strength to strength

September 27, 2016 by
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Few sports have exploded on to the international stage as quickly, or with as much gusto, as MMA. In twenty years, it has gone from being a niche sport to a worldwide phenomenon, capable of rivalling boxing in terms of spectacle and pulling in an audience. Much of this growth is obviously down to UFC, the behemoth promotion headed up by Dana White. The UFC monthly super-card has become must see action, with stars like Conor McGregor, Eddie Alvarez and Brock Lesnar becoming household names.

As with boxing, and every other competitive sport, betting on UFC is also massively popular. As the sport has grown, the excitement around the events has also grown, which in turn adds to the excitement around the betting scene. Part of that draw is down to the fact that MMA fighting throws up so many intriguing bouts. Some events will feature submission specialists against brawlers, or hard-hitting knockout specialists against nimble MMA purists. Nobody truly knows what is going to happen inside the Octagon, and that brings great excitement for fans and punters alike.

You see, the biggest guy, the toughest guy does not always win in MMA. Sometimes the smartest fighter comes out on top. Look at UFC 76, where Forrest Griffin choked out Mauricio Rua for an upset victory, punters could have made a tidy, long-odds profit backing Griffin for the win. He was the underdog, but used the choke out to beat a seemingly superior opponent. The beauty of MMA betting lies in predicting how those different styles will match up, not just who the best pure fighter will be.

The good news for MMA fans is that there are now plenty of chances to bet online on the next big fight. The dominant UFC promotion has weekly fight nights, with a monthly super-card featuring some spectacular fights. You can view the latest MMA betting odds online – pick your fight and make a bet – for upcoming events right now. There is much to look forward and plenty of intriguing fights coming up in 2016 and beyond: UFC 204 will feature a main event of British star, Michael Bisping, against Dan Henderson for the UFC Middleweight Championship. Later in the year, all eyes will be on New York for a stacked card in UFC 205. The sport has only recently been legalized in New York State, so expect Dana White to pull out all the stops to make it a memorable one for the Madison Square Garden faithful.


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