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Main Event: Lightweights Chris Stone of Gig Harbor MMA Port Orchard, WA faced off with Chris “One Punch” Dempsey, a Sikjitsu stylist (fighting independently) from Spokane, WA. Stone scored a takedown right away, entangling Dempsey’s arm in an Americana keylock. The Spokane native was able to escape, but Stone transitioned to a straight armbar, where he forced the tap at 1:30.

Co-Main Event featured Matt Goff vs. longtime Reign vet Dustin Praxedes at welterweight. The two blasted each other with punches to begin. Praxedes quickly found success in the clinch; backing Goff up with knees to the legs and body. The two disengaged — when Praxades scored a fast knockdown with a flying knee. Goff attacked with an armbar, but Praxedes escaped — and moved to back mount, where a rear naked choke ended the bout at 3:48 of round one.

Bantamweights: Rodney “The Captain” Kealohi defeated Kyle “Spray Tan” Cavazos. Kealohi took the early advantage, backing Cavazos up with kicks to the body. The two clinched against the cage, when a sudden knee to the body dropped Cavazos at 2:02 of the round. It was another ferocious TKO finish.

Lightweights: RJ Hoyt, of Synergy MMA, defeated Armando Best, of Battleground MMA. The first round began at a fast pace, with both fighters landing kicks to the head and body. Hoyt shot in for a takedown, leading to a wild series of reversals. The two scrambled to their feet, but a Hoyt kick strayed low, prompting a halt in the action. On the re-start, Best lost his footing in a wild standup exchange, promoting Hoyt to land some solid ground-and-pound to end the stanza. Best’s corner elected to not continue to round two, so crowd favorite Hoyt celebrated a first round TKO victory.

135 lbs Bout: Sage Farnworth of Bend, Oregon defeated Matthew Anderson of Eatonville Martial Arts in Eatonville, WA. A wild striking exchange began the fight, with Anderson appearing to have the advantage. Farnworth scored a quick takedown, and pressed the action with punches on the mat, eventually advancing to back mount. Anderson escaped — but was finally caught in a kata-gatame/side choke in transition. The impressive submission win for Farnworth came at 2:07 of the round.

Middleweight Bout: Nick Mills defeated Dennis Leischner. Mills attacked with a guillotine in the early going, but Leischner countered nicely — spinning his opponent to the mat, escaping the hold, and advancing to mount. Leischner later dropped back to snare Mills in a guillotine of his own in a scramble, then transitioned into a triangle choke. But the soldier Mills held tough, escaping and landing some strong punches as the round came to a close. Leischner continued to show some impressive grappling in the second, landing a pair of takedowns and advancing to mount again. But Mills would reverse him — and score some solid ground-and-pound. Mills eventually worked to back mount — and finished the fight with a rear naked choke at 2:15 of the stanza.

Bantamweights: in Austin Daffron defeated Dakota Benson. Daffron shot in right away, but Benson avoided the takedown — and pressed the Seattle native against the cage. The two went back and forth: a nice jab from Benson, but then Daffron landed a solid knee to the body. As the round wore on, a Daffron body kick stunned Benson — some thought it was low, but the action continued. Daffron followed with a guillotine, scoring a submission win at 1:50 of round one.

Women’s division, 125 lbs.: Morgan Engelhardt of West Coast Fight Team in Maple Valley defeated Charmaine Sena of Kitsap Combat Sports in Bremerton. The action was fast — with Englehardt landing the better punches to begin, along with some heavy leg kicks. But Sena hung tough, often looking to clinch, where she landed some good knees in a Thai neck vice. Englehardt’s punches continued to accumulate as the round wore on, and finally a crisp punching combination dropped the Pinay warrior Sena — awarding Englehardt, a University of Washington student, a TKO win at 2:00 of round one.

Featherweights: Ben McKenzie defeated Sean McKenzie. The two exchanged kicks to head and body in an early standup exchange, when Sean scored a strong takedown. But on the mat, Ben showed impressive jiu-jitsu: switching from armlock to triangle, and then transitioning back to arm-bar — eventually getting the tap at 1:31 of the first stanza.

215 lbs. Bout: Sequim, WA native Dakota Hinton defeated Jake “Beast” Priest. Hinton absorbed a hard right hand from Priest, before bringing the crowd to its feet with a solid takedown. Hinton quickly advanced from half guard to full mount, where he scored a series of punches. At 1:48, Hinton was awarded the TKO victory.

Second Bout: Chace McHone of Bend, Oregon, defeated David Funkhouser of Tacoma, WA. After a quick knockdown, McHone followed his opponent to the mat for some hard punches — scoring the TKO win at 31 seconds of round one!

Featherweights: Brent Eidson defeated Ken Maxfield. Maxfield was the aggressor to begin, scoring a quick takedown for some good strikes on the mat. But Eidson came back — attacking with a leglock, and then a sweep. A series of heavy Eidson strikes ended the bout at 2:20 of the first round.


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